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Grant Recipients

Since Arisia was founded in 1988, we have donated more than $84,000 to other groups.

Also Arisia has matched Westin "Jean Fines" donations since 2012.

Group Date Amount Purpose
Medford Public LibraryJul 2021$2,500Expanding their SF collection.
Seattle Books to Prisoner ProgramJan 2020$1,000
Chicago Books to Women in PrisonJan 2020$750
Clarion WestJan 2020$2,000Pocket Workshop Publication
Double VisionsJan 2020$1,250A Sci-Fi musical
CrossingCon / Emfozzing EnterprisesNov 2019$1,200
Berwick Public Library Aug 2019 $600 To improve the quality and variety of their Science Fiction titles
Norman E. Day School in Westford, MA Apr 2019 $1,500 For the purchase of SF/F and relevant science texts for the school's library
Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo Mar 2019 $964 Help defray costs of bringing guests to the 2018 expo
Boston Teen Author Festival June 2018 $1,000 Help support their 2018 Festival via Kickstarter[1]
Locus Science Fiction Foundation May 2017 $2,800 Help support their 2017 Locus Awards event
Strange Horizons Jan 2017 $1,000 Help publish the first issue of Strange Horizons presents Sub-Q.
Balticon Mar 2017 $3,879.91 Help pay for bringing back past Balticon GOHs who were also Arisia GOHs
Friends of the Brea Library Mar 2016 $2,500 Help develop the Brea Library's science fiction collection and bring an SF author to speak at a free event.
Albacon Feb 2016 $895 Assist with publishing their Souvenir Book.[1]
Locus Science Fiction Foundation Dec 2015 $2,500 Help support their 2016 Locus Awards event
NESFA Sept 2015 $1,000 Not a grant - a matching donation to their "New Voices Fund".
SF Outreach Project Mar 2014 $1,800 Support of a project to distribute free SF books.
JOFcon May 2014 $500 Help support their first convention
Locus Science Fiction Foundation Jan 2014 $2,000 Help support their 2014 Locus Awards event
DarkoverCon Sept 2013 $5,000 Emergency donation[1] to DarkoverCon / TSFS
Carl Brandon Society March 2013 $2,000 Funds to support publication of an Octavia Butler e-book
Brookline Public Library March 2013 $3,000 Funding to expand SF&F in their Young Adult media collections.
Operation Hammond March 2012 $2,500 Startup funds for their project to bring first aid and emergency services to conventions.
Readercon March 2012 $2,050 Support for their 2012 convention.
Clarion West Writers Workshop December 2011 $1,900 Support for their 2012 Summer Reading Series.
JV Fletcher Library December 2011 $3,000 Books for the Westford Public Library's Young Adult collection
Speculative Literature Foundation February 2011 $2,500 Seed money to support their first convention (FOGCon)
Carl Brandon Society December 2010 $4,000 Funds to provide cash awards for their Parallax and Kindred awards (2008 and 2009)
Randolph Community Middle School Library March 2010 $1,100 Funds to purchase new SF&F books for library.
Interstitial Arts Foundation January 2010 $3,000 Funding to assist with publishing Interfictions 2 and supporting their website.
Brookline Public Library October 2009 $3,000 Funding to expand their SF&F print and media collections.
Jumpcon Orphans July 2008 $1,000 Along with United Fan Con, Arisia helped sponsor a day of activities for fans who came to Boston for Jumpcon, which was canceled at the last minute. [1] [2]
PiCon August 2007 $3,000 Additional funding for a new science fiction convention in Springfield, Massachusetts.
Friends of the Library August 2006 $2,500 To help the Kenai Community Library in Alaska purchase science fiction books, magazines, and DVDs and to host a seminar on science fiction with a local author, Dana Stabenow (photo).
JerseyDevilCon January 2003 $2,000 To help cover their debts.
Boston Tea Party January 2003 $825 To assist them to bring a guest speaker to their Smallville Fan Convention.
The Lite Circle, Inc January 2002 $2,000 Assist with publishing "Through A Glass Darkly".
The Gaylactic Network November 2001 $1,269 To help them with running Gaylaxicon
Vassar Non-Human Student Organization (NSO) February 2001 $1,000 To help them with running No Such Convention (NonCon)
Harvard Radcliffe Science Fiction Association January 2001 $800 To help them with running Vericon.
MassFen 2000 $750 plus $750 matching funds Starting a fannish newsletter.
EuroCon October 1999 $1,000 To promote interaction between the North American and European SF communities.
5Con February 1999 $1,250, plus $750 matching funds To assist with running 5Con
Harvard-Radcliffe Science Fiction Association (HRSFA) November 1997 $300 For publications.
Science-fiction Conventioneers of UMass November 1995 $750 To assist with running NotJustAnotherCon
MIT Science Fiction Society[3] 1994 ??? First grant funded by Arisia.

This list is probably not complete. Everything prior to 2006 was found by searching old, incomplete records.


  1. This was not an actual grant, because there was not sufficient time to go through the grant process.
  2. The money went to help run an impromptu convention for those people scammed by the Jumpcon organizers.
  3. Information came from recollections of Arisia President Joseph Ross, 1992-1994.

Since 2012, Arisia has matched "Jeans Fine" donations to a charity made by employees of the Westin Boston Waterfront hotel made during Arisias. In that time, we've raised slightly over $1,400.

A'20 THE Refugee AND Immigrant Center FOR Education AND Legal Services   $110
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF)
Massachusetts chapter of the ACLU $204
Planned Parenthood $200
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) $160
Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) $190
A'13 Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) $116
Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) $216