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SWC A18 - The Arena

Arisia'18 Student Writing Contest - 3rd Place Winner

The Arena

By Alexis Romeros

People thought I lived in the arena. People noticed that I had the confidence of someone who had memorized the halls they walked. People noticed that they never saw me anywhere else, but they knew all about the boy in the arena.


Policies - September 17, 2017

POLICIES of Arisia, Incorporated

Revised September 17, 2017


Budget - Current

This is the current version of the Arisia Budget. Links to current and past budgets can be found on the Treasurer's page.


SWC A17 - Synthetic Beauty

Arisia'17 Student Writing Contest - 1st Place Winner

Synthetic Beauty

By Annie Colby-McKeon

Everybody knew her.

Bylaws - February 24, 2008

of Arisia, Incorporated

Updated February 24, 2008



1.1 There are two classes of membership in the Corporation:

(a) General members are entitled to all rights and privileges of membership including the right to vote and hold office. Voting rights are granted at the end of the first meeting the member attends after joining.


Bylaws 2017-05-15

BYLAWS of Arisia, Incorporated

Revised: May 15, 2017


The primary operating philosophy of Arisia, Inc., which all of its activities should try to promote, is that there is room in fandom for everyone who acts with respect towards others.


Policies - April 10, 2016

POLICIES of Arisia, Incorporated

Revised April 10, 2016


SWC16 - The Spaceman

Arisia16 Student Writing Contest - Honorable Mention

The Spaceman

By Ellis Ryder

We are the elite; we explore the farthest reaches of the universe, finding new worlds, cataloging alien species and taking deadly action against all those who threaten the CORE. We will follow the orders of our commander, even if our life is lost. We are Spacemen.

THE X GALAXY- 20:30, YEAR 4019, DAY 323

SWC16 - Average Joe

Arisia16 Student Writing Contest - Honorable Mention

 Average Joe

By Alexandra Kouroriez

    Joe was all around average. He had an average intelligence and wasn’t notably tall or short.  He could blend into a crowd if he wanted to; after all, he was just your average Joe.


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