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Calendar of Events

Arisia's Calendar of Convention and Corporate meetings and other events.
(Click on "Month" for a monthly view of upcoming events).

Most meetings will be available by Zoom. Links will be sent to the appropriate mailing list (corp-announce or staff-announce) before the meeting. If you have any questions please email info

Need directions to meeting locations?

Arisia Convention and Corporate meetings are usually open to the everyone. If you'd like to get involved, please come to one of our meetings.

Unless otherwise specified, the default date, time, and location for Corporate meetings are the third Sunday of the month, at 2:00 PM.

Click on the link to add Arisia's convention weekend to your Google Calendar Click here to add Arisia's convention to your Google

You can also add Arisia as a public calendar to your Google calendar and automatically get our meeting schedule.

In your Google calendar window (or browser tab) click the dropdown next to "Other Calendars". Select "Add by URL" then copy-paste the URL below into the box. Click "Add Calendar".

Or you can import Arisia's calendar from Google into other applications via a XML Feed or ICAL Feed.

To add an event to your personal Google Calendar, click on the event.

To edit this calendar, you'll need to login to Google Calendar.

A good listing of SF conventions worldwide is the Locus magazine's convention listings.

You can also add NESFA's Google calendar which has lots of conventions listed.