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Corporate Dues and Membership

Membership/Subscription Information

Membership runs from September 1st to August 31st(*) and costs $24 for the year. Dues are pro-rated on a monthly basis for members joining during the year. Subscription to Mentor of Arisia is included with Corporate Membership to Arisia, Incorporated.

New members must attend one Arisia corporate meeting after joining to receive voting privileges at subsequent meetings.

September $24   March $12
October $22   April $10
November $20   May $08
December $18   June $06
January $16   July $04
February $14   August $02

If you can not afford to purchase a membership, you can ask the E-Board for a waiver of your dues.

You can sign up at a Corporate meeting, mail a check for the appropriate amount to Arisia, or use the PayPal button below.

The regular mail address for Arisia is:

Arisia Inc.
561 Windsor Street
Somerville, MA 02143

You do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card with PayPal.

PayPal Signup

The Paypal buttons only allows ten items for their pull down menu, so if you'd like to pay for July ($4) or August ($2), please go to the Pay Arisia page.


Three year dues subscription is only available from July 1st until September 14th.

(*) From Arisia's Policies:
I. Dues for all members are payable on September 1st of each year. Any member who joins during the year shall be pro-rated to the following September 1st. All memberships expire September 1st. There is an automatic grace period until the start of elections at the Annual meeting. The Eboard may choose to extend the grace period for all members to no later than December 31st of the Corporate Year. Any member who has neither paid their dues, nor requested a hardship waiver, shall have their membership expire at the beginning of elections of the Annual Meeting. The clerk shall notify any member who has neither paid their dues nor requested a hardship waiver by September 1st.