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Arisia Grant Fund

Arisia is not taking grant requests at this time. We look forward to re-opening grant requests when circumstances permit. We will make an announcement here and on our various social media channels when that happens.


Arisia, Inc. has a grant fund to disburse money.

Who Can Apply

Don't be shy. We really do want to give away our money.

From Sections 8.3-8.4 of the Arisia bylaws:

8.3 Requests for grant funding are prioritized as follows:

  1. Supporting and furthering discussion groups and conferences about the genre of science fiction and fantasy.
  2. Supporting and furthering libraries, archives, and other public forms of storage related to the genre. Such collections of material must be available for public use with regularly scheduled hours.
  3. Supporting and furthering literary research about the genre.
  4. Publications, in any medium, within the genre.
  5. The order of funding priorities set forth in this Section may be waived by the Membership by two-thirds vote, with at least 50% of the General members voting.

8.4 In making grants, the following issues shall be considered: fiscal stability, proximity to the Corporation (the nearer the better), numbers of other sources contacted (the more the better), and history of service to the science fiction and fantasy community.

All applicants must be non-profit organizations.

Who Can't Apply

From Section 8.5 of the Arisia bylaws:

Any group having a restrictive membership shall not receive distributions. This prohibition may be waived by the membership by two-thirds vote, with at least 50% of all General members voting. A restrictive membership covenant is any of the following:

  • Limiting full voting membership rights by virtue of race, religion, national origins, sex, sexual preference, or political affiliation;
  • Requiring that a person be a non-voting member of the organization for a period of greater than one (1) year before acquiring voting rights;
  • Requiring a vote of the membership, the officers, or a committee of the organization to grant full voting rights.

How The Process Works

  • Money that is granted to a group may only be used for the purpose(s) that Arisia, Inc. has approved from the submitted grant proposal. Any funds left over are to be returned to Arisia for use in future grants.
  • Approved grants shall be paid upon approval of the request by the Corporation. The payment shall be in one lump sum. All grant funds must be properly accounted for (copies of the budget and receipts showing how the grant funds were spent must be made available to Arisia). Any unused portion of the grant must be returned to Arisia.
  • Any group submitting a grant proposal that is turned down may request a second chance and be informed when the second chance vote is to take place, so as to be present to support their proposal.
  • Any recommendation of the grant committee is voted on by the executive board, which can either reject it or send it to the membership of the corporation. The recommendation must appear in Mentor (the corporate newsletter) before being voted on by the corporate membership.

How To Apply

A complete grant proposal contains:

  • A filled-out applicant information form (or equivalent)
  • A project description
  • A project budget
  • A timeline for the project
  • Proof of eligibility (a copy of your organizations by-laws or articles of organization is usually sufficient)

If you have applied for a grant from us before, and proven your eligibility, you don't need to do so again.

Completed grant proposals can be emailed to: arisiagrants (at) arisia (dot) org

If you have questions, please send them to
arisiagrants (at) arisia (dot) org