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Privacy Policy


  1. This Privacy Policy applies to ARISIA, Incorporated, and all functions directly and solely sponsored by ARISIA, Incorporated; hereafter referred to as "ARISIA."
    1. This includes but is not limited to the annual Arisia Convention.
  2. ARISIA may collect personally identifying information in order to create, manage, or enhance our relationship with our corporate & convention members and web site users.
    1. This includes, but is not limited to, names, postal mail addresses, phone numbers and/or email addresses.
    2. This does not include credit card information, which is covered by PCI compliance.
  3. ARISIA shall not sell personally identifying information to any party.
  4. ARISIA shall not share personally identifying information that it collects with unaffiliated third parties without the express consent of the individual, or, as required by Federal, State, County or Local laws.
    1. Affiliated third parties are those organizations used by or who provide services to ARISIA and/or the events it sponsors in order to perform its functions
      1. This includes, but is not limited to, Registration Services Providers, Bulk Mail House Service Providers, Hotel and Housing Services, Transportation services.
    2. Non-governmental third parties accepting data from ARISIA, for ARISIA's benefit or their own, are required to agree to keep the personally identifying information confidential under a policy substantially similar to this Privacy Policy.