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Meeting Procedures at a Glance

Cheat sheet for Arisia's version of Roberts Rules of Order(*)

To do this ... You say this ... May you Interrupt the Speaker? Must you be Seconded? (**)
Is this Motion Debatable? What vote is Required?
Request information Point of Information Yes No No No Vote
Complain about noise, sound, general room condition, ... Point of Privilege Yes No No No Vote
Object to procedure or personal affront Point of Order Yes No No No Vote, Chair decides
Change a decision made by the Chair
I appeal from the decision of the Chair
Introduce Business
(as a primary motion) (***)
I move that ... No Yes Yes Majority
Amend a motion (****) I move to amend this motion by ... No Yes Yes Majority
Divide a complicated motion I move to split the motion by ... No Yes Yes Majority
Switch to an informal discussion to hash out the details of a motion
(no minutes are taken) (*****)
I move that we go to a committee of the whole
End Debate
I move to call the question No Yes No 2/3 Vote
Request a paper ballot
(may be requested at any time and for any reason)
I request a secret ballot Yes No No No Vote
Adjourn the Meeting I move we adjourn No Yes No Majority

(*) Please note Robert's Rules of Order is more than 600 pages long. This is a very brief summary of a few of the more common parliamentary procedures used in Arisia meetings. In some cases, Arisia's traditions for running meetings differ from Robert's Rules.

(**) The motion fails if no one offers the required Second

(***) For new motions, the Bylaws say:
"All major matters of new business shall be submitted to the Executive Board in writing prior to a meeting of the membership for review prior to discussion."
"Motions or proposals that touch on areas covered by any standing committee or corporate official shall be deferred to said committee or official for review and recommendation prior to being brought before the membership."
For how to amend the Bylaws, please see the Bylaws.

(****) Arisia Tradition: The maker of the original motion may accept the amendment as "friendly" and skip voting on the amendment.
While discussing an amendment, additional amendments can't be introduced.
(*****) While in a Committee of the Whole, non-binding "straw polls" may be taken to see how the room feels about the issue. During this, the chair of the meeting may continue to chair the Committee of the Whole.

Arisia Policies: 
Arisia Bylaws:

Based upon the Town of Andover's "Town Meeting Procedure at a Glance".