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Media Recording Policy

Created 2018-06-24

  1. Definition

    In this section, "recording" is defined as any recording of media including, but not limited to: still photographs, audio recordings, film, and video recordings in both analogue and digital formats, or the production of any such media.

  2. Scope

    The scope of this policy includes the Arisia convention and other events officially organized by Arisia, Incorporated and any special events designated by the Arisia Eboard to be so covered.

    The scope of this policy includes any event-specific recording policies.  Arisia's Code of Conduct is here and Arisia's Convention and Corporate Policies are here.

  3. Permissions and restrictions

    Individuals grant Arisia, Inc. and their designees the right to create recordings, and to publish these recordings in print and electronically. These recordings may include the individuals, others with them, activities, costumes, artwork, sales goods, and other property used or displayed in their normal participation of the Arisia, Inc. designated event, for the purposes of advertising and promotion of Arisia.

    Any individual using recording equipment at these events must ask permission before recording any individual or small group. Anyone who consents to being recorded should state their wishes unambiguously.

    Recorders must make a best effort to obtain permission from all people who appear in recordings, including people identifiable in backgrounds or who accidentally become part of a recording (e.g. by walking into an ongoing shot). Recorders shall honor any requests for removal of the digital and/or published media by the subject. Arisia, Inc. shall honor any requests for removal of recordings of the objecting individual after control has passed to the corporation.  Individuals may also make objections on behalf of their property or individuals for whom they are responsible.

    Arisia, Inc. presumes that anyone making recordings is acting in an amateur capacity unless otherwise stated. Flash photography is permitted at Arisia, Inc. events except for areas or events where it is specifically banned (e.g. in performances).

    This policy prohibits manipulating recordings in ways that are malicious or harmful. Individuals must also obey further restrictions placed by any areas, events, and/or program items.

  4. Non-exclusive rights agreement for media

    Individuals agreeing to this policy retain copyright in their recording with the following exceptions:

    • Arisia, Inc and its representatives are granted the non-exclusive right to use recordings made by Staff Recorders for any purpose related to advertising and promotion.
    • Arisia, Inc and its representatives are granted the right to modify recordings.  This grant of rights includes typical photo processing such as cropping, color/white balancing, etc. and typical audio/video processing such as extracting clips, processing sound to remove background noise, level balancing, and so on.
    • The material, which contains the media, may be distributed in print and other formats including electronic.
  5. Types of Recorders

    1. Commercial

      Commercial Media Recorders includes any individual either charging to record media or to provide digital or physical copies of media taken at the convention for profit. In order to sell recorded media taken during Arisia, Inc designated events, Commercial Media Recorders must register with the event in advance and pay a $25 Commercial Media Recorder fee, unless the individual is also paying for space in the Dealer’s Room, in which case the fee will be waived. Individuals wishing to sell recorded media of any part of the Arisia convention (including but not limited to the masquerade, individuals, groups, and cosplay) must read and agree to the terms contained in the Commercial Media Recorder Agreement.

      Any sales of recorded media during the Convention must be done through arrangement with the Arisia Dealers Room.  Commercial recorders agree to abide by the recording manipulation restrictions described in section III.

    2. Staff

      Individuals designated by the Arisia Convention for the purpose of creating recordings for convention and corporate use are considered Staff Recorders.  Individuals may not act as Commercial or Press Recorders while acting as a Staff Recorder.  Recordings made as a Staff Recorder may be sold outside of volunteer hours at cost (including but not limited to processing and materials).

    3. Press

      Individuals working on behalf of a publication, on spec, or freelance are considered Press Recorders, who must register as such. This includes traditional publications, online media such as fan sites, blogs, and channels, and spot pieces regardless of publication venue. At Arisia convention press passes may be obtained through the Press Liaison.