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Directions to the Arisia's Rented Storage Spaces

Arisia's Rented Storage Spaces

3rd Floor.
561 Windsor St.
Somerville, MA 02143

If you should forget the address, try searching for "Taza Chocolate Factory" (BTW, their factory store is usually open until 6pm).

Located in Somerville, MA, the front door to Arisia's rented storage spaces is on Windsor Place, a short block off Webster Ave.

Google Map and directions (42.3756N, 71.0933W).

By Car

From Union Square in Somerville, take the first left after crossing the railroad bridge; from Cambridge (Prospect St), take the last right before crossing the railroad bridge. [See Map Below]

In any case, you will be turning onto Columbia St; the landmark is the Royal White Laundry at the corner. After turning onto Columbia, bear gently left onto Windsor Place at the stop sign. On the right is a brick warehouse-type building.

You might be able to find parking in front of the building, but do not block any of the doors or loading docks. Do not park across the street! To park safely, continue straight down the street (do not curve to the right) to the "Boynton Yards Technology Park." As you enter the lot, turn left into a separate parking lot with a sign that says "561 Windsor Street PARKING ONLY." That's the lot we're allowed to use. Continue below, Navigating the Building.

By Bus

To get to Arisia Storage by bus: Take the #85 from Kendall Square T on the Red Line. Get off at Columbia Street (the street on the left is labeled Tremont Street & there is a large commercial laundry business on your right. -you may have to walk back about 50 feet from the bus stop). Continue below, Navigating the Building.

You could also take any bus that runs to or through Union Square, Somerville, and then walk over the railroad bridge on Prospect to Webster Ave. Make a left onto Webster and a left onto Columbia (it's the first street on the left, btw). Continue below, Navigating the Building.

You could also take the #69 from Harvard Square or from Lechmere T to Webster/Columbia (the (it changes names at Cambridge Street, which is the street that the #69 runs down). Walk up Webster between the Shell station and the cemetery/headstone sales place to Columbia Court (it will be on your right). Continue below, Navigating the Building.

You could take the T to Central and walk up Prospect (or take the #83 or #91 bus) until you get to Webster Ave. (noticeable by the USave car/truck rental place on your right at that intersection). Take a right onto Webster and then make a left onto Columbia Court (the first left, I think). Continue below, Navigating the Building.

Navigating the Building

So, you've walked, bused, driven an automobile, arrived by magic gate or Star Trek Transporter. Now what? You will come to a large brick building (just across from Green Taxi). Enter the middle door (the entrance with a canopy and glass doors). If it's after hours, you will need to enter the Arisia passcode on the keypad (press "CALL", wait for it to beep, press #, and then enter the passcode). You should then hear a buzz and then a solenoid unlocking the door.

Enter the front door and take the passenger elevator on the left to the 3rd floor.

Arisia has two storage spaces on the 3rd floor.

Primary Storage (main space)
On the 3rd floor exit the elevator, cross the elevator lobby, and go down the corridor opposite the elevator, when you get to the doors for the freight elevator, turn left, and then the door for Arisia's storage will be on your left.
Secondary Storage:
Exit the elevator, turn left, turn left again and it'll be the first door on the right after QRSTs.

Some map websites some show the address as being around the corner (technically, the main entrance to building is on Windsor Place). On their maps, Arisia Storage is actually on the south side of Windsor Place, just before Windsor St. And some show the entrance to the Boynton parking lot as being Earle St.

561 Windsor St.
Somerville, MA 02143

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