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Driving Directions to the Eastlake's

Driving Directions to the Eastlake's:
155 Beaver Street, Milford, MA 01757
home: (508) 634 2066

Milford Massachusetts is located off I-495 south-west of Boston. It's south of the intersection with I-90 (the Mass Turnpike) and north of the intersection with I-95 (from Boston to Providence and beyond!).

- From the North, East, and West:
.. I-495 is Exit 11A off the Mass Turnpike. The Mass Turnpike is Exit 22 off I-495. From this intersection, proceed south to I-495's Exit 19, route 109.
.. Turn right west onto route 109 at the end of the ramp (there are lights).
.. Move to the left lane over the next 1/4 mile. You will be surrounded by fast food chains, gas stations, a couple of hotels, supermarkets, loads of other stores. Proceed to the intersection (just past Richard's Restaurant with a prominent KENO sign, on the left) with the sometimes blinking yellow light, it now cycles during most of the day.
.. Turn left onto Birch Street (signs say Birch Street entrance to the Bear Hill Business Area and points to the Massachusetts National Guard).
.. Turn right at the end of Birch Street onto Beaver Street (keep in mind that you could turn left here and one-way back to route 109).
.. Go down about 1/8 of a mile to the fork in the road. Beaver Street is the right fork, Maple Street is the left. Use either one since Maple Street T-ends into Beaver Street (you will turn left on Beaver if you've taken Maple).
.. Look carefully at the mailboxes along Beaver Street as they count up diligently. 155 is on the right, across from a masonry company showroom and offices (not well labeled, but clearly a masonry building).
.. If you see a horse farm on the left, you went a little too far and should turn around.

- From the South:
.. Traveling north on I-495 from route I-95, proceed to Exit 18 in Bellingham, route 126. You'll notice the Hoyt's 14 theater on the right just before the exit, also a Bread and Circus market and lots of other businesses.
.. Turn left at the top of the ramp.
.. Cross over I-495 and proceed on Hartford Avenue (do NOT follow route 126 when it turns left at the Dunkin Donuts). You will pass Varney Concrete on the right (it's impossible to see in the dark).
.. Turn Right onto Grove Street at the cross-roads sign. Grove Street is a (mostly) residential street in Bellingham and becomes Beaver Street at the (non-obvious) town line with Milford.
.. Near the end of Bellingham you will see an Equestrian Crossing sign, a horse farm on the right (SLOW DOWN HERE), and then suddenly you're in Milford.
.. We're at 155, the second house on the left, just across from a masonry company showroom and offices (not well labeled, but clearly a masonry building).
.. If you see businesses mixed in with the homes frequently, you went too far and should turn around.

.. The nearest commuter rail stop is Forge Park/495 on the Franklin line. It's a short drive from the house, so please call in advance to arrange pickup.