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Mentor - Volume 33, Issue 288, November 2021

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Volume 33, Issue 288, November 2021

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About the Meeting   
October Meeting Summary    


Treasurer’s Report                                
Membership List   
Executive Board   
Storage Keyholders                            

Subscription and Dues Information   

About the Next Meeting

The next corporate meeting of Arisia, Inc. will be held on Tuesday October 19, 2021 at 7:00 PM via Zoom. The link to the meeting and corresponding agenda will be distributed over the corp-announce email list in advance of the meeting. The quorum for the October corporate meeting is 17, based on 51% of the average attendance of the last three meetings ((34+40+)/3×0.51)=16.32 ).  

Please send all proxies for the October corporate meeting in advance by email to, and CC the proxy holder.


Volume 32 issue 289

The October corporate meeting was called to order on October 19th at about 7:05 pm by Mike Sprague, Vice President, via Zoom.

The quorum for the October 2021 corporate meeting was XX based on 51% of the average of the last three meetings xx(33,32,30). Thank you to julia and claudia for notetaking. Thank you to Vivian for queue minding.

Attendance: 35 + 3 Proxies = 38 

Claudia Mastroianni, Lisa Hertel, Vivian Abraham, Priscilla Ballou, etana beal, Sharon Sbarsky, EJ Barnes, Mike Sprague, MPA, Maria Taranov, Kris Pelletier, Jaime Garmienda, Jan Dumas, Rachel Tanenhaus, David Silber, Ilene Tatroe, Michelle Wexelblat, Rick Kovalcik, Jodie L, Kelly, JMF, Alan W,  Ken London, Elliot M, Mike Tatroe, Dan Toland, Inanna Arthen, Dr. Karen , Wendy Abramo, Henry Leong, Cate, Joseph Andelman, Julia Austein, Chris Lahey


  • Jennifer F-G to Kelly Fabijanic—Accepted

  • Alex Morgan to David Silber —-Accepted

  • Danny Miller to EJ Barnes—-----Accepted

Corrections to the minutes: 

MPA wasn’t listed on the September attendance -- well, no, that hasn’t gone out yet.

 MOTION to approve the minutes (seconded) PASSED Unanimously

Eboard report:

  • We voted to appoint Jodie Lawhorne as chair of Arisia 2023.  Due to notice requirements this appointment will be brought to the November meeting for approval by the membership.

  • We discussed clerk duties including reports to the state of Massachusetts when officers change. Reviewed the possibility of breaking the position of clerk into a group of people who would each take a portion of the job. Jan Dumas offered to help with clerk duties 

  • We renewed our QuestionPro survey subscription.

  • Treasury meeting w MPA, Kris, /phi happened

Officer reports:

President’s Report

  • I am applying for state and local grants, which are due in the next few weeks.  In order by deadline, there is a flexible City of Boston grant for $3500 which I’d guess there is about a one third chance of us getting, a state festivals grant for $1500 that’s more like a two thirds chance, and then the $3000 Universal Participation grant that we got last year that reads like it was designed specifically for us.  Finally there is a project grant that the chances depend on what kind of project we apply for.  It could be almost anything but the best chance is if we ask to fund DEIA training for our volunteers, and we might get either $1000 or $2500 for this.  On top of this there’s a long shot federal grant for $10,000 which we applied for a while ago and which we should find out about next month.

  • Our storage lease is up at the end of January.  I expect we will be able to renew at similar terms to what we have now and that this will still be a very good deal for us.  I will update when we have a lease proposal in hand.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Dues of $22 paid today before the end of this meeting will grant voting rights for the next corporate meeting. They can be paid by check or paypal at If you would like to request a waiver for whatever reason, please send an email request to eboard@.

  • There was no out of budget spending in the last month.

Committee reports:

Arisia 2021:

Books are still open

Arisia 2022 Convention:

  • Space pilot is moving to under Hotel, and that budget change is coming. (Space pilot is rooming with other volunteers, paid by Arisia. Alternately this year, for people who don’t want to room with people they don’t know, you can be comped for ¼ of a hotel room.)

  • Vivian had a question for Grants, re card to culture. Jan is working on publicity for it. Vivian notes that the DisCon deadline for it is ASAP.

  • Q&A with Alan W regarding  food. There will be one big space where people can be unmasked and eat. There will also be smaller spaces like the green room where people can eat. 

Unfinished Business: No unfinished business 

New Business: 

  • January meeting is at-con. We discussed specifically setting the time and date. We’ll set it in December based on what Programming slots for us that may be in a room with streaming (moved by Vivian and confusion). Rick moved to delete that previous motion. He then invited Vivian to withdraw that motion. Vivian: Concom hopes to bring options to the December meeting. (Behold, it was considered.)

  • Melissa Kaplan: I would like there to be an official policy in place that if a person is found to have forged vaccination credentials to attend Arisia 2022, the standard consequence for this CoC infraction is a lifetime ban from Arisia.

The eboard has not made a recommendation on this motion.


  • November Corporate Meeting: Sunday, November 28th at 2 pm via Zoom

  • December Corporate Meeting: Tuesday December 28th at 7 pm via Zoom

  • Cassandra Lease memorial is on October 31st, Regent Theater in Arlington from 11 AM to 1 PM (

  • Relaxacon was Friday Oct. 15th-17th--next year’s will be May 13-15 at the same place.

  • Craft Fairs in Georgetown a 

Adjourned 7:58

Meeting adjourned at 07:58