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Unless otherwise specified, the default date and location for corporate meetings during the corporate year are held on the third Sunday of the month, at 2:00 PM, at the usual place in MIT building 66 (Usually classroom 168, but possibly another classroom on the first floor).

If you use Yahoo, ical, or Google's calendar app, you can add Arisia to your calendar.  See our Add-A-Calendar page for more info.

For other local cons, see MCFI's listing of Northeast Science Fiction Conventions, maintained by Sharon Sbarsky (Arisia '00 Fan Guest of Honor). A good listing of SF conventions wordwide is the SF-Lovers Conventions Listing. For a more comprehensive list of upcoming conventions, you can also check You can also add NESFA's Google calendar which has lots of conventions listed.

Click on "Month" to see a calendar of upcoming events.

You can also add Arisia as a public calendar to your Google calendar and automatically get our meeting schedule.

Or you can import Arisia's calendar from Google into other applications via a XML Feed or ICAL Feed.

To add an event to your personal Google Calendar, click on the event.

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