The Lens


Volume 13, Issue 109 August 2001

Minutes of the EBoard Meeting

19 August 2001

The EBoard met at 1:00 PM in The Usual Room at MIT Building 66.

The EBoard had several conversations, and made no substantive actions.


Minutes of the August Meeting

Date, Time and Place: This General Meeting of the Membership was called to order at 2:27 PM on Sunday, 19 August 2001 at The Usual Room of MIT Building 66.

In Attendance: Chris Amshey, Angi Bowen, Drea Brandford, Elisa Hertel, Ben Levy, Michelle McGuire, Tom Murphy, Brendan Quinn, Matt Ringel, Nicholas Shectman, Cris Shuldiner, Rachel Silber and Carsten Turner. While her name is not signed upon the sign-in sheet, the Clerk recalls Traciy Fogarty being present.

Colette Fozard to Cris Shuldiner, who relinquishes to Skip Morris upon his arrival at the meeting; Lisa Hertel to Cris Shuldiner until her arrival at the meeting; Walter Kahn to Drea Brandford.

While no corrections to the Minutes of Previous Meetings were made, a Member who was denied the holding of a proxy submitted by email tried to make this point and thereby correct certain votes taken at the last meeting by correcting the Minutes to reflect that he did hold and vote the proxy, and was told by the Chair of the meeting that corrections to the minutes of the meeting were not to be used to rewrite history.



The EBoard has met to consider the appointment of the Convention chair for Arisia '03; and has selected Skip Morris.

MOVED to confirm the EBoard's selection for Convention Chair of Arisia '03.

Motion CARRIES 12-2-0.

Brendan Quinn yields the chair of the meeting to Nicholas Shectman for the following discussion.

MOVED (specifically from the President's Report) the Executive Board be authorized to negotiate with the hotel to adjust the rate structure for Arisia '02 as follows (ed. note: this specifically applies to hotel room rates to fen and staff, and certain other negotiations pertinent to hotel provided services to Arisia '02):

  1. The rate for the smallest and/or unpopular rooms shall be under $100.
  2. The rate for standard Queen and King rooms shall remain the same ($108).
  3. The rate for rooms with two double beds shall be greater then the rate for standard rooms.
  4. The rate for the nicest rooms (Family Doubles, Executive Kings, Junior Suites, etc.) shall be equal to or greater then the rate for doubles.
  5. The rate for rooms with staff persons shall be no greater then the standard room rate ($108). Any discount on the cost for staff rooms shall not be made up with increases in any rate for the general public and should instead be funded out of hotel room credits.

MOVED to split by approving the stipulations individually, and then the main motion with approved stipulations.

MOVED TO AMEND the motion to split to stipulations 1-4 as a group, stipulation 5, and the main motion as stipulated.

Motion to Amend the Split CARRIES.

Motion to Split as Amended CARRIES.

MOVED to accept stipulations 1-4.


MOVED to accept stipulation 5.

MOVED TO AMEND stipulation 5 by replacement with "Allow the EBoard to negotiate a perk for the Staff from the Hotel."

MOVED TO AMEND by addition, "in lieu of a Staff Rate for a hotel room."


MOVED TO AMEND by replacing the preceding amendment with the following text: "this shall not include a Staff Rate for a hotel room."

Motion to Amend CARRIES.

Motion to Amend CARRIES.

Motion now reads: "Allow the EBoard to negotiate a perk for the Staff from the Hotel; this shall not include a Staff Rate for a Hotel Room."


After much debate the entire motion, as stipulated, CARRIES.

The EBoard decided to loan the Millennium Philcon any ARISIA Equipment needed for 'whatever NESFA gets for loaning the Millennium Philcon their equipment.'

No Report.

No Report.

No Report.

No Report.

The Clerk ran through his usual spiel about signing in; that reports and motions should be submitted in writing or suffer the possibility of transcription errors; that major items of new business be presented to the EBoard for consideration before presentation to the Membership; and that dues for joining the Corporation were $2 at this meeting and $24 thereafter.

No Report.

No Report.

No Report.

No Report.

No Report.

No Report. The President restates the vacancy of Committee Chair and restates the desire to entertain candidates for this committee.

We're getting down to the wire, folks, and we're still looking for a place to store the stuff.

With the recent DSL providers folding, Precision Guesswork, and therefore Arisia.ORG, can expect some service disruptions in the near and foreseeable future.

(Brendan Quinn, Chair)

The LRPC has still not met.

No Report.

No Report.

We are speaking with four hotels; the Park Plaza mentions they want us back for 3 years, and are willing to offer a basic room rate of $108 for each year.

No Report.

The DBEC has met recently, and continues work.

The Audit Materials are at Lisa Hertel's house. More meetings will be scheduled.

Pending Motions to Amend the Bylaws remain on the table.

MOVED to close the Arisia '01 Convention and turn any remaining business over to the Convention.

An OBJECTION TO CONSIDERATION is raised, and with a vote of 10-3, the motion is THROWN OUT.

Whereas: Arisia has a long history of problems with attendees interpretations of hotel room size and;

Whereas: This has caused dissatisfaction among attendees with the Arisia convention and the hotel,

Therefore it is Moved: That the information distributed to attendees of the Arisia convention, disseminated both in print and via electronic means, include an explanation of room size as well as number and size of beds. This information should be presented in a manner that can be directly related to per night room rates.

NOTED that this motion would set Corporate Convention policy.

MOVED TO AMEND by directing this motion to the Arisia '02 Committee.


Motion FAILS.

Brendan Quinn will run for President.

Cris Shuldiner will run for President.

Traciy Fogarty will run for Vice President.

Nicholas Shectman will run for Treasurer.

Meeting Adjourned at 4:41 PM.


Some Stray Notes

There are two pending motions to amend the ByLaws of ARISIA, Incorporated. The text of these motions is included at the end of MENTOR, and these motions will be voted upon at the Annual Meeting of the Membership.

The Grant Committee has voted to approve the Gaylactic Network grant request for $1269 as printed later in MENTOR. The motion to approve this Grant will be voted upon at the Annual Meeting of the Membership.

Additionally, the Vice President intends to bring a motion, not out of the Grant Committee, that Arisia cosponsor the October Media In Transition event for $5000 out of the general fund.

The Arisia '02 Convention Committee has developed a budget, which is printed later in MENTOR. The motion to approve this budget will be voted upon at the Annual Meeting of the Membership.


Membership/Subscription Information

Subscription to Mentor of ARISIA is included with Corporate Membership to ARISIA, Incorporated. Membership runs from September 1st to August 31st and costs $24.00. Dues are pro-rated on a monthly basis for members joining during the year.

September $24   March $12
October $22   April $10
November $20   May $08
December $18   June $06
January $16   July $04
February $14   August $02

Executive Board

Brendan Quinn
309 Lake Street
Waltham MA 02451
ARISIA 2001 ConChair
Elka Tovah Menkes
32 Park Street #1
Brookline MA 02446
Vice President
Nicholas Shectman
75 Lexington Avenue
Somerville MA 02144
ARISIA 2001 Treasurer
Woody Bernardi
164 Prince Street
Boston MA 02113-1034
Skip Morris
PO Box 542
Merrymack, NH 03054-0542
ARISIA 2002 ConChair
Noel Rosenberg
PO Box 464
Chelmsford MA 01824-0464
Tom "Merv" Murphy
Apt B 26 Lowden Avenue
Somerville MA 02144
ARISIA 2002 Treasurer
Chris Amshey
42 Boston Avenue
Somerville MA 02144


Committee Members & Corporate Appointed Officers

Grant Committee
Nicholas Shectman (chair)
Cris Shuldiner
Walter Kahn
Krista Ernewein
Hotel Search Committee
Cris Shuldiner (chair)
Skip Morris
Buzz Harris
Brendan Quinn
Budget Committee
Skip Morris (chair)
Woody Bernardi
Derek Lichter
Elka Tovah Menkes
Noel Rosenberg
Long Range Planning Committee
Brendan Quinn
Cris Shuldiner
Walter Kahn
Sheeri Kritzer
Noel Rosenberg
Corporate Inventory Control
Carsten Turner
Corporate Sales Officer
Nicholas Shectman
Corporate Systems Administrator
Cris Shuldiner
Survey Committee
Ben Levy
Gaming Convention Exploratory Committee
Technical Equipment Committee
Joelll Herda (chair)
DataBase Exploratory Committee
Rachel Silber, Chair
Traciy Fogarty
Michelle McGuire
Tom Murphy
Paul Selkirk
Cris Shuldiner
Official Mermaid
The Manatee



Storage Facility Key Holders

Brendan Quinn
Nicholas Shectman
Skip Morris
Tom Murphy
Elka Tovah Menkes
Noel Rosenberg
Carsten Turner
Linda Nee
Cris Shuldiner
Bryt Bradley


Membership Roster

Aaron Agassi Derek Lichter
Chris Amshey Claudia Mastroianni
Rob Bazemore Patrick McCormack
Drea Brandford Craig McDonough
Brian Cooper Michelle McGuire
Tom Coveney Elka Tovah Menkes
Adam Ek Skip Morris
Ailsa Ek Tom "Merv" Murphy
Marshall Ellis Brendan Quinn
Tom Fish Matthew F. Ringel
George Flynn Mary Robison
Traciy Fogarty Noel Rosenberg
Colette Fozard Matthew Saroff
Glen R. Goodwin Paul Selkirk
Joel Herda Jude Shabry
Brendan Hertel Nicholas Shectman
Lisa Hertel Cris Shuldiner
Walter Kahn Rachel Silber
Allan Kent Rachel Silverman
Sheeri Kritzer Carsten Turner
'Zanne Labonville Pat Vandenberg
Ben Levy  



Calendar of Events

Sunday, 16 September 2001, 2:00 PM
The Annual Meeting of the Membership of ARISIA, Incorporated.
MIT Building 66 at MIT in Cambridge, MA. This is the Annual Meeting of the Corporation.

Tuesday, 18 September 2001, 7:00 PM
Arisia '02 DivHead Meeting
Tufts University Arena Annex, directions later in MENTOR.

Sunday, 23 September 2001, 4:00 PM
Arisia '02 ConCom Meeting
MIT Building 66 at MIT in Cambridge, MA.

Friday through Sunday, 28-30 Sept 2001
Beltsville MD

Friday through Sunday, 05-07 Oct 2001
Albacon 01
Schenectady NY

Tuesday, 16 October 2001, 7:00 PM
Arisia '02 DivHead Meeting
Tufts University Arena Annex, directions later in MENTOR.

Sunday, 21 October 2001, 4:00 PM
Arisia '02 ConCom Meeting
MIT Building 66 at MIT in Cambridge, MA

Thursday through Sunday, 01-04 Nov 2001
World Fantasy Convention
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Sunday, 18 November 2001, 4:00 PM
Arisia '02 ConCom Meeting
MIT Building 66 at MIT in Cambridge, MA

Tuesday, 20 November 2001, 7:00 PM
Arisia '02 DivHead Meeting
Tufts University Arena Annex, directions later in MENTOR.

Sunday, 16 December 2001, 4:00 PM
Arisia '02 ConCom Meeting
MIT Building 66 at MIT in Cambridge, MA

Tuesday, 18 December 2001, 7:00 PM
Arisia '02 DivHead Meeting
Tufts University Arena Annex, directions later in MENTOR.

Friday - Sunday, 28-30 December 2001
Sheraton, Reston VA

Sunday, 06 January 2001, 4:00 PM
Arisia '02 ConCom Meeting
MIT Building 66 at MIT in Cambridge, MA

Tuesday, 08 January 2001, 7:00 PM
Arisia '02 DivHead Meeting
Tufts University Arena Annex, directions later in MENTOR.

Friday through Sunday, 18-20 January 2001
Arisia '02
The Boston Park Plaza Hotel, Tower and Castle
Boston, MA

Friday through Sunday, 25-27 January 2001
Sever Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge MA

Proposed ByLaws Amendments

1) The Motion to Amend The ByLaws of ARISIA, Incorporated, formerly numbered 7, will be revisited at the August Meeting. The following Motion to Amend the Motion to Amend the ByLaws of ARISIA, Incorporated will be presented: MOVED to amend by substitution the text of the motion, currently reading "MOVED to amend Article 11, section 2 by adding subsection (d) to read as follows: (d) Verbal notice may be delivered in person, by telephone, or telephone messaging device; and shall be considered given when communicated." with the following text: "Where a copy of specific business is not required to be given, notice may be delivered verbally, and shall be considered given when communicated."

2) The following motion was submitted at the last General Meeting of the Membership, and will appear as business at the August Meeting of the Membership. WHEREAS: The purchasing power of officers has, by way of inflation and other factors beyond the control of ARISIA gone down in recent y ears; and WHEREAS the Executive Board's spending limit has been addressed at a prior meeting; MOVED to amend by replacement Article 9 Section 2 by replacing the amount "$100.00" with the amount "$200.00." Signed, Noel Rosenberg, Cris Shuldiner, Carsten Turner, Claudia Mastroianni, and Joel Herda.

A Grant Proposal

Gaylactic Network Presence at Millennium Philcon Worldcon 2001

The Gaylactic Network plans to host a gay fandom suite for 3 days during Worldcon. This will provide a safe, fun atmosphere for gay fans to meet other gay fans, learn about the Network's affiliates and the Spectrum Awards and to provide the Network leadership with feedback on what gay fandom would like to see from the Network.

Since the Network will not be sponsoring a Gaylaxicon this year (the only GLBT sci-fi/fantasy/horror convention for and by fans), we are hosting the Spectrum Award ceremony during Worldcon in Philadelphia. To allow time for fans to mingle with Spectrum Award winners, the Network will host a reception after the Spectrum Awards ceremony to honor this year's and past winners and nominees. Worldcon will be THE event for Gay fandom this year, as the Network is not hosting a Gaylaxicon in 2001.

The Network's representatives have also offered advice to the Worldcon 2001 Programming Committee on GLBT programming. Our representatives have suggested panels and provided names of professionals that would serve as quality panelists. The Gay Fandom suite serves as a "green room" for gay authors and artists. It also allows them to talk with gay fans, receive feedback on their work, and sign autographs, and it allows gay fandom to show appreciation for their work.


Winter 2001 - Worldcon Liaison and Spectrum Award administrator join Worldcon Programming committee to encourage GLBT programming and to provide location and time for Spectrum Awards

April - Request Suite

June - Reserve full-page ad in program book

Confirmation of Suite from Marriott

Advertise the Worldcon Gay Fandom suite on various Network email lists

Remainder of summer - prepare flyers about clubs for suite

Update Gaylactic Network Tri-Folds

Prepare debut of a Gaylactic Network PDF newsletter

Prepare themes for each night of suite

Prepare menus for each night

Prepare for reception - food and flyers

Prepare program of interest for GLBT attendees

Invite gay press to Spectrum Award reception

Aug 31 - Sept 2 Gay Fandom Suite during Worldcon!!

Applicant name: The Gaylactic Network (

Applicant name also known as: The Gaylaxians

Address: PO Box 127, Brookline, MA 02146

Chairperson & Executive Director: Carl Cipra, Speaker

Project contact: Jed Shumsky, Treasurer & Worldcon Liaison

Daytime telephone: (215) 951-6562 email:

Fax: N/A

Summarize the mission of your organization:

Last fiscal year total income: $80 from Affiliate dues

Last fiscal year total expenses: $54 for PO Box and $1000 loan to Gaylaxicon 2000, which operated at a loss.

Project Information


Carl Cipra, Speaker of the Gaylactic Network

July 26, 2001




admissions - NONE

non-government - Club Dues, private contributions

Affiliate donations: $60 for Program Book Ad; Spectrum Award funds will provide food served for the Spectrum Award Reception: $100; applicant cash - $500 from Gaylactic Network; In the absence of this grant, the remainder of costs will be made up by private donations.

Subtotal: $660

Total project income - None. We would like to break even in terms of our donated income and project expenses. However the project may very well inspire people to become members of the Gaylactic Network, which would result in membership revenues and support for upcoming projects, such as a future Gaylaxicon.


space rental:

program-related rental of 2-bay hospitality suite for 3 nights; $318.75 * 3=$956.25 * 14% hotel tax = $133.88 = $1090.13


promotion/advertising (excluding fundraising) -

Advertisement in Worldcon Program Book - $175

Promotional Flyers 100 @ $0.05 = $5

remaining expenses

program consumables -

food for 3 nights @ $167 per night = $500

food for Spectrum Awards Reception = $100

program equipment rental - None

program related printing/duplicating:

Gaylactic Network 4-folds (folded brochure, double-sided, on color paper ) - 400 @ $0.11 = $44

Program of GLBT Interest - 300 @ $0.05 = $15

Total project expenses: $1929

Grant amount requested: $1269 for the remainder of the project expenses.



Arisia '02 Budget

(Editor's Note: for the sake of formatting, I have added some additional total lines, and made certain other generic formatting changes for printing the Budget in MENTOR. If there are any problems or difficulties with this exercise of and Editor's Prerogative, please address me directly - Merv)


Cash Income

Total Cash Income

$ 65,730.00
Non-Cash Income

Total NonCash Income

$ 1,500.00
Total Income

$ 67,230.00

Cash Expenses

$ (2,400.00)

$ (1,700.00)

$ (3,600.00)

$ (8,880.00)

$ (10,110.00)

$ (17,250.00)

$ (4,125.00)

$ (3,550.00)

Member Services
$ (7,950.00)

Total Cash Expenses

$ (59,565.00)
Non-Cash Expenses

Non-Cash: Hotel Rooms/Suites
$ -

Non-Cash: Corporate Acct Transfers
$ (6,500.00)

Total Non-Cash Expenses

$ (6,500.00)
Total Expenses

$ (66,065.00)

Convention Bottom Line

$ 1,165.00




Hotel: Room Night Credits $ 2,300.00

Hotel Total
$ 2,300.00


Art Show: Commissions $ 550.00

Art Show: Mail-In Fees $ 350.00

Art Show: Space Fees $ 2,100.00

Art Show: Print Shop Fees $ 200.00

Dealers: Dealer Room Fees $ 1,750.00

Dealers: Dealer Row Fees $ 2,900.00

Events Total
$ 7,850.00


Advertising Income $ 500.00

Marketing Total
$ 500.00



Babysitting Fees $ 350.00

Pre-Registration - $25.00 $ 5,250.00

Pre-Registration - $30.00 $ 16,050.00

Pre-Registration - $40.00 $ 2,320.00

Pre-Registration - Other $ -

Pre-Registration - Babysitting $ 140.00

At Convention - $5.00 $ -

At Convention - $15.00 $ 420.00

At Convention - $20.00 $ 480.00

At Convention - $25.00 $ 9,575.00

At Convention - $35.00 $ 3,325.00

At Convention - $40.00 $ 16,560.00

AtCon Babysitting $ 210.00

Member Services Total
$ 54,680.00


Sunday Sundae Tickets $ 400.00

Other Income Total
$ 400.00

Total Cash Income

$ 65,730.00


Non Cash Income: Pre-Registration (Earned Comps from Arisia '01) $ 1,500.00

Total NonCash Income

$ 1,500.00


$ 67,230.00




ConChair Admin $ (200.00)

Staff Morale $ (200.00)

ConComm News $ -

Contingency Fund $ (2,000.00)

Total Administration Expenses
$ (2,400.00)


Administration $ (100.00)

Bank Fees $ (100.00)

CC Feeds $ (1,000.00)

Errors $ -

Insurance: Property $ -

Insurance: Liability $ (500.00)

Total Treasury Expenses
$ (1,700.00)



GoH: Admin $ (200.00)

GoH: Food $ (700.00)

GoH: Travel: WGoH $ (1,500.00)

GoH: Travel: AGoH $ (500.00)

GoH: Travel: FGoH $ (700.00)

GoH: Art Shipping & Insurance $ -

Total Guest Expenses
$ (3,600.00)


Administration $ (100.00)

Errors $ -

Goodwill $ -

Banquets: LARP Dance $ (300.00)

Banquets: Sunday Sundae $ (500.00)

Banquets: Artist Reception/Meet the Pros $ (2,500.00)

Banquets: Filking $ (350.00)

Banquets: Period Dance $ (600.00)

Banquets: Masquerade Green Room $ (400.00)

Banquets: Gopher Hole $ (300.00)

Banquets: Koffeeklatches $ (400.00)

Banquets: Gaming $ (150.00)

Banquets: Fast Track $ -

Banquets: Ice $ (200.00)

Banquets: GoH $ (600.00)

Cots (Sleepers) $ (80.00)

Corkage $ (500.00)

Electricity $ (500.00)

Tips $ (1,000.00)

Furniture Rental $ -

Engineering: Video $ (250.00)

Engineering: Telephones $ (50.00)

Telecom: Telephone Service $ (100.00)

Total Hotel Expenses
$ (8,880.00)


Administration $ (100.00)

Robot Wars $ (500.00)

WGOH Event $ (100.00)

AGOH Slide Show $ (100.00)

FGOH Event $ (500.00)

Big Event 1 $ (500.00)

Big Event 2 $ (500.00)

Small Event 1 $ (100.00)

Small Event 2 $ (100.00)

Small Event 3 $ (100.00)

Small Event 4 $ (100.00)

Arisia TV: Misc $ (100.00)

Arisia TV: Tape Stock $ (150.00)

Art Show: Admin $ (100.00)

Art Show: Forms $ (300.00)

Art Show: Logistics/parking $ -

Art Show: Mailings $ (450.00)

Art Show: Shipping $ (160.00)

Dealer's Room: Admin $ (200.00)

Filking: Admin $ -

Masquerade: Admin $ (100.00)

Masquerade: Photocopying $ (200.00)

Period Dance $ (50.00)

Dance: DJ Equipment $ (100.00)

ASCAP/BMI Fees $ (200.00)

Con Photographer: Photography $ -

Student Writing Contest: Admin/Mailings $ (250.00)

Student Art Contest: Admin/Mailings $ (250.00)

Internet Room $ (400.00)

Technical: Admin $ (100.00)

Technical: Clearcom $ (250.00)

Technical: Lighting $ (600.00)

Technical: Sound $ (300.00)

Films: Film Rental $ (2,000.00)

Films: Equipment Rental $ (200.00)

Anime Theatre $ (300.00)

Kids Anime $ -

Video Theatre: Equipment $ (300.00)

Video Theatre: Licensing $ (350.00)

Total Event Expenses
$ (10,110.00)


Marketing: Ad Sales Solicitation $ (200.00)

Marketing: Admin $ (300.00)

Marketing: Advertising $ (1,200.00)

Marketing: Press Kits $ (50.00)

Marketing: Parties $ (2,000.00)

Marketing: Flyers $ (250.00)

Publications: Admin $ (150.00)

Publications: AtCon Newsletter $ (550.00)

Publications: Mass Mailer: Repro $ (2,500.00)

Publications: Mass Mailer: Postage $ (1,500.00)

Publications: Pocket Program $ (2,500.00)

Publications: Large Print Pocket Program $ (100.00)

Publications: PreReg Packet: Repro $ (300.00)

Publications: PreReg Packet: Postage $ (400.00)

Publications: Program Book $ (5,000.00)

Publications: Program Updates $ -

Publications: Restaurant Guide $ (200.00)

Publications: Large Print Restaurant Guide $ (50.00)

Total Marketing & Publications Expenses
$ (17,250.00)


Admin $ (100.00)

Communications $ (500.00)

Bell Atlantic: Telephone $ (400.00)

Gopher Hole: Admin $ (50.00)

Gopher Hole: Ribbons $ (350.00)

Gopher Hole: T-Shirts $ (1,400.00)

Logistics $ (1,000.00)

Ops Desk $ (100.00)

Security: Forms/First Aid/Supplies $ (125.00)

Security: Paid Security Details $ -

Information Shop $ (50.00)

Sign Shop $ (50.00)

Total Operations Expenses
$ (4,125.00)


Admin $ (150.00)

'Thank You' Notes $ (150.00)

Phonecalls / Photocopying $ (200.00)

Gaming: Admin $ (100.00)

Fast Track $ (450.00)

Program Guest Liaison $ -

Program Packets $ (300.00)

Mailer: Repro $ (800.00)

Mailer: Postage $ (800.00)

Infinite Improbability Drive $ (200.00)

Program Ops $ (250.00)

Program AV $ (150.00)

Total Programming Expenses
$ (3,550.00)


Admin $ (100.00)

Babysitting: Admin $ (25.00)

Babysitting: Pagers $ (100.00)

Babysitting: Payroll $ (75.00)

Babysitting: Legal Expenses $ (500.00)

Babysitting: Supplies $ (50.00)

Babysitting: Salaries $ (600.00)

Babysitting: Food $ (100.00)

Babysitting: Taxes $ (50.00)

Fanzine Lounge: Food $ (350.00)

Fanzine Lounge: Fanzine $ (200.00)

Massage Den $ -

Consuite: Food $ (2,500.00)

Party Czar: Party Seeding Stock $ (200.00)

Green Room: Food $ (800.00)

Registration: Ack Postcards $ (150.00)

Registration: Admin $ (50.00)

Registration: Badge Holders $ (600.00)

Registration: Badge Stock $ (200.00)

Registration: Forms $ (200.00)

Registration: Work Sessions $ (100.00)

Staff Den: Food $ (1,000.00)

Total Member Services Expenses
$ (7,950.00)

Total Cash Expenses

$ (59,565.00)



NonCash Expenses
(Hotel Rooms/Suites)

Hotel: Suites: ConSuite (3Rx4N) $ (1,404.00)

Hotel: Suites: Green Room (2Rx2N) $ (468.00)

Hotel: Suites: StaffDen (2Rx2N) $ (468.00)

Hotel: Suites: Babysitting (2Rx3N) $ (702.00)

Hotel: Rooms: Logistics: Storage (1Rx4N) $ (468.00)

Hotel: Rooms: Fanzine Lounge (1Rx2N) $ (234.00)

Hotel: Rooms: Treasury: 1Rx2N $ (234.00)

Hotel: Rooms: WGoH (4N) $ (468.00)

Hotel: Rooms: AGoH (4N) $ (468.00)

Hotel: Rooms: FGoH (4N) $ (468.00)

Hotel: Suites: Unused Comps (2Rx5N,3Rx0N) $ (1,170.00)

Hotel: Rooms: Unused Comps (2N) $ (234.00)

(Less Contract Comps) $ 6,552.00

(Less Room Credits Used for Comps) $ 234.00

Total NonCash Expenses
(Hotel Rooms/Suites)
$ -

NonCash Expenses
(Gift Comp Memberships)

Programming Gift Comps $ -

Staff Gift Comps $ -

Total NonCash Expenses
(Corporate Account Transfers)
$ -

NonCash Expenses
(Corporate Account Transfers)

Gopher Hole: Earned Comps to Arisia '03 $ (1,500.00)

Storage $ (3,500.00)

Art Show Equipment $ (500.00)

Communications Equipment $ (250.00)

Tech and Film Equipment $ (750.00)

Total NonCash Expenses
(Corporate Account Transfers)
$ (6,500.00)

Total Non-Cash Expenses

$ (6,500.00)


$ (66,065.00)


$ 1,165.00




This page Intentionally Left Blank

ARISIA, Incorporated
#322, Building 600
1 Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02139