The Lens


Volume 13, Issue 107 May -- June 2001


Minutes of the May Meeting

Date, Time and Place: The EBoard canceled this meeting. The membership registered its general displeasure, especially with the timing of the cancellation (less than a week prior).


Minutes of the June Meeting

Date, Time and Place: This General Meeting of the Membership was called to order at 7:24 PM on Wednesday, 13 June 2001 at the home of Michelle McGuire.

In Attendance: Chris Amshey, Drea Brandford, Traciy Fogarty, Joelll Herda, Lisa Hertel, Ben Levy, Claudia Mastroianni, Craig McDonough, Michelle McGuire,

Tom Murphy, Brendan Quinn, Noel Rosenberg, Nicholas Shectman, and Rachel Silverman. The Clerk recalls Skip Morris being present, but his name is not signed upon the sign-in sheet.

Attending guests were Mr. Hat.

Rachel Silber to Traciy Fogarty, Cris Shuldiner to Traciy Fogarty, Walter Kahn to Drea Brandford.

No corrections to the Minutes of Previous Meetings were made.

Buzz Harris has resigned as the chair of the Gaming Convention Exploratory Committee.

At the request of Pat McCormack, the President reads a passage from Robert's Rules of Order, regarding civilized debate:

"In debate a member must confine himself to the question before the assembly, and avoid personalities. He cannot reflect upon any act of the assembly, unless he intends to conclude his remarks with a motion to rescind such action, or else while debating such a motion. [...] It is not allowable to arraign the motives of a member, but the nature or consequences of a measure may be condemned in strong terms. It is not the man, but the measure, that is the subject of debate.


Disorderly words should be taken down by the member who objects to them, or by the secretary, and then read to the member. If he denies them, the assembly shall decide by a vote whether they are his words or not. If a member cannot justify the words he used, and will not suitably apologize for using them, it is the duty of the assembly to act in the case. If the disorderly words are of a personal nature, after each party has been heard, and before the assembly proceeds to deliberate upon the case, both parties to the personality should retire, it being a general rule that no member should be present in the assembly when any matter relating to himself is under debate. It is not, however, necessary for the member objecting to the words to retire unless he is personally involved in the case. Disorderly words to the presiding officer, or in respect to the official acts of an officer, do not involve the officer so as to require him to retire. If any business has taken place since the member spoke, it is too late to take notice of any disorderly words he used."

The EBoard met on 14 May 2001 at the Tufts Administration Building Cafeteria. The EBoard decided to solicit ideas from the CPA about better cost controls for ARISIA's spending. Skip is delegated the task of contacting the CPA prior to the 25 May 01 deadline assigned by the Membership at the last Corporate Meeting. There is no new news on Storage yet. Skip promises to mail Keys to keyholders. Merv promises to get Skip a copy of the Corporate Membership Mailing List. The President ruled that motions that carry at meetings that have recurring or effect of an indeterminate period are indeed motions of policy, whether the motion is worded specifically as policy or not. The EBoard sets the closing dates for applications for the position of ConChair 2003. Interviews need to be scheduled. The EBoard discussed possible candidates for Arisia '02. The EBoard discussed the three pending ByLaws Amendments. The EBoard reports positively on the first, negatively on the second for technical reasons, and negatively with extreme prejudice on the third (These amendments are listed later in Mentor in order -- Ed.). The second amendment, while appropriate in purpose and spirit, has some language problems that need to be worked out (for example, state and local laws are mentioned, but federal laws are explicitly neglected); the EBoard feels that the third proposed amendment is offered in bad faith in order to accomplish personal goals. A vote was specifically called for on this feeling, and the vote was 3(1)-0-1, with the President abstaining and an ex-officio vote denoted by parentheses. The EBoard canceled the May Meeting. The EBoard decided to lend Millennium Philcon whatever equipment they need for whatever they offered NESFA to borrow NESFA's equipment. The office of MailRoom was created, to be overseen by the Clerk.

In the time between this EBoard Meeting and tonight's Corporate Meeting, a situation of discourtesy was brought to the attention of the EBoard. Andy Bressen is the party renting the space that we must walk through to get to the ARISIA Storage space. Some short time ago, Andy found a lot of fresh, though rotting, food garbage in his storage area, and was quite disappointed and displeased. He has ascertained with certainty that it was not his, and therefore must be ours. The EBoard therefore requests that all persons visiting Storage pack out their garbage when they're done -- as condo tenants, we have dumpster privileges, and the dumpster is located just beyond the freight elevator. Please pack out your trash.

The President returns the proposed ByLaw Amendment #2 to the EBoard pending consultation with Corporate Counsel.

No Report.

The Grant Committee has not met.

No Report. A concerned Member and Officer of the Corporation inquired about the presentation of a detailed report requested some weeks ago, and the Treasurer replied that he didn't have it, and declined to provide an explanation.

No Report.

The Clerk wishes to call for all members to sign in on the sheet provided.

Dues are $6.00 to join now, and this meeting will be your cooling - off meeting; or, $4.00 after this meeting, and you still need to attend a future meeting to get voting rights.

If you submit your reports and motions IN WRITING prior to the meeting, I'll print 'em out and bring 'em with me. All reports and motions must be submitted IN WRITING or suffer the various and dread consequences.

A reminder that all proxies must be submitted IN WRITING to be valid. I will print out all proxies received by email up to 12 hours prior to a meeting -- if you send your proxy by email with less than 12 hours remaining, it is the responsibility of the holder of the proxy to print and present the proxy at the meeting.

There was no MENTOR published for May. What with the meeting being canceled, and my computer dying, AGAIN, I figured there wasn't much point. FWIW, I think we can still vote on the 3 outstanding bylaws amendments, because they were published prior to the meeting, even if they were not published directly before this meeting, specifying that they would be voted on at this meeting.

The deadline for the June issue of MENTOR is 18 June 2001. All reports, motions, Prospective ConChair Candidate's Resumes, etc, should be submitted before end of day Monday, 18 June 2001.

I have two motions to present, later. I have four motions to amend the ByLaws of ARISIA to present, later.

I would appreciate it if the Corporation could vote on all changes to bylaws and policies by the July Meeting. I'm going to republish the Articles, ByLaws, and Policies to send out in a packet that I would like to have in members' hands about a month prior to the Annual Meeting held in September. There are now triplicate forms that need to be filled out when you pay your dues / renew your membership. These are important for several reasons: First, it gives you a guaranteed receipt for payment. Second, it allows both the Treasurer and the Clerk to have copies, so that if one person loses the record, it can be reconstructed. Third, the form provides for the inclusion of a lot of important information -- current address, telephone number, email, etc -- which the Corporation will need in order to contact the Membership properly. Please cooperate and fill out the forms correctly and completely. No, I don't have a sample tonight, sorry.


I would like to briefly touch on the concept of discussing motions on the Corporate Mailing List prior to bringing them to the Membership. If we do this, people can offer opinions, and the wording of the motion can be worked out PRIOR to the meeting. The reason we spend so much time in meetings is not reading reports or being social; it's not even that we disagree with the substance of a motion, it's hammering out (sometimes trivial, sometimes not) motion language; and that can be done off line! Imagine that a motion, hashed out for a week over email, is then presented at a meeting. Maybe 2 people who have been away from their computers or didn't check email might have some questions or input, but all in all, it will become a rubber-stamp vote because all of the nitty-gritty details were worked out in advance. Please note that I do not wish to stifle debate at meetings over issues that are not generally agreed with on principal; just move things along expeditiously. We can do that by working out the details of motions to enact ideas generally held as "good" off line so that the actual business at the meeting can go without bogging down.

The EBoard created the office of MailRoom; I will be overseeing this position and am looking for volunteers. See me if you're interested.

The EBoard instructed me as Clerk/Reg guy to share our shareable conventioneer's addresses with MCFI. I did so by sending the data set to Lisa Hertel.

MOVED to adopt the following non-Policy resolution: That the Corporation shall set the actual Date, Time and Place when scheduling meetings (meaning, no more setting a meeting 4 months in advance without knowing where or what time of day and simply saying at the time, "Time and Place To Be Determined").

MOVED TO AMEND by replacement as follows: "While a meeting Date & Time may be scheduled far in advance of a location being named, a location should be set no later than 45 days prior to the meeting."

Motion to Amend CARRIES.

Motion CARRIES, noting that this is a non-Policy Resolution.

The President defers my second motion to New Business.

No Report.

No Report.

The President directs the Arisia '01 Convention Committee to hurry up and close the books already.

We're getting rolling. Here's a list of ConCom and DivHead Meeting Dates, Times and Places:

ConCom Meetings

Sundays at 4:00 PM, MIT Building 66:

17 June 2001, 23 September 2001, 21 October 2001, 18 November 2001, 16 December 2001, 06 January 2002

DivHead Meetings

Tuesdays at 7:00 PM, Tufts University Arena Annex

21 August 2001, 18 September 2001, 16 October 2001, 20 November 2001, 18 December 2001, 08 January 2002.

(Buzz Harris)

No Report. Merv and Noel conferred briefly regarding a question from Noel's term as President, and determines that contrary to the first-ever report of the formation of the Gaming Convention Exploratory Committee, it is indeed an exploratory committee, not an actual convention committee.

No Report.

No Report, but we can assume that electrons go in and electrons go out.

(Brendan Quinn, Chair)

The LRPC has not met.

No Report.

No Report.

No Report.

Joelll Herda has been named chair of this committee, and will work on recruiting volunteers for the committee. The Chair asks that the motion before the committee ("MOVED to sell off what technical equipment is not being used, to buy more of what we will actually use and set yearly rental policy; specifically:

  1. Sell all of the video gear purchased from the Minnesota Mafia, except for one or two of the small monitors which are useful);
  2. Sell the lighting boards and dimmer packs purchased from the Minnesota Mafia as complete sets. Plan to rent these, with any filler lights, at every convention;
  3. Sell or donate (to MIT G&S, for example) the intercom equipment purchased from the Minnesota Mafia;
  4. Purchase for each of the performance spaces: an audio compressor, an amplifier, speakers, and mixing boards from a used equipment store such as Daddy's Junky Music.")

be removed from its table and allowed to fall to the floor.

MOVED to allow business before the Technical Equipment Committee to fall to the floor.

Motion CARRIES. Previous business is disposed of.

MOVED to allow the EBoard to appropriately dispose of Technical Equipment based upon the recommendation of the Technical Equipment Committee.

Discussion ensues. It is noted that we should donate to a non-profit organization or school before selling to a for-profit concern, such as a used equipment retail establishment.

The President determines that since the prior business regarding disposal of equipment has been disposed of, that the procedure to be followed is that the Chair of the Technical Equipment Committee shall report out his recommendation, and the President shall report to the Membership, describing the action to be taken, giving the Membership an opportunity to approve or disapprove of the recommendation. Therefore, the motion DROPS TO THE FLOOR.

We had made a plan for Thurs June 14th. We had not specified place and time. However, I have to plead "overwhelmed with personal life". For me, this meeting has to be postponed. I am interested in hearing what dates work for you guys after Monday June 25th.

Where we are:

We started the meeting with 3 questions:

1) Do we have functional needs that are not being met now or that we foresee being required by Arisia in the near future?

2) Should we create a new database to meet those needs?

3) Do those needs require us to make our database available over the Internet?

We had agreed that the following issues with the database do need to be addressed in order to have a database that will support Arisia going forward.

1) Access to the data by multiple users is currently jury-rigged and subject to loss of data when independent changes are made. We would like our database system to support access by multiple users.

2) We agreed that multiple databases with address information were a problem because they would make it difficult for us to do a thorough NCoA process. We'd like our database to support this process gracefully, and help us maintain a consistent set of addresses. Problems still need to be solved in the area of sharing (or not sharing) addresses with other organizations.

3) The database data structures could be improved in the areas of performance, scalability, and extensibility. Re-examining the data structures is necessary. We had also discussed the risks involved in changing the database structure. What we have now does work, and will continue to be OK to support the Arisia '02 registration and mailing needs. We are not planning to affect the operations of Arisia '02. Data migration is a concern and will be addressed thoroughly if/when we go forward to a design phase. We did not come to a consensus on whether Internet access to the Arisia database was required or desirable, according to the notes I took at the meeting.

Agenda for next meeting:

Spend some time defining terms and needs -- access by multiple users is not the same as Internet access although we have used them interchangeably during parts of the discussion. After that, I think it is time to turn from functional requirements back to architecture. Merv has proposed a Microsoft-centric solution. What about open source software? What about being able to use the existing hardware we have? What other architectures could get the job done? Given the skills required, if we went with a different architecture (e.g. Linux-based) can we get the job done? On the other hand what are the upfront and on-going costs of supporting a Microsoft solution? I don't expect us to conclude on this issue tomorrow night, but if we raise the right questions we should be able to seek out credible answers that will be of benefit if/when we bring a motion up to the corporation again.

The retention of a CPA to perform an audit of ARISIA Incorporated's books did not occur before the deadline set by the Membership. However . . . .

MOVED to extend the deadline for retaining a CPA for an Audit from 25 May 2001 to 17 June 2001.

Motion CARRIES (very many votes for, and only 1 vote against).

MOVED that ARISIA, Incorporated purchase a NEW, modern, upgradeable PC, suitable for running the database in its current form and any form that it eventually is converted into, and further, that the Arisia '02 Convention Committee Chair be authorized to spend up to $1000 out of corporate funds to make such a purchase. The '02 Chair will consult with the Database Committee Chair prior to making this purchase.

MOVED to refer this motion to the Database Exploratory Committee.

Motion FAILS

MOVED TO AMEND by replacing the words "ARISIA, Incorporated" with the phrase "the Database Committee be authorized to spend up to $1000" and the deletion of the portion of the motion starting from the text "and further," to the end of the text of the motion.

Motion FAILS by a vote of 7 to 8.

MOVED TO AMEND by appending the following to the end of the motion: "The machine shall support both Linux & Windows."


Motion CARRIES, by a vote of 9 to 4.

MOVED to adopt the following non-Policy resolution: Except in cases of bona fide emergency or sudden, unanticipated circumstances (blizzard, generic apocalypse, etc), meetings will not be canceled after the General Meeting prior to the meeting under consideration of cancellation.

MOVED TO AMEND by changing the word "will" to the word "should".

After minor browbeating, the amendment is ACCEPTED AS FRIENDLY.

MOVED TO AMEND by striking the parenthetical remark.


Motion CARRIES as amended, noting that this is a non-Policy Resolution.

Several amendments to the ByLaws were proposed, and are listed in their entirety later in MENTOR.

The following dates for future meetings of the Membership were set after discussion and confusion:

7:00 PM Tuesday, 31 July 2001, at the Tufts Annex Building Cafeteria. See later in MENTOR for directions.

2:00 PM Sunday, 19 August 2001, at The Usual Place in MIT Building 66.

2:00 PM Sunday, 16 September 2001, at The Usual Place in MIT Building 66. This is the Annual Meeting of the Corporation.

MOVED to cancel the August Meeting.

Motion FAILS.

Hear ye, Hear ye: There have been a bunch of amendments to the ByLaws proposed in the last few months. Provided that the EBoard reports on the ones presented tonight before the July meeting, ALL of the ByLaws Amendments will be up for a vote at the meeting scheduled for 31 July 2001. The text of the ByLaws to be voted on at this meeting is included later in MENTOR.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:15 PM.


Minutes of the EBoard Meeting

17 June 2001

This Impromptu meeting of the EBoard was called to order at the first ConCom Meeting of A'02. Present were Brendan Quinn, Nicholas Shectman, Tom Murphy and Noel Rosenberg; Skip Morris attends by Cell Phone.

The only matter of business is the consideration of a candidate for the position of Convention Treasurer for Arisia '02.

The EBoard appoints Chris Amshey ConTreasurer '02 by a vote of 3-0-1 (one officer wishes to defer his vote until he can meet and speak with the Candidate).


Some Stray Notes

An amendment is proposed to Proposed ByLaw Amendment #9:

MOVED TO AMEND Proposed ByLaw Amendment (designated #9 later in MENTOR) by the addition of the following text: "such conventions sponsorship or activities shall comply with all applicable local, state and federal law" -- Submitted by Craig R. McDonough.


Membership/Subscription Information

Subscription to Mentor of ARISIA is included with Corporate Membership to ARISIA, Incorporated. Membership runs from September 1st to August 31st and costs $24.00. Dues are pro-rated on a monthly basis for members joining during the year.

September $24   March $12
October $22   April $10
November $20   May $08
December $18   June $06
January $16   July $04
February $14   August $02



Executive Board

Brendan Quinn
309 Lake Street
Waltham MA 02451
ARISIA 2001 ConChair
Elka Tovah Menkes
32 Park Street #1
Brookline MA 02446
Vice President
Nicholas Shectman
75 Lexington Avenue
Somerville MA 02144
ARISIA 2001 Treasurer
Woody Bernardi
164 Prince Street
Boston MA 02113-1034
Skip Morris
PO Box 542
Merrymack, NH 03054-0542
ARISIA 2002 ConChair
Noel Rosenberg
PO Box 464
Chelmsford MA 01824-0464
Tom "Merv" Murphy
Apt B 26 Lowden Avenue
Somerville MA 02144
ARISIA 2002 Treasurer
Chris Amshey
42 Boston Avenue
Somerville MA 02144



Committee Members & Corporate Appointed Officers

Corporate Systems Administrator
Cris Shuldiner
Budget Committee
Skip Morris
Corporate Inventory Control
Carsten Turner
Corporate Sales Officer
Nicholas Shectman
Long Range Planning Committee
Brendan Quinn
Cris Shuldiner
Grant Committee
Nicholas Shectman
Cris Shuldiner
Survey Committee
Ben Levy
Hotel Search Committee
Cris Shuldiner (chair)
Skip Morris
Buzz Harris
Brendan Quinn
Gaming Convention Exploratory
Buzz Harris
Official Mermaid
The Manatee


Storage Facility Key Holders

Brendan Quinn
Nicholas Shectman
Skip Morris
Tom Murphy
Elka Tovah Menkes
Noel Rosenberg
Carsten Turner
Linda Nee
Sheeri Kritzer
'Zanne Labonville
Bryt Bradley




Membership Roster

Aaron Agassi Derek Lichter
Chris Amshey Claudia Mastroianni
Rob Bazemore Patrick McCormack
Drea Brandford Craig McDonough
Brian Cooper Michelle McGuire
Tom Coveney Elka Tovah Menkes
Adam Ek Skip Morris
Ailsa Ek Tom "Merv" Murphy
Marshall Ellis Brendan Quinn
Tom Fish Matthew F. Ringel
George Flynn Mary Robison
Traciy Fogarty Noel Rosenberg
Colette Fozard Matthew Saroff
Glen R. Goodwin Paul Selkirk
Joel Herda Jude Shabry
Brendan Hertel Nicholas Shectman
Lisa Hertel Cris Shuldiner
Walter Kahn Rachel Silber
Allan Kent Rachel Silverman
Sheeri Kritzer Carsten Turner
'Zanne Labonville Pat Vandenberg
Ben Levy  


Calendar of Events

Tuesday, 31 July 2001, 7:00 PM
Meeting of the General Membership of ARISIA Incorporated.
Tufts Annex Building Cafeteria, Somerville, MA. See later in MENTOR for directions.

Friday through Sunday, 13-15 July 2001
ReaderCon 13
Burlington MA

Sunday, 19 August 2001, 2:00 PM
Meeting of the General Membership of ARISIA Incorporated.
MIT Building 66 at MIT in Cambridge, MA.

Tuesday, 21 August 2001, 7:00 PM
Arisia '02 DivHead Meeting
Tufts University Arena Annex, directions later in MENTOR.

Thursday through Monday, 30 Aug - 03 Sept 2001
2001 WorldCon at The Millennium Philcon
Philadelphia PA

Sunday, 16 September 2001, 2:00 PM
The Annual Meeting of the Membership of ARISIA, Incorporated.
MIT Building 66 at MIT in Cambridge, MA. This is the Annual Meeting of the Corporation.

Tuesday, 18 September 2001, 7:00 PM
Arisia '02 DivHead Meeting
Tufts University Arena Annex, directions later in MENTOR.

Sunday, 23 September 2001, 4:00 PM
Arisia '02 ConCom Meeting
MIT Building 66 at MIT in Cambridge, MA.

Friday through Sunday, 28-30 Sept 2001
Beltsville MD

Friday through Sunday, 05-07 Oct 2001
Albacon 01
Schenectady NY

Tuesday, 16 October 2001, 7:00 PM
Arisia '02 DivHead Meeting
Tufts University Arena Annex, directions later in MENTOR.

Sunday, 21 October 2001, 4:00 PM
Arisia '02 ConCom Meeting
MIT Building 66 at MIT in Cambridge, MA

Thursday through Sunday, 01-04 Nov 2001
World Fantasy Convention
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Sunday, 18 November 2001, 4:00 PM
Arisia '02 ConCom Meeting
MIT Building 66 at MIT in Cambridge, MA

Tuesday, 20 November 2001, 7:00 PM
Arisia '02 DivHead Meeting
Tufts University Arena Annex, directions later in MENTOR.

Sunday, 16 December 2001, 4:00 PM
Arisia '02 ConCom Meeting
MIT Building 66 at MIT in Cambridge, MA

Tuesday, 18 December 2001, 7:00 PM
Arisia '02 DivHead Meeting
Tufts University Arena Annex, directions later in MENTOR.

Friday - Sunday, 28-30 December 2001
Sheraton, Reston VA

Sunday, 06 January 2001, 4:00 PM
Arisia '02 ConCom Meeting
MIT Building 66 at MIT in Cambridge, MA

Tuesday, 08 January 2001, 7:00 PM
Arisia '02 DivHead Meeting
Tufts University Arena Annex, directions later in MENTOR.

Friday through Sunday, 18-20 January 2001
Arisia '02
The Boston Park Plaza Hotel, Tower and Castle
Boston, MA

Friday through Sunday, 25-27 January 2001
Sever Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge MA

Proposed ByLaws Amendments

Prologue: These Motions to Amend the ByLaws of ARISIA, Incorporated, have been submitted over the past several months. Due to technical mistakes on the part of the Clerk, none of them have been able to have been voted upon at recent meetings. Therefore, be it known that unless otherwise announced at the General Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, 31 July 2001, all of the following Motions to Amend the ByLaws of ARISIA, Incorporated will be voted on at the General Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, 31 July 2001.

  1. WHEREAS there is a subsection of the ByLaws that is not a complete paragraph, and WHEREAS this results in the subsection making no sense, I move the following:
  2. To amend by replacement Article VI, Section 6.2, Subsection (c), which currently reads: to allow the EBoard to suspend the convention chair. Suspension shall limit all authority of the convention chair to act without removing the convention chair from their role

    With the following:

    If there is a motion pending before the corporation to remove the convention chairperson from office, then the EBoard may choose to suspend the convention chairperson until such motion has been resolved. Suspension shall limit all authority of the convention chairperson to act without removing the convention chairperson from office. While such a suspension is in effect, the ex-officio assistant convention chairperson will be responsible for making any decisions that must be made. If no one has been appointed to that position, then decisions will be made by the EBoard.

    Signed, Cris Shuldiner, Paul Selkirk, Traciy Fogarty, Craig McDonough, Sheeri Kritzer, (illegible)

  3. WHEREAS there has been confusion over an ambiguity in the bylaws regarding the convention treasurer, and WHEREAS there is a tradition of the convention treasurer being a member of the convention chairman's staff, I move
  4. To amend by addition Article III, Section 3.2, Subsection (c), which currently reads: The treasurer shall keep the funds in depositories designated by the Executive Board, maintain the financial records of the Corporation, exercise oversight over the convention treasurer's activities, and pay the debts properly authorized in accordance with these bylaws.

    With the following:

    Oversight of the convention treasurer shall only extend to insuring that applicable state, and local laws, these bylaws, and corporate financial policy are adhered to and shall in no other ways override the authority of the convention chairperson.

    And to amend by addition Article VI, Section 6.6, subsection (a), which currently reads:

    (a) Each convention shall have a treasurer appointed by the Executive Board with the advice of the chairperson for that convention.

    With the following:

    The convention treasurer shall be directly under the authority of the convention chairperson, except where specified otherwise in these bylaws.

    Signed, Cris Shuldiner, Paul Selkirk, (illegible), Craig McDonough, Sheeri Kritzer, Lisa Hertel

  5. WHEREAS the EBoard has shown an unwillingness to allow differing points of view on at least one committee,
  6. MOVED to amend Article V, section 5.1 by adding between the first two sentences

    Requests to be on a committee by a General Member must not be unreasonably refused by the president.

    Signed, Cris Shuldiner, Rachel Silber, (illegible), Michelle McGuire, Lisa Hertel

  7. MOVED to alter Article 2 section 8, subsection (a), which currently reads:
  8. Proxy voting is available to General members under the following conditions: (a) No General member can designate as a proxy any person who is not a member. No person can hold more than two proxies at the same time. (further itemization not included)

    by adding the word "General" after the words "who is not a" and before the word "member."

    Signed, Jude Shabry, Joel Herda, Rachel Silverman, Sheeri Kritzer, Matthew Ringel, Tom Murphy

  9. MOVED to replace Article 1 section 1 subsection (a) which currently reads:
  10. 1.1 There are two classes of membership in the Corporation: (a) General members are entitled to all rights and privileges of membership including the right to vote and hold office. Voting rights are granted at the end of the first meeting the member attends after joining.

    With the following:

    "A General Member of the Corporation is such a person that has a) attained the age of twelve years; b) has paid the annual dues as set by the Corporation OR has had dues properly waived according to these ByLaws; and c) has attended one meeting after joining the Corporation. General Members of the Corporation are entitled to all rights and privileges and are enjoined to honor and fulfil the duties and responsibilities of membership, including but not limited to the rights to vote and hold office."

    Signed, Jude Shabry, Rachel Silverman, Joel Herda, Sheeri Kritzer, Matthew Ringel, Tom Murphy

    It has been suggested that this Proposed Amendment be amended by inserting the words "at least" between the words "has attended" and "one meeting" in provision C of the Proposed ByLaw Amendment. It has also been suggested that the text of this Proposed ByLaw Amendment be referred to a lawyer for actual, mundane legality.

  11. MOVED to alter Article 4 section 3 subsection (e) which currently reads:
  12. "4.3 Board Meetings: (e) A Board member may participate in a Board meeting by means of a conference telephone or similar communications equipment by means of which all persons participating in the meeting can hear each other at the same time, and participation by such means constitutes presence in person at the meeting."

    By replacing the words "hear each other at the same time," located after the words "participating in the meeting can", with the words "communicate with each other simultaneously in real-time."

    Signed, Jude Shabry, Joel Herda, Rachel Silverman, Matthew Ringel, Tom Murphy

    A Member, upon reading this Proposed ByLaw Amendment, proclaims (and the Clerk quotes): "What stilted wording?!"

  13. MOVED to amend Article 11, section 2 by adding subsection (d) to read as follows:
  14. (d) Verbal notice may be delivered in person, by telephone, or telephone messaging device; and shall be considered given when communicated.

    Signed, Jude Shabry, Rachel Silverman, Joel Herda, Sheeri Kritzer, Matthew Ringel, Tom Murphy

  15. MOVED to amend Article 9, section 2, which currently reads:
  16. 9.2 An individual officer may approve an unbudgeted expenditure up to $100.00. The Executive Board may approve an unbudgeted expenditure up to $300.00. An unbudgeted expenditure greater than that amount requires approval by the Membership.

    By replacing the amount "$300.00" with the amount "$500.00".

    Signed, Nicholas Shectman, Chris Amshey, Michelle McGuire, Traciy Fogarty, Claudia Mastroianni

  17. MOVED to add a new Article 6 section 9 as follows:

ARISIA, Incorporated may, from time to time, sponsor a convention other than the annual convention known as Arisia. Unless otherwise specified in the ByLaws, Policies, or Traditions, all conventions sponsored by ARISIA, Incorporated shall be bound under the same Corporate ByLaws, Policies and Traditions in the same fashion as the annual Arisia Convention.

Signed, Claudia Mastroianni, Rachel Silverman, Drea Brandford, Brendan Quinn, Tom Murphy


Resumes of the Candidates for Convention Chairperson Arisia '03

Carsten Turner

I can't think of a less wooden way to pen this, so I'll go with a relaxed style here.

I currently work for a sculptor of regional recognition* as a studio assistant. This has been my post for more than a year now. The work I do is broad, enlisting many of the skills I have developed over the course of my life. I am called upon to aid in the development of pieces, determining why components don't function as they should, and

devising fixes for these conflicts. Other responsibilities I have call upon other elements within my skillset. These include machining parts for artwork, maintaining sculptures that are currently installed, hanging new pieces, as well as more desk related skills, such as sourceing supplies, seeking new vendors for goods and services and the like. Recently, I have also been working on upgrading the company's computer network.

I arrived at this position after graduating from Massachusetts College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture. My area of concentration within sculpture focused on kinetic works, and particularly work that involved machines. A good analog of my work would be Rube Goldberg's work with a more serious edge. I also spent a lot of time in the Jewelry department, focusing on a refinement of technique related to light metal work. At Massart, I worked as a teacher's assistant, and was frequently asked to instruct students in various metalworking techniques.

During part of my time in college, I was employed as an Inspector at Everett Pattern and Manufacturing, working independently within the Moldmaking division and cooperatively with colleagues in the Machine division. I was able to form Inspection within moldmaking from a small notion at the end of a process to a process within a parent process, enabling corrections to be made 'on the fly' during production, resulting in higher quality output and less waste.

Going back further, I have worked as an EMT, in the cities of Lowell and Cambridge. I have retained my certification as an EMT and have recently enhanced it by adding certification in Basic Trauma Life Support.

I have worked for Arisia since perhaps 1994, maybe earlier. I have a strong history of providing logistics support, first as an underling, but I have also risen to lead the department in past years. Owing to this, I have been a keyholder to Arisia storage for three years, and serve as Corporate Inventory Control. This is the third consecutive year that I have been appointed to this post. Last year marked a departure for me in that I left Logistics to become Department Head for the Operations Desk. I served this post for Arisia '01. During this time, I saw more of Arisia than I normally have in logistics. I didn't visit any of the panels, and I saw little of the rest of the convention, however, as the E-Board members know, sooner or later, 'everyone ends up in Ops.' I am pleased to say that my team kept things together through the whole convention, and I was told by the Convention Chairwoman Elka Menkes, that she had no comments or criticism of my department.

That's about all I can think to include about myself that's relative to Arisia.


(* left unidentified at his request.)



Cris Shuldiner

Not exactly sure what is being looked for here, as it has been a while since we have had multiple candidates for the position and the last time I do not think we published resumes. But, these are the basic facts of my Arisia career.

Corporate President 1989, 1995-1997

Hotel Liaison Arisia 90

Operations Department Head Arisia 91

Marketing Division Head Arisia 92

Operations Division Head Arisia 93, 96, 00

Member Services Division Head Arisia 97

Assistant Con Chair Arisia 98

Con Chair Arisia 99

Art Show Head Arisia 01

For Arisia 94 and 95 I worked in Operations, but can't for the life of me

remember what my title was. I was pretty much doing whatever needed doing

those years.



Skip Morris

No Resume was submitted by Skip Morris, he pled overcommitment in the time frame prior to the MENTOR Deadline.


Directions to the Tufts Administration Building

aka TAB, 169 Holland Street

From the West:

Take Route 90 East to Route 95/128 North. Take the exit for Route 2 EAST and go for 6.5 miles. Bear left at sign reading "US-3 N / RT-16 E to Medford" and go for 500 feet. Follow the signs for Alewife Brook Pky,RT-16 and go for 0.8 miles. Turn right on Broadway and go Southeast for 0.4 miles, into Teele Square. Turn right on Holland St and go South for 0.2 miles to 169 Holland St.

From the North:

Take I-93 south. Take exit 31 RT-16 E to Revere for 400 feet. Bear left on Mystic Valley Pky,RT-16, go for 500 feet. Turn right, go 100 feet. Turn right on Mystic Valley Parkway and go for 200 feet. Bear left on Harvard St and go for 0.6 miles. Harvard Street turns into Warner St for 0.2 miles. Turn right on Powder House Square and go through the rotary, towards Davis Square (College Ave.). Bear right on College Ave and go for 0.4 miles. Turn right on Holland St and go for 1000 feet to 169 Holland St.

From the South:

Take I-95 north to I-93 North. Continue on I-93 for 20 miles. Take exit 29 RT-28 to Somerville / Everett and RT-38, go Northwest for 0.2 miles. Continue on Mystic Ave,RT-38 and go for 1.2 miles. Turn left on Harvard St and go for 0.6 miles. Harvard Street turns into Warner St for 0.2 miles. Turn right on Powder House Square and go through the rotary, towards Davis Square (college Ave.). Bear right on College Ave and go for 0.4 miles. Turn right on Holland St and go for 1000 feet to 169 Holland St.

From Davis Square, Somerville:

Go up Holland Street towards Teele Square (the only way you can go). 169 Holland Street will be on your right. If you're coming from the red line T stop ("Davis Square"), go towards the Holland Street exit. At the top of the escalators, go through the doors on your right. You are now on Holland Street, and you want to turn left and walk up Holland Street.


Directions to the Tufts Arena Annex

also known as "the little red shack"


Parking can be a problem - there is some public parking on Talbot, Latin Way and more on Professors' Row (parallel to Talbot even closer to Medford) at the tennis courts. That has always worked for me in a pinch. There is also a parking garage - up at/over the top of the hill, but I have never used it so can't give much info.

From points west:

Take Route 90 East to Route 95/128 North. Take the exit for Route 2 EAST and go for 6.5 miles. Bear left at sign reading "US-3 N / RT-16 E to Medford" and go for 500 feet. Follow the signs for Alewife Brook Pky,RT-16 and go for 0.8 miles. Turn right on Broadway, through Teele Square and to the Powderhouse Rotary. Enter the Rotary, and go around, taking the 4th right onto College Avenue. Follow directions below.

From points north:

Take I-93 South to exit 31, Route 16 East, towards Revere. Route 16 will intersect with Harvard St. Make a right onto Harvard St. Harvard Street will turn into Warner Street, which goes into Powderhouse Rotary. Take the 1st exit off the rotary to College Ave. Follow directions below.

From points south:

Take I-95 north to I-93 North. Continue on I-93 for 20 miles. Take exit 29 RT-28 to Somerville / Everett and RT-38, go Northwest for 0.2 miles. Continue on Mystic Ave,RT-38 and go for 1.2 miles. Turn left on Harvard St and go for 0.6 miles. Harvard Street turns into Warner St for 0.2 miles. Turn right on Powderhouse Square and take the first right onto College Avenue, towards Medford. Follow directions below.

From Davis Square and Powderhouse Rotary, walking, biking, or driving:

Go up College Ave. At Powderhouse Rotary, stay on College Ave (it's the 3rd exit off the rotary, and the soccer field should be on your left). Take a left onto Talbot Ave. At the end of the street, to the right, is the Campus Center, a brick building. On your left, directly across from that, is the Chemistry building. The Annex is the little red shack behind the Chemistry building. Note: There is a little red shack right next to the Chemistry building. This has signs on it that say "Do Not Enter". This is not the Arena Annex.


ARISIA, Incorporated
#322, Building 600
1 Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02139