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Mentor of ARISIA

Volume 13, Issue 104; February 2001

Volume 13, Issue 104 February 2001

Extra! Extra!

Be It Known The Following:

WHEREAS, it has been asserted that Proper Notice on a Vote of the Corporate Budget for Fiscal Year ’01 was not given in time for the 25 February 2001 Meeting, where the Membership Amended the Budget published in the November Issue of MENTOR OF ARISIA and then voted to Approve this Amended Budget; NOTICE IS GIVEN of a Vote to approve a Corporate Budget, as set forth in the ByLaws of ARISIA, Incorporated, Section 2.4, subsection (h). This Vote will Ratify or Rescind the Vote taken by the General Membership at the 25 February 2001 Meeting that approved the Budget. A copy of the budget, as amended, appears at the end of this issue of MENTOR OF ARISIA.





Minutes of the EBoard Meeting

08 January 2001

The EBoard met as scheduled at 8:20 PM in the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, Towers and Castle.

The Business before the EBoard is to approve last-minute changes to the Arisia ’01 Convention Budget and to render an opinion with regard to the Vericon Grant.

The EBoard has no objections to the Grant or the Recommendation of the Grant Committee – the EBoard sends this to the Membership for approval.

The Convention Committee has discovered places where it should have allocated money, but didn’t. The ConCom therefore asks for two new line items under Banquet, "LARP Dance" and "Gopher Hole," to be funded at $417 and $132 each. The EBoard approves this request.

The Convention Committee requests an additional $700 for the combined Meet The Pros / Art Show Reception. The EBoard approves this request.


Minutes of the February Meeting

Date, Time and Place: This General Meeting of the Membership was called to order at 4:35 PM on Sunday, 25 February 2001 in Room 168 of MIT Building 66 in Cambridge, MA.

In Attendance: Christopher Amshey, Drea Brandford, Traciy Fogarty, Colette Fozard, Brendan Hertel, Lisa Hertel, Claudia Mastroianni, Michelle McGuire, Skip Morris, Tom Murphy, Brendan Quinn, Paul Selkirk, Nicholas Shectman, Rachel Silber, Rachel Silverman, Carsten Turner, and Guest Linda Nee.

Cris Shuldiner to Traciy Fogarty, Ben Levy to Tom Murphy, Noel Rosenberg to Brendan Quinn, Jude Shabry to Brendan Quinn, and Walter Kahn to Drea Brandford.

No corrections to the Minutes of Previous Meetings were made.

I’ve got the final list to populate the committees.

Gaming Exploratory Committee: Buzz Harris
Grant Committee: Nicholas Shectman, Cris Shuldiner, Walter Kahn, Krista Ernewein
Budget Committee: Skip Morris, Elka Tovah Menkes, Derek Lichter, Noel Rosenberg, Woody Bernardi
Long Range Planning Committee: Brendan Quinn, Walter Kahn, Sheeri Kritzer, Noel Rosenberg, Cris Shuldiner
Corporate Inventory Control: Carsten Turner
Corporate Systems Administrator: Cris Shuldiner
The Tech Committee is not yet ready to be populated.

By means of a voice vote, the Membership does not contest the appointments.

The EBoard met and talked about a lot of things.

Several motions regarding setting a policy for handling Mail have been submitted. We are reporting them all out to the Membership with no specific recommendation.

We discussed controlling spending, and methods of insuring reporting of the use of ARISIA’s pre-deposited funds.

We discussed Storage Options: We can stay where we are for 3 or 4 times current cost, we can try to stay where we are and convince the landlords to cut us a break on rent in return for a tax break, we can find new warehouse space, we can find self-storage space. The EBoard believes that warehouse space is ideal for the next 1 or 2 years, as that will allow us work-space for various Tech and CIC projects.

Regarding a motion submitted to the EBoard regarding requiring Membership approval for Convention Guests who reside outside of the country, the EBoard reports negatively.

Regarding a motion submitted to the EBoard requiring the EBoard to return individual donations made to the Audit Fund, the EBoard reports that this motion is impossible to execute as written.

The Treasurer is researching whether or not our Sales Tax Exemption has expired, and needs renewal.

The EBoard returns a favorable recommendation on the proposed Grant to the Vassar NonHuman Student Organization.

The EBoard has authorized payment on a claim to Arisia ‘01’s "self-insurance." In addition, the EBoard charges the LRPC with developing coherent policy for continued self-insurance.

The Building that houses Storage has new keys. We have two, and will make more Real Soon Now, and distribute them.

The EBoard presents a motion regarding Loans:

MOVED to amend Corporate Policy, finance section:

Loans may be made to other nonprofit organizations with the approval of the EBoard or the Membership. No interest will be charged.

Discussion ensues. It is noted that IRS regulations restrict to whom we may loan money. One member wants to split the intent of the motion, allowing the EBoard to approve loans for emergent causes, while allowing the Grant Fund to make loans through the Grant Process in order to teach younger conventions / organizations fiscal responsibility.

MOVED TO AMEND by adding the following stipulations: a) The EBoard is limited to $1000 loan (to IRS Eligible Organizations); b) EBoard must get the sense of the Majority of the corporate membership (via email or other method) within a reasonable time (3 business days) as to approval / disapproval.


MOVED to TABLE to the Long Range Planning Committee.


Vericon was fun. I spoke with someone from Vassar College’s NSO about NonCon. Guess What . . . .

The NonCon Grant proposal was not published in time to consider, so the Chair opens a Committee of the Whole to discuss.

MOVED to give NonCon $1000 from the ARISIA General Fund.

Motion CARRIES unanimously.

MOVED to lend FRS Radios with the understanding that they take care of the Radios.

Motion CARRIES unanimously.

MOVED to purchase 10 memberships to Non-Con.

Discussion ensues. The price of the Memberships is $10.00 for a Volunteering Membership, and $15.00 for a standard Membership. This Convention will be held 2-4 March 200 at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie NY. The expenditure of this money on memberships is in addition to the $1000 already set aside for them.

MOVED TO AMEND that the Corporation will reimburse Corporate Members who buy Volunteer Memberships.



The Budget Committee has previously returned a budget, which was printed in the November Mentor. We present it in three portions:

MOVED to approve the Operational Expense Budget, as printed in the November MENTOR.


MOVED to approve the capital Equipment Budget, as printed in the November MENTOR.

MOVED TO AMEND the CIC Line Item by adding an additional $1000 (to $3000 total).



MOVED to approve the Corporate Income Budget, as printed in the November MENTOR.

MOVED TO AMEND by adding a line item, "Interest," with an amount of $1000



No Report

The Clerk ran through his usual spiel about signing in; that reports and motions should be submitted in writing or suffer the possibility of transcription errors; that major items of new business be presented to the EBoard for consideration before presentation to the Membership; and that dues for joining the Corporation were $14 at this meeting and $12 thereafter.

Elka reports that she has been getting positive feedback; the staff did a good job.

Not Present / No Report.

Not Present / No Report, but Colette is willing to throw the Arisia ’02 party at LunaCon. Paul is taking care of Flyers. There will be meetings Soon.

(Buzz Harris)

Not Present / No Report.

Not much. It’s cold out there, and cold in there, too.

Not Present / No Report.

(Brendan Quinn, Chair)

No Report.

The 2nd run on T-Shirts, made for orders we took At-Con, was completed and ready to mail.

Not Present / No Report.

Regarding the motion regarding Membership Approval for Out-Of-Country Guests of Honor to the ARISIA Convention (MENTOR OF ARISIA, Vol 13 Issue 102, page 4): Discussion ensued.

Motion FAILS.

Regarding the motion regarding the return of donations to the Audit Fund (MENTOR OF ARISIA, Vol 13 Issue 102, page 4): Discussion ensued.

MOVED TO AMEND by replacing the text of the motion with the following: "The Corporation refund audit fund donations to any individual who can make a credible claim of a past donation, at the end of the fiscal year all unclaimed funds will be transferred to the Grant Fund."

Motion to Amend CARRIES.

Motion FAILS.

Regarding the Motion to not accept Purchase Orders:

Discussion ensued. It was pointed out that professional Advertisements submitted for our Souvenir book are usually on the basis of a Purchase Order.

Motion FAILS.

Regarding the Motion to remove the existing business of the Long Range Planning Committee (to grant all Convention Chairpersons ("Conchairs") the official task of Troublemaking at all future ARISIA Conventions) from their table.


Regarding the Proposal for re-working the Databases, the Chair ruled that it was a motion, with the following sections: a) to create a Corporate Database Administrator; b) to appoint Tom Murphy as the CDBA; c) to create a Database Committee, d) to appoint Traciy Fogarty, Ben Levy, Tom Murphy, Paul Selkirk, Cris Shuldiner, and Rachel Silber to this committee; e) to allocate $1750 to purchase a Server; and f) to cause certain Technical Efforts to be executed (to wit, obtaining a routable IP address for the aforementioned Server).


MOVED to combine points a), c) & d) to one motion and to defer the rest of the Motion.

Motion FAILS.

MOVED to consider the points of the Motion individually.


In consideration of section a) of the motion:

Motion FAILS

Section b) of the motion is declared moot.

In consideration of section c) of the motion:

Motion CARRIES. The Committee is charged with exploring the needs of the Corporation with regards to its databases.

In consideration of section d) of the motion:

Motion CARRIES. The President appoints Rachel Silber as the Chair of the Committee.

In consideration of section e) of the motion:

Motion FAILS.

In consideration of section f) of the motion:

Motion FAILS.

Regarding the motion regarding setting Corporate Mail Policy:

The first motion was considered WITHDRAWN. The second motion FAILS. The third motion CARRIES.



MOVED to direct the Treasurer or the EBoard to cause an audit to occur within next 3 months or money will be returned to best of its ability and move into grant fund any unclaimed funds.


MOVED to set the following as dates for Meetings of the General Membership: Sunday, 18 March 01; Tuesday, 17 April 01; Sunday, 20 May 01; Wednesday 13 June 01; Times and Places all To Be Announced.


No Announcements

Meeting ADJOURNED at 7:33 PM.


Submitted In Time For The Next Meeting

These motions were submitted by EMail and will need to be seconded at the meeting at which they are brought forth as New Business.

  1. Moved that ALL keys handed out for Arisia storage be numbered on at least one side of the key with the following number scheme: Set Number.Key Number. For example: 1.1 would be set 1, key 1; 8.4 would be set 8, key 4
  2. Moved that the EBoard be required to maintain an actual sign out sheet for key sets so that we know who has keys and how many sets are out.
  3. Moved that the EBoard be required to take a $10 deposit per key set when handing out key sets to cover cost of replacing the key set if it is lost or never returned.
  4. MOVED that, The motion regarding the audit fund from the February meeting be known hereafter as the Audit Plan, AND, That the Audit Plan be amended, replacing, 'audit within 3 months' with 'have an audit by a qualified party firmly scheduled or begun within 3 months.'

The March Meeting will be held at the home of Lisa Hertel, concurrent with the NESFA "other" meeting, starting at 2:00 PM on Sunday, 18 March 2001. Directions follow.


To the Hertels:

Take I-93 or I-495 to Rte 133 East. Take a left at the first light after the Ramada Rolling Green Hotel (about 1 block east of I-93). #93 is a gray and yellow house on the right after the third right. If you take the commuter rail, call us from the station: 978-474-0105.

Please do not bring food to the Hertel household – they keep Kosher, and will be providing plenty. Also, there are cats in residence, please medicate accordingly.

Executive Board


Brendan Quinn

309 Lake Street

Waltham MA 02451

ARISIA 2001 ConChair

Elka Tovah Menkes

32 Park Street #1

Brookline MA 02446

Vice President

Nicholas Shectman

75 Lexington Avenue

Somerville MA 02144

ARISIA 2001 Treasurer

Woody Bernardi

164 Prince Street

Boston MA 02113-1034


Skip Morris

PO Box 542

Merrymack, NH 03054-0542

ARISIA 2002 ConChair

Noel Rosenberg

PO Box 464

Chelmsford MA 01824-0464


Tom "Merv" Murphy

Apt B 26 Lowden Avenue

Somerville MA 02144

ARISIA 2002 Treasurer



Committee Members & Corporate Appointed Officers

Corporate Systems Administrator

Cris Shuldiner

Budget Committee

Skip Morris

Corporate Inventory Control

Carsten Turner

Corporate Sales Officer

Nicholas Shectman

Long Range Planning Committee

Brendan Quinn

Cris Shuldiner

Grant Committee

Nicholas Shectman

Cris Shuldiner

Gaming Convention Exploratory

Buzz Harris

Survey Committee

Ben Levy

Database Exploratory Committee

Rachel Silber (chair)

Traciy Fogarty

Ben Levy

Tom Murphy

Paul Selkirk

Cris Shuldiner

Hotel Search Committee

Cris Shuldiner (chair)

Skip Morris

Buzz Harris

Brendan Quinn

Official Mermaid

The Manatee



Membership/Subscription Information

Subscription to Mentor of ARISIA is included with Corporate Membership to ARISIA, Incorporated. Membership runs from September 1st to August 31st and costs $24.00. Dues are pro-rated on a monthly basis for members joining during the year.
































Storage Facility Key Holders

Brendan Quinn

Nicholas Shectman

Skip Morris

Tom Murphy

Elka Tovah Menkes

Noel Rosenberg

Carsten Turner

Linda Nee

Sheeri Kritzer

‘Zanne Labonville



Membership Roster

Aaron Agassi

Derek Lichter

Chris Amshey

Claudia Mastroianni

Rob Bazemore

Patrick McCormack

Drea Brandford

Craig McDonough

Brian Cooper

Michelle McGuire

Tom Coveney

Elka Tovah Menkes

Adam Ek

Skip Morris

Ailsa Ek

Tom "Merv" Murphy

Marshall Ellis

Brendan Quinn

Tom Fish

Matthew F. Ringel

George Flynn

Mary Robison

Traciy Fogarty

Noel Rosenberg

Glen R. Goodwin

Matthew Saroff

Joel Herda

Paul Selkirk

Brendan Hertel

Jude Shabry

Lisa Hertel

Nicholas Shectman

Walter Kahn

Cris Shuldiner

Allan Kent

Rachel Silber

Sheeri Kritzer

Rachel Silverman

‘Zanne Labonville

Carsten Turner

Ben Levy

Pat Vandenberg


Calendar of Events

Friday through Sunday, 23-25 March 2001

Lunacon 2001

The Rye Town Hilton, Rye Brook NY

Friday through Sunday, 30 March – 01 April 2001

I-CON 20

SUNY – Stony Brook, Stony Brook NY

Friday through Sunday, 25-28 May 2001

Balticon 35

Baltimore Omni Inner Harbor Hotel, Baltimore MD


Proposed Overall Corporate Budget for FY'01 (As Amended):


Estimated Corporate Membership Income: $ 750.00

Convention Equipment Rental: 6500.00

Convention Budgeted Profit: 4065.00

Interest 1000.00

Total Estimated Income: $12315.00

Expenses and other outlays:

Corporate Operational Expenses:

Admin Expenses: ($ 300.00)

Treasury/Checks/Supplies: (200.00)

Treasury/Bank Fees (300.00)

CIC/Storage: (4200.00)

CIC/Supplies/Fixtures: (250.00)

Mentor: (150.00)

Legal: (300.00)

Food/Meetings&WorkCrew: (250.00)

Mailbox Services: (275.00)

PO Account Fees: (200.00)

PO Database Return Fees: (400.00)

Total Operating Expenses: ($ 6675.00)

Corporate Capital Equipment:

CIC/Dollys/Crates/Moving: ($ 3000.00)

Art Show Equipment: (500.00)

Tech Equipment: (2000.00)

Total: ($ 5500.00)

Grant Fund Transfers: (0.00)

Audit Fund Transfers: (0.00)

Snow Fund Transfers: (0.00)

Total Expenses and outlays: ($12175.00)

Net Income (loss): $ 240.00




ARISIA, Incorporated

#322, Building 600

1 Kendall Square

Cambridge, MA 02139