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Mentor of ARISIA

Volume 12, Issue 90 October 1999

Minutes of the October Meeting

Notes From The Clerk

Hello. My name is Merv, and I've been elected Corporate Clerk. That means I get to prepare MENTOR and mail it out to folks.

The Corporate year has come around, and that means that it's time to renew your Corporate Memberships by remitting this year's dues. Check the Corporate Membership Roster and your mailing label. If your name doesn't appear in the Roster, or your label says, Last Issue!, that means that I don't have a record of your renewal yet. If you know you've paid up, but don't see your name in the Roster or you have the message on your mailing label, let me know somehow ( works), but don't worry -- if we've got your Corporate dues, I'll know about it in time for the next issue of MENTOR. If not, take this opportunity to renew your membership now.

Remember that ARISIA wants you -- if you have a financial hardship this year, it is possible to Waive your Dues. Talk to an EBoard member for more information.

Thank you for your support. -- Merv

In Time For The Next Meeting

From Phi, Convention Treasurer:
I plan to present the following budget amendment at the November corporate meeting:


Old figure

New figure



$25 Registrations





Mass Mailer Printing



Hotel Engineering



Hotel Security



Big Event 1

(Echo's Children)



Small Event 1

(Fanzine Lounge)






Program Mailings



Program Packets



Total Income - Expenses





From El Supremo:

The next EBoard meeting will be held Tuesday, 09 November 1999 @ 19:30 at the offices of Concept Five Technologies.

Location: Concept Five Technologies, 25 Burlington Mall Road, Burlington, MA

Directions to Concept Five:

From points North/I93/Boston:

Take Rte128/I95S to Exit 33B (Rte 3A). At the end of the ramp, go straight through the lights and this will put you on Mall Road. Take your second left, and turn right into the parking lot. This is 25 Mall Road.

From Points South:

Take Rte128/I95N to Exit 33 (Rte 3 South). Turn right at the end of the ramp, and take your first right. Turn right on South Bedford Street at the next stop sign. Go under the bridge and take your first right. 25 Burlington Mall Road is on your left as you enter the parking lot. Pull around to the front entrance and park.

A map is at:

I will be waiting downstairs for folks. Please call (781) 229-5323 if you expect to be there after 19:45, so I can let you in.


Executive Board

Noel Rosenberg
PO Box 464
Chelmsford, MA 01824-0464
781 229-5323 (work)
Arisia 1999 Conchair
Cris Shuldiner
27 Varnum Street
Haverhill, MA 01832
978 521-7039
Vice President
Cris Shuldiner
27 Varnum Street
Haverhill, MA 01832
978 521-7039
Arisia 1999 Treasurer
Nicholas Shectman
75 Lexington Avenue
Somerville, MA 02144
Skip Morris
PO Box 542
Merrymack, NH 03054-0542
603 888 5567
Arisia 2000 Conchair
Paul Selkirk
112A Marblehead Street
North Reading, MA 01864
978 664-6365
Tom "Merv" Murphy
154 Amherst Road Apartment 12
Belchertown, MA 01007
ARISIA 2000 Treasurer
Nicholas Shectman
75 Lexington Avenue
Somerville, MA 02144

Committee Members & Corporate Appointed Officers

Corporate Systems Administrator
Cris Shuldiner
Corporate Inventory Control
Carsten Turner

Corporate Sales Officer

Awards Committee

Long Range Planning Committee

Hotel Search Committee
Grant Committee
Cris Shuldiner
Buzz Harris
Scott Campanella
Walter Kahn
Arisia Audit Fund
Ben Levy
Budget Committee
Skip Morris, Chair
Records Task Force
Evil HR Director
Niccolo Machiavelli

Membership/Subscription Information

Subscription to Mentor of ARISIA are included in Corporate Membership to ARISIA, Incorporated. Membership runs from September 1st to August 31st and costs $24.00. Dues are pro-rated on a monthly basis for members joining during the year.

September $24 March $12
October $22 April $10
November $20 May $08
December $18 June $06
January $16 July $04
February $14 August $02

Membership Roster

Aaron Agassi Patrick McCormack
Rob Bazemore Elka Tovah Menkes
Drea Brandford Skip Morris
Brian Cooper Ailsa Murphy
Adam Ek Tom "Merv" Murphy
Tom Fish Brendan Quinn
George Flyn Mary Robison
Glen R. Goodwin Noel Rosenberg
Lisa Hertel Matthew Saroff
Walter Kahn Paul Selkirk
Allan Kent Nicholas Shectman
'Zanne Labonville Cris Shuldiner
Ben Levy Pat Vandenberg

Calendar of Events

November 4-7, 1999
25th World Fantasy Convention Rhode Island Convention Center, Westin & Biltmore Hotels, Providence, RI

Monday, 08 November 1999, 7:00 PM
ARISIA '00 DivHeads Meeting, Location TBD

November 12-14
PhilCon ’99, Adams Mark Hotel, Philadelphia, PA

Thursday, 18 November 1999, 7:30 PM
ARISIA Corporate Meeting at the ARISIA Corporate Office and Storage Facility

Sunday, 26 November 1999 2:00 PM
ARISIA '00 ConCom Meeting at MIT Building 66

Sunday, 12 December 1999 2:00 PM
ARISIA '00 ConCom Meeting at MIT Building 66

Sunday, 19 December 1999, 2:00 PM
ARISIA Corporate Meeting at MIT Building 66.

Thursday, 30 December 1999 7:00 PM
ARISIA '00 ConCom Meeting, Location TBD

Sunday, 09 January 2000 2:00 PM
ARISIA '00 ConCom Meeting at MIT Building 66

Friday through Sunday, 14-16 January 2000
ARISIA '00, The Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Towers

Sunday, 16 January 2000, Time TBD
ARISIA Corporate Meeting at The Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Towers, Room To Be Announced.

Sunday, 23 January 2000 1:00 PM
ARISIA '00 Debriefing at a place TBD
NO, I still won't be the featured topic -- Merv

Friday through Sunday, 21-23 July 2000
Readercon 12, Burlington Marriott, Burlington MA

Friday through Sunday 18-20 February 2000
Boskone 37, Sheraton Framingham, Framingham MA

Treasurer's Preliminary Annual End-Of-Year Report and Budget Committee

Report/Budget Recommendations for FY2000.

Part 1: Assets

Cash (Corporate Acct) $ 5,843 $ 26,908

(Con Acct 1) $ 7,505

(Art Show Acct) $ 1,956

(Merchant Acct) $11,604

Grant Fund $ 880

Audit Fund $ 2,378

Cash (Convention #2 Acct) $ 6,872

Cash-on-Acct Balances $ 1,074

(Kinko’s) $ 100

(USPS-Bulk Mail) $ 750

(USPS-Return Svc) $ 184

(MailBoxEtc Copy Acct) $ 40


Part 2: (Presentation of) Motion to move $5,000.00 to Grant Fund


Part 3: FY99 Expenses & FY00 Corporation Operation Budget Recommendation

(Note: Recommendations are based solely upon prior expenses and expected expenses if corporate activities & policies remain the same. The Treasurer has not made any adjustments to recommendations based upon his opinion on what he feels Arisia *should* be doing. It is the Treasurer's expectation that the corporate members may decide to change some corporate policies or activities resulting in a change in budgets and expenses.)

Item FY99 Exp FY00 Recommendation

Admin $ 265 $ 300

Treasury/Supplies/Checks $ 263 $ 250

Treasury/Bank Fees $ 280 $ 300

CIC/Operations (moving mostly) $ 367 $ 200

CIC/Storage $4141 $4200

Mentor $ 79 $ 150

Legal $ 400 $ 300

Survey $ 96 $ 100

Food/Meetings & WorkCrew $ 194 $ 250

MailBox Services $ 240 $ 6325 $ 275 $ 6325


Part 4: FY99 Corporate Capital Expense Report & FY'00 Budget Recommendations

(Note: Same disclaimer applies here as above. However the FY'00 recommendation is based upon what each committee head has stated they wish to spend for the next year.)

Item FY99 Exp FY'00 Recommendation

CIC (Mostly art show dollys) $ 600 $ 1000

CIC (Fixtures for Office) $ 0 $ 250

Ops/Security (locks & chains) $ 141 $ 0

Art Show $ 512 $ 500

Tech - Moving $1650

Equipment 3475 $5125 $ 2000

Treasury (Cash Reg/Swipe Boxes) $ 372 $ 6150 $ 600 $ 4350



Part 5: A'01 FY00 Budget Recommendation:

(Note: Due to the difficulty of filling out yearly tax returns when the Convention records span multiple years, the Budget Committee is specifying that all budget motions for conventions will apply on a fiscal year basis. Each convention will therefor have two or three budgets over its lifetime.)

Admin & Misc $ 500

Program (mostly mailing fees) $1000

Publicity/Fannish Ads $1000

Publicity/Convention Parties $1000

Publicity/Mass Mailing $1000 $4500


Part 6: A'00 FY00 Budget previously published and submitted at this meeting for consideration

ARISIA, Incorporated
1 Kendall Square
PMB 322, Building 600
Cambridge, MA 02139

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