The Newsletter of Arisia, Incorporated — Number 135, Nov. 2004



Notice is given of a vote on the proposed Arisia '05 budget included in this Mentor.

Notice is also given of a time change.  The November 14 Corporate meeting will be at 5 pm, following the Con Com meeting which has moved to 2 pm.


Minutes of the October Meeting

The October meeting was called to order at MIT at 14:40 on 17 October 2004.


In attendance were:

Rick Kovalcik, Persis Thorndike, Conor Walsh, Noel Rosenberg, Jack Dietz, Nicholas 'phi' Shectman, Walter Kahn, Patrick McCormack, Pat Vandenberg, Tom Coveney, Buzz Harris, Carsten Turner, Claudia Mastroianni, Cris Shuldiner, Dave Belfer-Shevett


Proxies: Sheila Oranch to Persis Thorndike, Dave Belfer-Shevett to Jack Dietz, Skip Morris to Nicholas Shectman, Craig McDonough to Noel Rosenberg, Allan Kent to Pat Vandenberg, Regis Donovan to Claudia Mastroianni, Alex Latzko to Claudia Mastroianni, Elka Davidoff to Buzz Harris, Ben Levy to Buzz Harris, Tom Murphy to Cris Shuldiner, Walter Kahn to Tom Coveney


Corrections to Previous Minutes:  In the October Mentor, Grants and Timeline committee were omitted.  Pat M.'s last name is properly spelled McCormack.  The November meeting was incorrectly listed as 2 pm rather than 1 pm (this correction has been superseded--the next corporate meeting is now at 5 pm, with a concom at 2 pm).



President's report:  If you are interested in serving on corporate committees, please talk to Carsten, especially for the President's Honors Committee, for the purpose of honoring cool people who are part of Arisia or of fandom in general.

Vice president: No report.


Treasurer's report: Not present, no report.


Clerk: If anyone didn't get a Mentor 134 who should, please talk to Claudia or contact


Grant Committee: We need to figure out how bad the lack of money is and what to do about it.


Budget, Hotel Search, Timeline, Honors, Database, Long Range Planning, CIC: No reports.


Arisia '03: Not present, no report.


Arisia '04: Con chair, no report.

Treasurer:  Various nags have gotten no response from those who can do something about them.  Pat McCormack made a motion about Carsten's procrastinating friend that was withdrawn after Carsten said he would deal with getting the logistics truck reimbursement form in.


Arisia '05: Con chair: We're having a con.  The mass mailer is out, the art show and programming mailings soon will be. Online conversations happened about the budget, which was in mentor. A statement: Buzz "made the mistake of going on vacation" during the flurry of budget e-mail on which he has caught up.  People should feel free to talk to him or Cris about the subject directly or in meetings; The Vote is not the only place to give feedback about it.

Treasurer: Not present (arrived later).


Arisia '06: Con chair: Given recent discussion, the chair points out that he intends to invite a UK GoH, and a Canadian GoH, but no more than one UK guest and no guests from beyond North America + UK.



Old business:  No old business.


New business: 

Pat M: Proposes a document of general convention policies, for budget preparation and spending; we're bad at communicating knowledge dumps, and institutional memory... isn't.  We forget and make the same mistakes again.  Unless it's in writing, it doesn't have any force.  The corporation exists to be the fiscally responsible body for the convention, because each con doesn't care about the next.  Since we're the overarching body, we need to pass on information and present guidelines.  So we need documented guidelines.

The motion:  "The corporate budget committee will prepare a draft policy document that explains to the concom how to budget properly."

Pat V. seconds.

Rick objects to consideration.  9 in favor of the objection, six opposed; the objection fails (2/3 required).

Pat M. addressing the objection: This is not a motion to do anything but instruct the budget committee to start thinking about this.

After some discussion, Pat M. offers to split the motion, and Cris seconds:

1) The budget committee should draw up a standard form all our budgets should be written in.

2) The timeline committee should be instructed to include fiscal guidelines for how staff should run their departments.

Discussion on part 1, which is reworded to:

1) The budget committee should draw up standard budgeting practices and guidelines all our budgets should adhere to.

The question is called on the first part of this proposal.

17 in favor, 1 opposed, 3 abstensions. Motion passes.

Part 2: Rick asks to call the question, phi seconds.

No commentary.

16 in favor, 0 opposed. Motion passes.


Pat M. begins to offer a second motion. Carsten asks how many motions. 4 remain. Carsten calls a brief adjournment.

Meeting returns to order.


Pat M.: Moved: To set as corporate policy that the con shall not set single-event memberships.

Cris seconds.

Pat's explanation: Masq-only memberships, Dresden Dolls-only, art show-only. This question always comes up, and we should make an official policy.

Dave Belfer-Shevett suggests changing "event" to "function" for clarity. Done.

The question is called:

8 in favor, 8 opposed.

Presiden'ts vote: in favor, but asks Pat M. to write a line about the intent of it to be included in Mentor.


Pat M.: Moved: To set as Corporation policy that, starting with Arisia '05, the Art Show use the following procedure to deal with art that was succesfully bid for but not collected, even if a member of the Art Show staff knows the bidder:

1. Immediately contact the artist to explain the situation. The artist may choose to have the art immediately returned or have us try to complete the sale.

2. If requested, we will try to complete the sale for a period not to exceed 6 weeks.

3. After 6 weeks, or as soon as it is clear that the sale cannot be completed with available information, the art be immediately returned to the artist.

4. The Art Show will keep a log of any bidder who does not complete a sale at the end of the Art Show. If the sale is never completed, that person will be barred from bidding for 1 year. Any bidder who fails to complete sales by the close of the con, even if the sales are completed after the con, at 2 consecutive cons will be barred for bidding for 1 year.

Pat M: We have a policy, we should stick with it.

After further discussion, Rick moves to table the motion to timeline committee, to report back after Arisia '05. phi seconds.

Passes on a voice vote.


Pat M.: Moved: To set as corporate policy that Reg shall not spontaneously refund money to preregistrants who send too mucn money. Refunds shall be given to those who discover their own mistakes and ask us to refund their money.

Dave: Was this a problem?

Pat M.: Yes, this was a problem in December, when people send in extra money in case it arrives late. Bryt decided to have me mail them refunds.

After brief discussion, the question is called:

In favor, 4; opposed, 16. Motion fails.


Skip's modified motion, which went to the corporate list the morning of the meeting:

Moved to modify Arisia Fiscal Policy by adding:

IX. The convention budget shall contain expense line items for funds disbursed by the corporate whose primary purpose is support of the convention (ie, Storage, etc.)

X. The convention budget shall include the expected value of hotel comp rooms nights received, as well as the value of hotel rooms used by the convention. Funds received from sale of unneeded hotel comp rooms shall be reported as income; unused and unsold comps shall be reported as an offsetting expense.

XI. The convention shall sell unneeded hotel comp rooms to Arisia Staff at a five percent discount. Individuals renting such rooms, or where any person's room is billed to the Hotel Master Account must first pay for their rooms at Arisia Sales before being given a room key.

a. This does not apply to Guests-of-Honor or other persons whose rooming expenses are included in the convention budget. nor does it apply to individuals using rooms designated for convention functions where the space is temporarily not being used for it's primary purpose (ie, crash space). Any use of convention function rooms for crash space must not interfere with the primary purpose of such rooms.

phi seconds.

Rick: point of personal privilege: "5 percent of what?" 5 percnet off the rate posted on our website? or something.

phi channels Skip. His intent, imagining that hotel tax is 10 percent and the hotel room is 100, the intent is to pay 104.90.

Rick suggests "the amount listed in the hotel contract not including any tax", in other words.

phi seconds the amendment.

Carsten wants to table it. Moved and seconded.

16 in favor of tabling, 4 opposed. The motion is tabled.


There was a brief adjournment in preparation for budget discussion.  Meeting called to order.


Cris put forward the proposed '05 budget that appeared in Mentor 134.  Noel seconded it.

Carsten: Any discussion before we table it in accordance with the bylaws? (For lack of 12 days' notice.)

Much discussion ensued, touching on the one-time hotel rebates we got because of the date change; parties at other cons; paid security details; insurance; tech budget; Sunday Sundae; large print and Braille pocket programs; Ops cell phones; Fast Track; GoH travel; logistics labor budget; tips; con chair contingency fund; fireproof drape; art show payments and commissions; treasury credit card fees; the price of comped memberships; Internet Room; Massage Den.

Pat M.: Moved: To amend the budget by striking massage den.

Dies for lack of second.

Further discussion on art show reception; estimates of future membership sales; budgeting philosophy.

Noel moves to cut off debate on the budget.  (So the November debate is a mere yea/nay.) Seconded.

An objection to consideration is seconded.

In favor of objection to consideration: 10, opposed: 2. Objection succeeds, motion is dropped.

Rick moves to table the budget to the next corporate meeting, November 14 at 1 pm.

Noel says that it's tabled by the bylaws.

Conor: Can we move the concom meeting later?

Cris: Is there any way to swap the meetings so I can attend the Corporate meeting in November?

Buzz is cool with that, but hopes this doesn't mean 2 more hours of discussion.

Rick suggests 5 pm on the 14th for the corporate meeting and the concom at 2 pm on the 14th.

Cris: Moved: To move the corp meeeting on Nov. 14 to 5 pm.

Passed by acclamation.

Pat V: Let's discuss ahead of time on the mailing list rather than inch-by-inch scrutiny at the meeting.

Rick: I really feel the concom meeting is the place for the close scrutiny. I agreed with the intent of Noel's motion and hope it's quick, but didn't want to block any emergency considerations.

Phi: Please talk with the con treasurer before taking your area's budget questions to a wider audience.

Buzz:  Feel free to talk to me about this stuff.


Before adjournment, there was a bit of discussion about the benefits of hashing things out in e-mail and of debating things at corporate meetings.  Some people favor each, both, and neither (leave it to con com).


Future meetings:

Rick moved to set the January meeting on the Sunday of Arisia, subject to con scheduling concerns. Passed by acclamation.

November Corporate Meeting:

14 November 2004, 17:00, MIT building 66. TIME CHANGE.

December Corporate Meeting:

14 December 2004, 19:00, at the home of Rick Kovalcik.

19 Chesley Road, Newton Centre, MA   02459-1903                    1-617-244-4560 (home)                                                              1-508-259-6819 (cell) et. al.                                                                         

By car, take the Mass Pike to exit 17 (Newton Corner).  Follow signs to Newton Centre which will put you on Centre St.  (When coming off the Mass Pike heading east from route 128, stay to the right.  Centre St. will be the first street on the right.  When coming off the Pike heading west from Boston, go 3/4 of the way around the "circle" around the hotel over the Pike.)  Continue on Centre St. for 2 miles to Newton Centre.  Immediately after the large parking lot on left, turn left onto Beacon St.

*Go 2 blocks and turn left onto Chesley Rd. just after Murray's                             Liquors and Motophoto on the left.  If you pass a Gulf Station, US Post Office, and West Coast Video on the right, you have gone too far.  Our house, a gray colonial with white and red trim, is the fourth house on the left.  You must park on the right hand side of the street facing in the direction of travel OR YOU MAY BE TICKETED.  Alternatively, you may park in the driveway to the right of the house as you are facing it.

Or, take Route 9 to Centre St.  Take Centre St. 1 mile to Newton                            Centre.  Immediately after yield / merge and before the large parking lot, turn right onto Beacon St.  Continue from "*" above.

By MBTA, take the Riverside (D) Branch of the Green Line to the Newton Centre stop.  Go upstairs and turn right onto Union St.  Go 3 blocks crossing Langley Rd. and Beacon St.  Union St. turns into Chesley Rd.

Our house, a gray colonial with white and red trim, is the fourth house on the left after crossing Beacon St.

January Corporate Meeting:

23 January 2005; see Arisia program for place and time.


The President wishes to remind everyone that there are many open committee positions. Talk to him if you want a committee appointment.

Meeting adjourned.


Notice is given of a vote on the proposed Arisia '05 budget included in this Mentor.

EBoard Meeting

EBoard met 14 October 2004, 19:00, at Wainwright Bank, Central Square, Cambridge, MA.

Attending:  Carsten Turner, Rick Kovalcik, Alex Latzko, Claudia Mastroianni, Nicholas Shectman, Buzz Harris, Noel Rosenberg, Aileen Boyle Latzko

Patrick McCormack asked whether he was ever properly appointed. The consensus is yes, around the end-of-summer '03 meeting. The Clerk is seeking records of this.


Membership/Subscription Information

Subscription to Mentor of Arisia is included with Corporate Membership to Arisia, Incorporated.  Membership runs from September 1st to August 31st and costs $24.  Dues are prorated on a monthly basis for members joining during the year.


























Executive Board



Carsten Turner

Building 600, PMB 322

1 Kendall Square

Cambridge, MA 02139

Arisia 2004 Conchair

Carsten Turner

Vice President

Rick Kovalcik (RKOV)

19 Chesley Road

Newton Centre, MA  02459

Arisia 2004 Treasurer

Patrick McCormick


Alex Latzko

82 Cliff Road

Milton, MA 02186-1750

Arisia 2005 Conchair

Buzz Harris

Building 600, PMB 322

1 Kendall Square

Cambridge, MA 02139


Claudia Mastroianni

17 Creighton Street

Cambridge, MA 02140

Arisia 2005 Treasurer

Cris Shuldiner

Arisia 2003 Conchair

Skip Morris

PO Box 542

Merrymack, NH  03054-0542

Arisia 2006 Conchair

Nicholas Shectman

75 Lexington Avenue

Somerville, MA 02144

Arisia 2003 Treasurer

Alex Latzko

82 Cliff Rd

Milton MA 02186




Storage Facility Key Holders


#1 Joel Herda

#7 Alex Latzko

#2 Rick Kovalcik

#8 Lisa Hertel

#3 Skip Morris

#9 Buzz Harris

#4 Carsten Turner

#10 *hobbit*

#5 Claudia Mastroianni

#11 Landlord

#6 Nicholas “phi” Shectman




Committee Members & Corporate Appointed Officers

Budget Committee

Alex Latzko (chair)

Cris Shuldiner

Pat McCormack

Rick Kovalcik

Technical Equipment Committee

Joel Herda (chair)

Liz Orenstein

Alan Walker (Hobbit)

Corporate Inventory Control

Skip Morris

Rick Kovalcik

Survey Committee

Pat Vandenberg

Corporate Systems Administrator

Cris Shuldiner

Corporate Sales Officer

Lisa Hertel

Long Range Planning Committee

Bridget Boyle (chair)

Rick Kovalcik

President's Honors Committee

Carsten Turner

Noel Rosenberg

Joel Herda

Grants Committee

Rick Kovalcik (chair)

Noel Rosenberg

Walter Kahn

Hotel Search Committee

Tom Coveney

Ben Levy

Timeline Committee

Noel Rosenberg


Membership Roster

Rob Bazemore

Dave Belfer-Shevett

Bridget Boyle

Brian Cooper

Tom Coveney

Elka Davidoff

Jack Dietz

Regis Donovan

Thomas Fish

Colette Fozard

Buzz Harris

Joel Herda

Brendan Hertel

Lisa Hertel

Jeanne Kahn

Walter Kahn

Allan Kent

Rick Kovalcik

Alex Latzko

Ben Levy

Claudia Mastroianni

Pat McCormack

Skip Morris

Tom "Merv" Murphy

Pam Ochs

Sheila Oranch

Mary Robison

Noel Rosenberg

Matthew Saroff

Melina Schlotthauer

Paul Selkirk

Nicholas "phi" Shectman

Cris Shuldiner

Rachel Silber

Pete Thomas

Persis Thorndike

Carsten Turner

Pat Vandenberg

Al Walker (*Hobbit*)

Conor Walsh









ARISIA, Incorporated

Building 600, PMB 322

1 Kendall Square

Cambridge, MA 02139



Version 2      
Registration Income Items A'05 Budget    
Comped memberships 250 @ 8 From Arisia 04 $2,000.00
Pre-Registrations At A04 170 @ $30 $4,250.00  
Pre-Registrations before  8/31/04 + parties 260 @ $30 $7,800.00  
Pre-Registrations 9/1/04 - 11/30/04 210 @ $40 $8,400.00  
Pre-Registrations 12/1/04 - Convention 15 @ $50 $750.00
Pre-Registrations: Rollup     $21,200.00
At Con Registrations Full Weekend - 540 @ $50 $27,000.00  
At Con Registrations Friday - 5 @ $20 $100.00  
At Con Registrations Saturday - 270 @ $35 $9,450.00  
At Con Registrations Sunday - 25 @ $20 $500.00  
At Con Registrations Student - 75 @ $40 $3,000.00
At Con Registrations: Rollup     $40,050.00
Babysitting Memberships At A04 2 @ $30 $60.00  
Babysitting Memberships before  8/31/04 + parties 10 @ $30 $300.00  
Babysitting Memberships 9/1/04 - 11/30/04 10 @ $40 $400.00  
Babysitting Memberships 12/1/04 - Convention 5 @ $50 $250.00
Babysitting Memberships: Rollup     $1,010.00
Registration Income:  Subtotal       $64,260.00
Other Income   A'05 Budget
Advertising   $300.00
Art Show Space Fees (Budget 80 units @$20) $1,600.00
Art Show Mail-in, Print Shop, Misc. Fees $400.00
Art Show Commissions $500.00  
Art Show Grant Fund Auction  $0.00  
Art Show: Rollup     $2,500.00
Dealers Dealer Room (Budget 44 @$100) $4,400.00  
Dealers Dealer Row (Budget 34 @$100.) $3,400.00
Dealers: Rollup     $7,800.00
Sunday Sundae  250 tickets @ $4   $1,000.00
Donations Money for Table Tents - Elka $100.00  
Donations: Rollup     $100.00
Hotel: Comp Rooms Sold     $0.00
Other Income subtotal     $11,700.00  
Corporation Chargebacks   A'05 Budget
Student Art Contest Prizes   $500.00
NCOA     $70.00
Corporation Chargebacks subtotal       $570.00
INCOME TOTAL       $76,530.00
Corporate    A'05 Budget
Corporate expenses (Storage, etc)     $8,000.00
Corporate Expenses subtotal       $8,000.00
ConChair   A'05 Budget
Meeting/Work Session Food      $600.00
Volunteer Liason     $50.00
Contingency Fund      $4,000.00
ConChair subtotal       $4,650.00
Guests of Honor Expenses   A'05 Budget
Postage     $25.00
Writer GoH Travel   $1,100.00
Writer GoH Food   $250.00
Artist GoH Travel   $5,000.00
Artist GoH Food   $250.00
Artist GoH Shipping   $750.00
Fan GoH Travel   $800.00
Fan GoH Food   $250.00
Media Special Guest  Travel   $825.00
Media Special Guest  Travel Change Fees   $290.00
Hidden Frontier Special Guest  Travel   $250.00
Hospitality Gifts   $150.00
GoH Saturday Night Dinner      $500.00
Guests of Honor subtotal       $10,440.00
Treasury Items A'05 Budget
Admin     $50.00
Bank Fees     $0.00
Credit Card Fees     $1,000.00
Treasury Office @ Con   $375.00
Payroll Processing: Babysitting     $75.00
Legal Expenses: Babysitting, etc.     $100.00
Insurance: Property     $0.00
Insurance: Liability  $1 million General Commercial Liability   $700.00
NCOA on Mailing List   $70.00
250 comped memberships to A'06 @$8 250 @$8   $2,000.00
Refunds Preregs   $80.00
Treasury subtotal       $4,450.00
Marketing Items A'05 Budget
Postage     $150.00
Campus Marketing Program     $250.00
Advertising Advertising   $200.00
Flyers Flyers   $300.00
Parties Lunacon Party $175.00  
Parties Balticon Party $325.00  
Parties Worldcon Party $600.00  
Parties Philcon Party $250.00  
Parties: Rollup     $1,350.00
Press Kits     $50.00
Marketing subtotal       $2,300.00
Hotel Items A'05 Budget
Corkage   $500.00  
  Corkage Rebate ($500.00) $0.00
Electricity   $400.00  
  Electricity Rebate ($400.00) $0.00
TV Line to Terrace Room     $150.00
Phone Lines   $400.00  
  Phone Charge Rebate ($400.00) $0.00
Furniture removal charges     $0.00
Tips Misc Tips $800.00  
Tips: Rollup     $800.00
Tables Rental  Interstate Rentals $820.00 $820.00
Keys/Recoring Charges   $200.00  
  Lock Recoring Rebate ($200.00) $0.00
Hotel subtotal       $1,770.00
Hotel Banquet Services Items A'05 Budget
Sunday Sundae plates, silverware, etc.   $250.00  
Sunday Sundae: Ice Cream   $750.00 $1,000.00
Artist & Pros Reception     $1,500.00
Filking     $400.00
Period Dance      $200.00
Masquerade Green Room     $250.00
Gopher Hole     $200.00
Fast Track     $200.00
Ice     $200.00
Banquet Rebate     ($3,200.00)
Hotel Banquet Services subtotal       $750.00
Operations Items A'05 Budget
Cell Phones, Pagers, etc.     $200.00
Ops Desk Supplies $100.00  
Ops Desk: Rollup     $100.00
Info Desk     $100.00
Sign Shop     $250.00
Gopher Hole     $50.00
Ribbons     $350.00
T-Shirts     $1,500.00
Logisitics Truck Rental $750.00  
Logisitics Load-in Crew (labor Ready) $250.00  
Logisitics Load-out Crew (labor Ready) $500.00  
Logisitics Food $250.00  
Logisitics: Rollup     $1,750.00
Security Forms, First Aid, Supplies   $150.00
Operations subtotal       $4,450.00
Member Services Items A'05 Budget
Massage Den Lotion $100.00  
Massage Den Supplies $40.00  
Massage Den: Rollup     $140.00
Chips for all food areas Frito Lay chips   $450.00
Soda for all food areas Coca Cola order   $1,100.00
Consuite Food $1,000.00  
Consuite Supplies $100.00  
Consuite Valet tips $20.00  
Consuite: Rollup     $1,120.00
Green Room Food $1,000.00  
Green Room Supplies $50.00  
Green Room: Rollup     $1,050.00
Staff Den Food $1,400.00  
Staff Den Supplies $50.00  
Staff Den: Rollup     $1,450.00
Internet Room   $400.00  
  Internet Room Rebate ($400.00) $0.00
ASL Signers      $1,000.00
Party Czar: Party Seed     $200.00
Babysitting Pagers $0.00  
Babysitting Supplies $50.00  
Babysitting Salaries $1,500.00  
Babysitting Food $50.00  
Babysitting Payroll Taxes $75.00  
Babysitting Programming $75.00  
Babysitting: Rollup     $1,750.00
Load-in & Staff Party Supplies     $100.00
Registration Postage $10.00  
Registration Ack Postcards $100.00  
Registration Badges $500.00  
Registration Forms $200.00  
Registration: Rollup     $810.00
Member Services subtotal       $9,170.00
Exhibits   A'05 Budget
Admin     $50.00
Art Show Light bulbs $50.00  
Art Show Misc Supplies $15.00  
Art Show Forms $200.00  
Art Show Mailer Copying $1,500.00  
Art Show Mailing Postage $70.00  
Art Show Return Shipping $0.00  
Art Show Ribbons $200.00  
Art Show: Rollup     $2,035.00
Student Art Contest Mailer Copying $200.00      
Student Art Contest Shipping $0.00      
Student Art Contest Postage $100.00      
Student Art Contest Prizes ($250/$150/$100) $500.00      
Student Art Contest: Rollup     $800.00    
Video Theater Equipment ($100 donation to BSFS) $100.00  
Video Theater MPLC Umbrella License $400.00  
Video Theater Rentals $0.00  
Video Theater: Rollup     $500.00
ASCAP/BMI Fees     $275.00
Anime Theater ($250 - $250 to Tables Rental)      $0.00
Films Rentals $2,100.00  
Films Shipping $500.00      
Films 35mm Projector rental $1,000.00      
Films: Rollup     $3,600.00
Exhibits subtotal       $7,260.00
Events Items A'05 Budget
Big Event 1:      $500.00
Big Event 2     $500.00
Small Event 1: Rocky Horror     $100.00
Small Event 2: Friday Night Dance     $100.00
Small Event 3: Club Dance DJ     $100.00
Small Event 4: Dr Who Costume Challenge     $250.00
Masquerade Ribbons $100.00  
Masquerade Copying $200.00  
Masquerade: Rollup     $300.00
Con Photographer     $50.00
Arisia TV Tape Stock   $100.00
Technical Supplies $50.00  
Technical ClearCom $150.00  
Technical Lighting $950.00  
Technical Sound $100.00  
Technical Food for Setup $250.00  
Technical: Rollup     $1,500.00
Events subtotal       $3,500.00
Programming Items A'05 Budget
Phone calls and copying   $100.00
Mailer  Copying $600.00  
Mailer  Postage $500.00  
Mailer  Supplies $100.00  
Mailer: Rollup     $1,200.00
Thank You Notes     $100.00
Program Packets Copying $75.00  
Program Packets Postage $75.00  
Program Packets Supplies $50.00  
Program Packets: Rollup     $200.00
Large Print Program Grid     $50.00
LARP     $100.00
Fast Track Arts/Crafts Supplies $250.00
Program Ops     $150.00
Table Tents     $100.00
Program AV     $150.00
Programming subtotal       $2,400.00
Publications   A'05 Budget
Admin   $50.00
Mass Mailer Copying $1,000.00  
Mass Mailer Postage $500.00  
Mass Mailer: Rollup     $1,500.00
Prereg Packet Copying  $300.00  
Prereg Packet Postage $400.00  
Prereg Packet: Rollup     $700.00
At Con Newsletter     $450.00
Program Grid     $700.00
Pocket Program Regular $2,500.00  
Pocket Program Large Print $0.00  
Pocket Program Braille $0.00  
Pocket Program: Rollup     $2,500.00
Souvenir Book     $3,100.00
Restaurant Guide Regular   $0.00
Restaurant Guide Large Print   $0.00
Publications subtotal       $9,000.00
EXPENSES TOTAL       $68,140.00
Totals   A'05 Budget
Total Income       $76,530.00
Total Expenses       $68,140.00
Net Income (Loss)       $8,390.00
Changes from version 1
Note: to simplify things somewhat I have removed certain items that are exactly ofsetting cost and income items.
I have done so in cases where there will be no impact in the future.  For example: Sales tax on artshow sales.  
Since it does not matter how much art we sell or if we even sell art, as these numbers MUST always offset.   
On the other hand, items that we are getting hotel rebates for, will be cost items in the future, so I have left them
in.  I have also left in corporate chargebacks for now.
I have also removed some 0 cost items and left others.  Ones that I think are more likely to come back in the
 future I have left in.
Added a version number - version 1 was printed in the Mentor sent out at the start of October
Removed Artshow Sales Tax, and Artshow Net Artist Sales from Income and costs
Added $500 to Artshow Comission under income
Increased Change fee for Special Media Guest to $290 to reflect reality.
Increased Marketing Postage Budget to $150 from $40
Increased Marketing Fliers Budget to $200 from $100
Reduced Registration Badges from $1500 to $500
Removed Artshow Fireproof Drape from Costs
Removed Artshow Purchase of Copier and Supplies from costs
Removed Films Organist from costs - $300
Removed Junkyard/Robot Wars from events - $250
Moved Period Dance Decoration under small event 2 - $100
Moved Club Dance DJ under small event 3 - $100
Converted small event 4 to Dr. Who Alien Costume Challenge
Reduced Fast Track from $450 to $250