The Newsletter of Arisia, Incorporated Number 134, October 2004

Minutes of the September Meeting


The September meeting was called to order at MIT at 14:45 on 19 September 2004.


In attendance were:

Bridget Boyle, Paul Selkirk, Buzz Harris, Lisa Hertel, Tom Coveney, Ariell XX, Tom 'Merv' Murphy, Claudia Mastroianni, Skip Morris, Ben Levy, Pat McCormick, Alan Kent, Pat Vanderberg, Nicholas Shectman, Rachel Silber, Ann Catellia, Joel Lord XX, Carsten Turner, Connor Walsh, Rick Kovalcik, Alex Latzko, Joel Herda


Proxies: Elka Davidoff to Rachel Silber, Noel Rosenberg to Buzz Harris, Regis Donovan to Claudia Mastroianni


The meeting began with remembrances by Merv and Lisa and a moment of silence for George Flynn.




President's report: There was a quiet summer aside from the migration of the convention. The contract with the hotel has been modified and signed, summarized in Skip's part of the Arisia '05 report.


Vice president: No report


Treasurer's report: Incorporated by reference


Clerk: No report


Long-Range Planning Committee: No report


Grant Committee: No report


Budget Committee: No report

Hotel Search Committee: No report


CIC: Storage has new locks and may be expanding; we may switch to a new door that is exclusively ours.

Someone borrowed equipment and it was returned damaged.

Storage was emptied and refilled.

Carol Salemi would like her dummies back.


Timeline Committee: A first pass has been made. Output so far is 14 pages of spreadsheets. A first draft for public consumption is close.


Honors Committee: No report


Database Committee report: The committee has not met, and my question to its members got only one response. Based on the recent use of Congo, and based on other parts of Arisia doing their own thing, I think it ought to be dissolved

Carsten: what are the other larger parts of the database question?

Answer: Corporate memberships, art show database, hotel resume, art show sales, corporate inventory, programming contacts and scheduling.


Arisia 03

Chair: No report

Treasurer: The audit is being finalized.


Arisia 04

Chair: No report

Treasurer: No new progress. General comments:

Arisia is a bunch of flakes. We do so many things wrong, from spending money on idiotic things to not delivering films back on time.

The corporation's big job is to oversee the convention, and we don't. Its about time the corporation starts sending rules down. I'm not talking micromanagement; we need to send some broad general guidelines.

I felt when I was appointed, it was though after the Titanic had stuck the iceberg, and it was my job to get as many boats away as possible.


Arisia 04.5

phi: Thanks to all who worked on the party (about three dozen). More than 500 people attended the party. We sold 44 memberships and a number of dealerships, and signed up Bob Eggelton to go to Art Show.

There was lots of positive feedback. Forty people showed for Sunday Sundae at 05:00.

There was a gripe at the 05:45 gripe session; the gripe was, "too long between news letters!"

Cost was approx $400. The room and soda was free. If you look at memberships and maybe art slots, we cleared at least $800, probably $1K.

Cartsten: do you think this party mode is portable?

phi would prefer not to repeat party formats too often, but has other ideas for future parties.


Arisia 05

Chair: Buzz got married to Noel.

All senior staff positons at DivHead level are filled. Most of the senior staff positions below that are filled.

Shift in date: thanks to Skip for beating up the hotel on the contract.

All GOH are able to attend at revised date.

Skip presented hotel details. Total value at our count is close to $30K (18K to staff/attendees, 12K to budget); hotel thinks it's closer to $40K:

* we get 15th floor inclding towers lounge at regular con rates

* current rates extended to A06

*- three additional comp suites A05/A06

*- $5K in credits to the A05 master bill. (Corkage, Electric F&B): real money

* dates for 06 are nailed in stone

The mass mailer is going out earlier than in the recent past, to prevent the need for date-change post cards.

Treasurer (CWS not presant): Buzz proxy. Expenses for corporation to the tune of ~$9K as expenses. Final verison of the budget for the October corporate meeting. [see below]


Arisia 06

Chair: I would like to do a couple of big theme parties. Galaxicon, is giving us a free suite. I think themes should be repeated every 10 years or so. There will be a party at the 2005 worldcon.

Looks like we'll be in the BPP on the 13th - 15th of Janauary 2006.

Old business: No old business.


New business:

Rick: N4 may have some stuff to potentially donate, if it doesn't sell in a month. Skip thinks a swap of hardware for money might be worth doing. This will be considered at the time of any offer.

Skip: Motion to authorize repair of damaged items left in Arisia storage and used by unknown unauthorized persons, up to a limit of $500. Lisa seconds.

A further motion to pass the matter to the EBoard. A Yea vote commits it to the EBoard; a Nay vote keeps it on the floor. Motion passes.

Merv: Did this happen before the key change? Who does have keys? Do we have an agreement between persons storing personal equipment and the corporation?

Lisa: Let someone into storage, will pass along info privately.


Elections: Speeches limited to two minutes.

21 voting members.

Candidates for president: Joell and Carsten.

Carsten wins, 12 to 9

Candidates for vice-president: Rick and Joell.

Rick wins, 15 to 6

Candidates for treasurer: Alex and Merv

Alex wins, 20 to 1

Candidates for clerk: Skip, Lisa and Claudia

First round: Lisa: 5; Skip: 9; Claudia: 7

Runoff: Claudia wins, 11 to 10


Point of order: Setting default meeting coordinates.

Carsten moves to set the default time and place to the third Sunday of the month, 14:00, MIT building 66, close to room #156.

Motion carries.

Committee of the whole discussed good dates for the December meeting.


Future meetings:


October Corporate Meeting:

17 October 2004, 14:00, MIT building 66

November Corporate Meeting:

14 November 2004, 14:00, MIT building 66

December Corporate Meeting:

14 December 2004, 19:00, at the home of Rick Kovalcik.

19 Chesley Road, Newton Centre, MA 02459-1903 1-617-244-4560 (home) 1-508-259-6819 (cell) et. al.

By car, take the Mass Pike to exit 17 (Newton Corner). Follow signs to Newton Centre which will put you on Centre St. (When coming off the Mass Pike heading east from route 128, stay to the right. Centre St. will be the first street on the right. When coming off the Pike heading west from Boston, go 3/4 of the way around the "circle" around the hotel over the Pike.) Continue on Centre St. for 2 miles to Newton Centre. Immediately after the large parking lot on left, turn left onto Beacon St.

*Go 2 blocks and turn left onto Chesley Rd. just after Murray's Liquors and Motophoto on the left. If you pass a Gulf Station, US Post Office, and West Coast Video on the right, you have gone too far. Our house, a gray colonial with white and red trim, is the fourth house on the left. You must park on the right hand side of the street facing in the direction of travel OR YOU MAY BE TICKETED. Alternatively, you may park in the driveway to the right of the house as you are facing it.

Or, take Route 9 to Centre St. Take Centre St. 1 mile to Newton Centre. Immediately after yield / merge and before the large parking lot, turn right onto Beacon St. Continue from "*" above.

By MBTA, take the Riverside (D) Branch of the Green Line to the Newton Centre stop. Go upstairs and turn right onto Union St. Go 3 blocks crossing Langley Rd. and Beacon St. Union St. turns into Chesley Rd.

Our house, a gray colonial with white and red trim, is the fourth house on the left after crossing Beacon St.


All outgoing committee members please submit a brief report to

The Long-Range Planning Committee is reconstituted.

Meeting adjourned 17:00

EBoard Meeting

EBoard met 26 September 2004, 18:00, at Claudia's place, Cambridge, MA.

Attending: Carsten Turner, Rick Kovalcik, Alex Latzko, Claudia Mastroianni, Nicholas Shectman, Bridget Boyle, Aileen Boyle Latzko

The EBoard approves in principle of selling Arisia memberships at Pandemonium Books & Games, in Cambridge, MA.

Arisia storage: All keyholders must be corporate members. We need a current keyholder list. We still need an estimate on repairs of damaged equipment, so that matter is postponed until an EBoard meeting of October 14.

Committee appointments changed (see below).

Arisia sends our condolences to John Vanible's friends and family.


Membership/Subscription Information

Subscription to Mentor of Arisia is included with Corporate Membership to Arisia, Incorporated. Membership runs from September 1st to August 31st and costs $24. Dues are prorated on a monthly basis for members joining during the year.


























Executive Board


Carsten Turner

Building 600, PMB 322

1 Kendall Square

Cambridge, MA 02139

Arisia 2004 Conchair

Carsten Turner

Vice President

Rick Kovalcik (RKOV)

19 Chesley Road

Newton Centre, MA 02459

Arisia 2004 Treasurer

Patrick McCormick


Alex Latzko

82 Cliff Road

Milton, MA 02186-1750

Arisia 2005 Conchair

Buzz Harris

Building 600, PMB 322

1 Kendall Square

Cambridge, MA 02139


Claudia Mastroianni

17 Creighton Street

Cambridge, MA 02140

Arisia 2005 Treasurer

Cris Shuldiner

Arisia 2003 Conchair

Skip Morris

PO Box 542

Merrymack, NH 03054-0542

Arisia 2006 Conchair

Nicholas Shectman

75 Lexington Avenue

Somerville, MA 02144

Arisia 2003 Treasurer

Alex Latzko

82 Cliff Rd

Milton MA 02186




Storage Facility Key Holders


The clerk is seeking a current list.


Committee Members & Corporate Appointed Officers

Budget Committee

Alex Latzko (chair)

Cris Shuldiner

Corporate Sales Officer

Lisa Hertel

Corporate Inventory Control

Skip Morris

Rick Kovalcik

Survey Committee

Claudia Mastroianni

Corporate Systems Administrator

Cris Shuldiner

Technical Equipment Committee

Joel Herda (chair)

Liz Orenstein

Alan Walker (Hobbit)

Long Range Planning Committee

Bridget Boyle (chair)

Honors Committee
































ARISIA, Incorporated

Building 600, PMB 322

1 Kendall Square

Cambridge, MA 02139



Registration Income Items A'05 Budget    
Comped memberships 250 @ 8 From Arisia 04 $2,000.00
Pre-Registrations At A04 170 @ $30 $4,250.00  
Pre-Registrations before 8/31/04 + parties 260 @ $30 $7,800.00  
Pre-Registrations 9/1/04 - 11/30/04 210 @ $40 $8,400.00  
Pre-Registrations 12/1/04 - Convention 15 @ $50 $750.00
Pre-Registrations: Rollup     $21,200.00
At Con Registrations Full Weekend - 540 @ $50 $27,000.00  
At Con Registrations Friday - 5 @ $20 $100.00  
At Con Registrations Saturday - 270 @ $35 $9,450.00  
At Con Registrations Sunday - 25 @ $20 $500.00  
At Con Registrations Student - 75 @ $40 $3,000.00
At Con Registrations: Rollup     $40,050.00
Babysitting Memberships At A04 2 @ $30 $60.00  
Babysitting Memberships before 8/31/04 + parties 10 @ $30 $300.00  
Babysitting Memberships 9/1/04 - 11/30/04 10 @ $40 $400.00  
Babysitting Memberships 12/1/04 - Convention 5 @ $50 $250.00
Babysitting Memberships: Rollup     $1,010.00
Registration Income: Subtotal       $64,260.00
Other Income   A'05 Budget
Advertising   $300.00
Art Show Space Fees (Budget 80 units @$20) $1,600.00
Art Show Mail-in, Print Shop, Misc. Fees $400.00
Art Show Sales tax $0.00  
Art Show Commissions $0.00  
Art Show Grant Fund Auction $0.00  
Art Show Net Artist Sales $0.00
Art Show: Rollup     $2,000.00
Dealers Dealer Room (Budget 44 @$100) $4,400.00  
Dealers Dealer Row (Budget 34 @$100.) $3,400.00
Dealers: Rollup     $7,800.00
Sunday Sundae 250 tickets @ $4   $1,000.00
Donations Money for Table Tents - Elka $100.00  
Donations: Rollup     $100.00
Hotel: Comp Rooms Sold     $0.00
Other Income subtotal     $11,200.00  
Corporation Chargebacks   A'05 Budget
Student Art Contest Prizes   $500.00
NCOA     $70.00
Corporation Chargebacks subtotal       $570.00
INCOME TOTAL       $76,030.00
Corporate   A'05 Budget
Corporate expenses (Storage, etc)     $8,000.00
Corporate Expenses subtotal       $8,000.00
ConChair   A'05 Budget
Meeting/Work Session Food     $600.00
Volunteer Liason     $50.00
Contingency Fund     $4,000.00
ConChair subtotal       $4,650.00
Guests of Honor Expenses   A'05 Budget
Postage     $25.00
Writer GoH Travel   $1,100.00
Writer GoH Food   $250.00
Artist GoH Travel   $5,000.00
Artist GoH Food   $250.00
Artist GoH Shipping   $750.00
Fan GoH Travel   $800.00
Fan GoH Food   $250.00
Media Special Guest Travel   $825.00
Media Special Guest Travel Change Fees   $250.00
Hidden Frontier Special Guest Travel   $250.00
Hospitality Gifts   $150.00
GoH Saturday Night Dinner     $500.00
Guests of Honor subtotal       $10,400.00
Treasury Items A'05 Budget
Admin     $50.00
Bank Fees     $0.00
Credit Card Fees     $1,000.00
Treasury Office @ Con   $375.00
Payroll Processing: Babysitting     $75.00
Legal Expenses: Babysitting, etc.     $100.00
Insurance: Property     $0.00
Insurance: Liability $1 million General Commercial Liability   $700.00
NCOA on Mailing List   $70.00
250 comped memberships to A'06 @$8 250 @$8   $2,000.00
Refunds Preregs   $80.00
Treasury subtotal       $4,450.00
Marketing Items A'05 Budget
Postage     $40.00
Campus Marketing Program     $250.00
Advertising Advertising   $200.00
Flyers Flyers   $200.00
Parties Lunacon Party $175.00  
Parties Balticon Party $325.00  
Parties Worldcon Party $600.00  
Parties Philcon Party $250.00  
Parties: Rollup     $1,350.00
Press Kits     $50.00
Marketing subtotal       $2,090.00
Hotel Items A'05 Budget
Corkage   $500.00  
  Corkage Rebate ($500.00) $0.00
Electricity   $400.00  
  Electricity Rebate ($400.00) $0.00
TV Line to Terrace Room     $150.00
Phone Lines   $400.00  
  Phone Charge Rebate ($400.00) $0.00
Furniture removal charges     $0.00
Tips Misc Tips $800.00  
Tips: Rollup     $800.00
Tables Rental Interstate Rentals $820.00 $820.00
Keys/Recoring Charges   $200.00  
  Lock Recoring Rebate ($200.00) $0.00
Hotel subtotal       $1,770.00
Hotel Banquet Services Items A'05 Budget
Sunday Sundae plates, silverware, etc.   $250.00  
Sunday Sundae: Ice Cream   $750.00 $1,000.00
Artist & Pros Reception     $1,500.00
Filking     $400.00
Period Dance     $200.00
Masquerade Green Room     $250.00
Gopher Hole     $200.00
Fast Track     $200.00
Ice     $200.00
Banquet Rebate     ($3,200.00)
Hotel Banquet Services subtotal       $750.00
Operations Items A'05 Budget
Cell Phones, Pagers, etc.     $200.00
Ops Desk Supplies $100.00  
Ops Desk: Rollup     $100.00
Info Desk     $100.00
Sign Shop     $250.00
Gopher Hole     $50.00
Ribbons     $350.00
T-Shirts     $1,500.00
Logisitics Truck Rental $750.00  
Logisitics Load-in Crew (labor Ready) $250.00  
Logisitics Load-out Crew (labor Ready) $500.00  
Logisitics Food $250.00  
Logisitics: Rollup     $1,750.00
Security Forms, First Aid, Supplies   $150.00
Operations subtotal       $4,450.00
Member Services Items A'05 Budget
Massage Den Lotion $100.00  
Massage Den Supplies $40.00  
Massage Den: Rollup     $140.00
Chips for all food areas Frito Lay chips   $450.00
Soda for all food areas Coca Cola order   $1,100.00
Consuite Food $1,000.00  
Consuite Supplies $100.00  
Consuite Valet tips $20.00  
Consuite: Rollup     $1,120.00
Green Room Food $1,000.00  
Green Room Supplies $50.00  
Green Room: Rollup     $1,050.00
Staff Den Food $1,400.00  
Staff Den Supplies $50.00  
Staff Den: Rollup     $1,450.00
Internet Room   $400.00  
  Internet Room Rebate ($400.00) $0.00
ASL Signers     $1,000.00
Party Czar: Party Seed     $200.00
Babysitting Pagers $0.00  
Babysitting Supplies $50.00  
Babysitting Salaries $1,500.00  
Babysitting Food $50.00  
Babysitting Payroll Taxes $75.00  
Babysitting Programming $75.00  
Babysitting: Rollup     $1,750.00
Load-in & Staff Party Supplies     $100.00
Registration Postage $10.00  
Registration Ack Postcards $100.00  
Registration Badges $1,500.00  
Registration Forms $200.00  
Registration: Rollup     $1,810.00
Member Services subtotal       $10,170.00
Exhibits   A'05 Budget
Admin     $50.00
Art Show Light bulbs $50.00  
Art Show Fire Proof Drape $0.00  
Art Show Misc Supplies $15.00  
Art Show Forms $200.00  
Art Show Purchase of copier & supplies $0.00  
Art Show Mailer Copying $1,500.00  
Art Show Mailing Postage $70.00  
Art Show Return Shipping $0.00  
Art Show Ribbons $200.00  
Art Show Payments to Artists $0.00  
Art Show Sales Tax on Sales $0.00  
Art Show: Rollup     $2,035.00
Student Art Contest Mailer Copying $200.00      
Student Art Contest Shipping $0.00      
Student Art Contest Postage $100.00      
Student Art Contest Prizes ($250/$150/$100) $500.00      
Student Art Contest: Rollup     $800.00    
Video Theater Equipment ($100 donation to BSFS) $100.00  
Video Theater MPLC Umbrella License $400.00  
Video Theater Rentals $0.00  
Video Theater: Rollup     $500.00
ASCAP/BMI Fees     $275.00
Anime Theater ($250 - $250 to Tables Rental)     $0.00
Films Rentals $2,100.00  
Films Shipping $500.00      
Films 35mm Projector rental $1,000.00      
Films Organist $300.00      
Films: Rollup     $3,900.00
Exhibits subtotal       $7,560.00
Events Items A'05 Budget
Junkyard/Robot Wars     $250.00
Big Event 1:     $500.00
Big Event 2     $500.00
Small Event 1: Rocky Horror     $100.00
Small Event 2:     $250.00
Small Event 3     $250.00
Small Event 4     $0.00
Period Dance Decoration     $75.00
Masquerade Ribbons $100.00  
Masquerade Copying $200.00  
Masquerade: Rollup     $300.00
Con Photographer     $50.00
Arisia TV Tape Stock   $100.00
Club Dance: DJ     $100.00
Technical Supplies $50.00  
Technical ClearCom $150.00  
Technical Lighting $950.00  
Technical Sound $100.00  
Technical Food for Setup $250.00  
Technical: Rollup     $1,500.00
Events subtotal       $3,975.00
Programming Items A'05 Budget
Phone calls and copying   $100.00
Mailer Copying $600.00  
Mailer Postage $500.00  
Mailer Supplies $100.00  
Mailer: Rollup     $1,200.00
Thank You Notes     $100.00
Program Packets Copying $75.00  
Program Packets Postage $75.00  
Program Packets Supplies $50.00  
Program Packets: Rollup     $200.00
Large Print Program Grid     $50.00
LARP     $100.00
Fast Track Arts/Crafts Supplies $450.00
Program Ops     $150.00
Table Tents     $100.00
Program AV     $150.00
Programming subtotal       $2,600.00
Publications   A'05 Budget
Admin   $50.00
Mass Mailer Copying $1,000.00  
Mass Mailer Postage $500.00  
Mass Mailer: Rollup     $1,500.00
Prereg Packet Copying $300.00  
Prereg Packet Postage $400.00  
Prereg Packet: Rollup     $700.00
At Con Newsletter     $450.00
Program Grid     $700.00
Pocket Program Regular $2,500.00  
Pocket Program Large Print $0.00  
Pocket Program Braille $0.00  
Pocket Program: Rollup     $2,500.00
Souvenir Book     $3,100.00
Restaurant Guide Regular   $0.00
Restaurant Guide Large Print   $0.00
Publications subtotal       $9,000.00
EXPENSES TOTAL       $69,865.00
Totals   A'05 Budget
Total Income       $76,030.00
Total Expenses       $69,865.00
Net Income (Loss)       $6,165.00