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The Newsletter of Arisia, Incorporated -- Number 113, January 2002


The Corporate Budget will be voted on at the next meeting. The proposed budget can be found on page 3 of this issue.

Minutes of the Corporate Meeting

Sunday, January 20, 2002. Boston Park Plaza Hotel, Whitehill room. Called to order at 3:00 PM.

Brendan Quinn, Colette Fozard, Nicholas Shectman, Paul Selkirk, Noel Rosenberg, Claudia Mastroianni, Patrick McCormack, Glen Goodwin, Tom Murphy, Walter Kahn, Matthew Saroff, Elka Tovah Menkes, Rachel Silber, Traciy Fogarty, Drea Brandford, Liz Orenstein (non-member), Michael Whitehouse (non-member), Elana Shenton (non-member), Adam Ferraro (non-member).

Tom Murphy attended the December meeting, but Claudia Mastroianni didn't.


We appear to have had a con.

There were a few incidents that the Eboard had to deal with. The first was that the Eboard did, on Saturday afternoon, approve raising the [membership] cap, should we need it. We did not hit what we raised the cap to, which was 2700 memberships, and I believe we have issued 2300 and change. The original cap was a subject of some debate. The cap used to be 1500 paid memberships; we were definitely in danger of hitting that when we raised the cap on Saturday afternoon. However, all the members of the eboard remember voting on and passing a motion several years ago to raise the cap to 2500 total. That never made it into the official Policies document; the clerk is going to do some research, and find what Mentor it was in, and make the correction. [The members of the eboard remember correctly; the cap was raised at the May 1998 meeting, on the previous watch of this clerk. Oh, the embarrasment. -Ed.]

There was another issue that the eboard dealt with that needs to be reported. There was an incident last night in the Dealers' Room, where two dealers lost merchandise while the room was closed. The executive board has approved reimbursing them for losses, and has approved offering them free table space for next year in the way of apology.

The Boston Police are going to work primarily with hotel security; we are going to pull together our information and leave it for hotel security, with Colette as a contact person, because she is both a corporate office and the division head for Operations. We'll be working to do what we can to try to figure out what happened, where the holes were, and try to correct this so it doesn't happen again next year.

As stated, I will be point person on the loss issue, for both the con and the eboard.

We have a grant pending before the corporation from the Lite Circle, of Baltimore MD, for $2000 to publish a book called Through A Glass Darkly, an anthology of mystery, dark fantasy and horror. The Lite Circle has published books before in this genre; two years ago, they published Lower Than the Angels, an anthology of science fiction and fact.

This grant proposal was reviewed by the Grant Committee this fall. I will disclose that, while being head of the Grant Committee, I am also the person who submitted the grant proposal on behalf of Lite. I released the documents and everything to the Grant Committee, and then recused myself from all discussions. The one question that came up was whether there were any restrictive membership covenants in the formative documents of Lite Circle, Incorporated. After I explained that there were not any, Walter Kahn gave the approval of the Grant Committee.

The corporate membership also wanted to see the bylaws, to be sure there were no restrictive membership covenants. The organization does not have bylaws per se; they have Articles of Incorporation and a Mission Statement, which have been accepted by several state agencies for the state arts funding they receive. There is paid membership in the Lite Circle, which is sort of analogous to membership in a museum, in that you get a bi-monthly newspaper, and you get a discount on the published books. However, if you want to become part of the editorial staff, and help produce both these books and the newspaper, that's free and open to all. The officers (president, vice-president, and treasurer) make many of the decisions in terms of direction of the organization, but all the day-to-day decisions are made by the volunteers.

MOVED to allocate $2000 out of the Grant Fund to The Lite Circle, Incorporated, for purposes outlined in the previous discussion. Motion CARRIES 7-4.

There are no further pending grants before the Committee.

Please sign in. Dues are $16 at this meeting, or $14 afterward. New members gain voting rights after attending one meeting; this meeting counts. Reports are encouraged to be submitted in writing, to avoid gross transcription errors.

I've been reviewing the corporate roster, and I think what I published in the last Mentor is correct. If you are on the roster, and are not a member, or are not on the roster, and are a member, please let me know. I realize the Committees and Appointed Officers still need some work, and I'm getting guidance from the eboard. [I think it's correct in this issue. If not, let me know.]

No report.

I intend to submit a corporate budget for a vote at the next meeting. [See page 3.]

We had a con, and it was good. We're doing load-out after this meeting. Please come; please help.

We appear to have taken in, on site, approximately $33,000, in addition to all the pre-con income of various sorts. That's a very tentative number at this point. I'll have firmer numbers, hopefully by the end of the week.

Not present.

The Long Range Planning Committee is seeking members. If you are interested in shaping the long-term direction and philosophy of the Arisia organization, please consider joining this committee.



Directions to the February Meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 26, at 7:00pm, at the home of Monte and Michelle McGuire:

181 Clifton St.

Malden, MA 02148

In case you get lost, the phone number is:


By car from I-93:

Take the Rt. 60 exit from I-93 and proceed east on Rt. 60 towards Malden. You'll pass by a number of storefronts in Medford, and eventually you'll get to a traffic light at the intersection of Rt. 60 and Rt. 28. On the far right will be a Sunoco station. Stay on Rt. 60 and pass through this intersection as well as through the next set of traffic lights. At the third set of lights, take a left onto Highland Ave.

Proceed along Highland past the first set of lights (Maple St.) and make the next possible right turn onto Clifton St. Stay on Clifton through the 4 way stop sign and continue for another 2-3 blocks. Just before the traffic light, the house will be on your left, #181. It is a large, pale yellow victorian with a turret. Park in our driveway or on the street.

By T:

Our house is several short blocks north of the Malden Center T stop on the Orange line. Exit the station to the west side of the tracks, take a right outside of the station and follow Summer St. (which closely parallels the T tracks) north to the next traffic light at the intersection of Clifton and Summer St. Turn left onto Clifton St., and the house will be on the right, two doors down. It is a large, pale yellow victorian, clearly numbered 181.

Corporate Budget History
Item\Year   FY 2001   FY 2002   Notes
  Membership     750.00       950.00      
  Convention Budgeted Income     4065.00       1215.00      
  Convention Reimbursement                    
    Storage   3500.00       3500.00        
    Art Show Equipment   500.00       500.00        
    Communications Equipment   250.00       250.00        
    Tech and Film Equipment   750.00       750.00        
  Totals     5000.00       5000.00     FY01 budget improperly included comp rollovers as income
  Other Rental Income             600.00      
  Net Income from Corporate Sales             0.00      
  Interest Income             1000.00      
Total Income       9815.00       8765.00    
Recurring Expenses:                    
  Purely Corporate Expenses                    
    Admin   300.00       400.00       includes actually performing mail forwarding
    Mentor   150.00       250.00        
    Legal   300.00       300.00        
  Totals     750.00       950.00      
  Mixed Corporate / Convention Expenses                    
    Treasury/Checks/Supplies:   200.00       200.00        
    Treasury/Bank Fees   300.00       425.00       will be 300.00 in FY03 after account simplification
    CIC/Storage:   4200.00       7700.00       "would likely be 6000.00 in FY03 and 4800.00 thereafter, if we move in '03"
    CIC/Supplies/Fixtures:   250.00       250.00        
    Food/Meetings&WorkCrew:   250.00       250.00        
    Mailbox Rental   275.00       275.00        
    Student Art Contest           500.00        
    PO Account Fees   200.00       200.00        
    PO Database Maintenance   400.00       600.00       will be 400.00 in FY03 assuming normal mailing size
  Totals     6075.00       10400.00      
  Purely Convention Expenses                    
    Tech Equip Maintenance           750.00        
    Comm Equip Maintenance           250.00        
    Art Show Maintenance   500.00       500.00       FY01 budget considered this a non-recurring expense
  Totals     500.00       1500.00      
Total Recurring Expenses       7325.00       12850.00    
Non-Recurring Expenses                    
  CIC/Dollys/Crates/Moving:     2000.00       1000.00      
  Tech Equipment Purchase     2000.00       0.00     but notice new line item under recurring expenses
Total Non-Recurring Expenses       4000.00       1000.00    
Grand Total Income       9815.00       8765.00    
Grand Total Expensese       11325.00       13850.00    
Net Gain (Loss)       (1510.00)       (5085.00)   mostly due to increase in storage costs

Membership/Subscription Information

Subscription to Mentor of Arisia is included with Corporate Membership to Arisia, Incorporated. Membership runs from September 1st to August 31st and costs $24.00. Dues are pro-rated on a monthly basis for members joining during the year.

September $24   March $12
October $22   April $10
November $20   May $08
December $18   June $06
January $16   July $04
February $14   August $02

Executive Board

Brendan Quinn
309 Lake Street
Waltham MA 02451
Arisia 2002 Conchair
Noel Rosenberg
PO Box 464
Chelmsford MA 01824-0464
Vice President
Colette Fozard
360 Walker Street
Lowell MA 01851-1729
Arisia 2002 Treasurer
Chris Amshey
42 Boston Avenue
Somerville MA 02144
Nicholas Shectman
75 Lexington Avenue
Somerville MA 02144
Arisia 2003 Conchair
Skip Morris
PO Box 542
Merrymack, NH 03054-0542
Paul Selkirk
112A Marblehead St
N Reading MA 01864-1526
Arisia 2003 Treasurer

Storage Facility Key Holders

Brendan Quinn
Colette Fozard
Nicholas Shectman
Paul Selkirk
Elka Tovah Menkes
Noel Rosenberg
Skip Morris
Carsten Turner
Linda Nee
Cris Shuldiner
Bryttan Bradley


Committee Members & Corporate Appointed Officers

Grant Committee
Colette Fozard (chair)
Walter Kahn
Krista Ernewein
Claudia Mastroianni
Database Committee
Rachel Silber (chair)
Michelle McGuire
Tom Murphy
Paul Selkirk
Cris Shuldiner
Budget Committee
Nicholas Shectman (chair)
Chris Amshey
Noel Rosenberg
Long Range Planning Committee
Cris Shuldiner (chair)
Corporate Inventory Control
Linda Nee
Corporate Sales Officer
Nicholas Shectman
Corporate Systems Administrator
Cris Shuldiner
Survey Committee
Claudia Mastroianni
Gaming Convention Exploratory Committee
Technical Equipment Committee
Joel Herda (chair)

Membership Roster

Aaron Agassi Christopher Amshey
Rob Bazemore Angela Bowen
Drea Brandford Brian Cooper
Regis M. Donovan Tom Fish
George Flynn Traciy Fogarty
Colette H. Fozard Glen Goodwin
Joel Herda Brendan Hertel
Lisa Hertel Walter Kahn
Allan Kent Sheeri Kritzer
Zanne Labonville Jacob Lefton
Benjamin Levy Claudia Mastroianni
Patrick McCormack Michelle McGuire
Elka Tovah Menkes Skip Morris
Tom Murphy Brendan Quinn
Matthew F. Ringel Mary Robison
Noel Rosenberg Matthew Saroff
Paul Selkirk Nicholas Shectman
Cris Shuldiner Rachel Silber
Rachel Silverman Patricia Ann Vandenberg
Michael Whitehouse  


Calendar of Events

February 15-17, 2002
Boskone 39
Sheraton Framingham Hotel, Framingham MA

Tuesday, February 26, 2002, 7:00pm
Arisia Corporate Meeting
McGuire residence (see directions on page 2)

March 8-10, 2002
Intercon B
Radisson Hotel, Chelmsford MA

March 15-17, 2002
Lunacon 2002
Rye Town Hilton, Rye Brook NY

April 5-7, 2002
JerseyDevilCon 2
Raritan Center Sheraton, Edison NJ

April 19-21, 2002
OurCon XI
Campus Center Hotel, UMass, Amherst MA

May 24-27, 2002
Balticon 36
Wyndham Baltimore Inner Harbor Hotel, Baltimore MD












ARISIA, Incorporated
Building 600, PMB 322
1 Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02139