The Newsletter of Arisia, Incorporated — Number 141,  Nov 2005


The following budget amendment for Arisia ’06 is planned to come before the corporation at the November corporate meeting. 










Year-Ahead Pre-Reg

Total Income difference:  minus $1650





Item (Department, if new)




Artist GOH shipping




Artist GoH travel




Paid security




Relocate light control (Technical)




Coat check (Fixed Functions)




Filk Guest Travel




Philcon Pocket Program Ad  (Marketing)




Green Room




Staff Den




Voicemail  phone number (Ops)




Souvenir Book




DVD-R capable DVD player (Events)




Contingency Fund (administered by Chair)

Total expense difference: minus $1670.

Net difference: plus $20 to bottom line.






Minutes of the October Meeting

·         Date, Time, and Place

Sept 20, at the home of Susan Mozzicato and Rick Kovalcik.  Meeting called to order at 8 pm

·         In attendance

Rick Kovalcik, Susan Mozzicato, phi, Rachel Silber, Allen Kent, Zanne Labonville, Lisa Hertel, Tom Murphy, Pat Vandenberg, Carsten Turner, Lisa Alder-Golden, Michael Leuchtenburg, Conor Walsh (renewed).

·         Proxies

Karen Purcell to Rachel Silber, September Isdell to phi, Alex Latzko to Susan Mozzicato, Persis Thorndike to Rachel, Walter Kahn to phi

Members are asked to use last names when asking for people to hold proxies in email.

·         Corrections to the minutes - none

·         President’s Report

A check was received for $3000 from MCFI. 

Rick appoints people to committees (see table below in Mentor).  A discussion was held on merging the Tech and CIC committees, but no motion was brought.

·         Vice President’s Report

No pending grants, and we haven’t been encouraging any.  There may be money, if we get applications. 

·         Treasurer’s Report

 We've opened new bank accounts for Arisia at Bank of America in Reading, MA.  I expect to get the signature cards for the Convention accounts signed by this weekend.

Ben is working on gathering information for Arisia's taxes, Cris said he should have some A'05 numbers by this weekend, and he hopes to meet with Siggy next Tuesday evening.

·         Clerk’s Report – nothing to report

·         Eboard Report

The minutes of the eboard meetings  were printed in the October Mentor.

MOVED (from eboard) to create a new committee, the Archives committee, to deal with organizing and maintaining the physical and electronic historical records of the convention and the corporation.  

Carsten would like his address removed from the old Mentors before they are posted to the web.

Discussion of the current disposition of the laptop Arisia purchased for reg, and of the motion passed by the eboard to acquire a 200 GB hard drive.  RK says can someone tell him where the laptop is?  . Motion PASSES many to 0.

 RK appoints Lori “Jet” Turi  to Archive Committee.

MOVED (Merv):  that the membership of Arisia agree to abide by B of A policies but not to incorporate them into our policy. TABLED until treasurer is present.

·         Arisia ’05 ConChair Report It’s still over.

·         Arisia ’05 Treasurer Report Not present

·         Arisia ’06 ConChair Report

John Howe cancelled as artist GoH.  We have a new artist GoH, Frank Wu; Carsten is his guest liaison.  See elsewhere in Mentor for budget amendment for November meeting.  We are using Congo for databases other than registration.  The programming database was the first one to be integrated.  Other databases follow.  This means only one NCOA and several other good things.

Major staffing holes: volunteer coordinator, program ops, consuite head, ops desk, program book ad sales.  The last is the most time-critical one.  See calendar for meeting schedule.

There is budget for a party at Philcon.  Lisa has agreed to work on the party and has a party room.

·         Arisia ’06 Treasurer Report No report.

·         Arisia ’07 ConChair Report Not present.

·         Committees

Long Range Planning: no report.
CIC : A lot of stuff in storage, I’d like to throw it out but Skip won’t let me.  – Lisa.  The next place the flyer racks from Filthy Pierre need to go is Arisia.  Masonite and boxes that were not tossed as part of the move – if they are still there before the con, they are going out – RK as part of Logistics.

Honors : Please write thank you note to MCFI.

Timeline : Meeting probably in the first weekend of December depending on Skip’s schedule.  Phi might notice a hole or two.

Hotel Search : Skip is working on finalizing the A’07 contract.  We are hoping that the PP does a good job this year before working on A ’08

Tech Equipment – no report

Budget – no report

Corporate Sales :   Offworld would give a 15% discount to committee who order in advance but would sell them at $20 rather than our historical ~$15.  MOVED (Carsten) to bar Corporate Sales Officer or any other entity from engaging the services of someone who would not allow the 20% corporate discount as in our bylaws.

MOVED  (Rick) to request corporate sales to go back and renegotiate, especially with Fo Paws, and  to table the motion.   Motion to table FAILS.

MSP (Carsten) to amend previous motion to say:  Move to prohibit any corporate or convention entity from entering into any agreement that violates any corporate or convention bylaw or policy or any applicable federal state county or municipal laws regulations or codes. Amended motion PASSES in a tiebreaker.

Survey:  Pat asks: What is it exactly that people want to find out? Some discussion follows:

LRP might need some info. Events and Programming might need some input. Phi: what IS Arisia?  What makes it Arisia for THEM?  We’re too close to find out.   Pat: Specific questions would be welcome.  Look into using reg terminals. Look into why people choose to come once.  Pat inquires who made the initial motion, it was Ben.

·         Old business

Corporation had previously asked Skip to get a quote for insurance to cover us at the convention.  The president also directed Skip to report back to eboard about the projectors.  Projector issue dropped, insurance issue still needs to be followed up.

MSP (Merv):  to ask Mark Hertel to obtain a quote for year-round liability and inland marine insurance.

·         New business

MOVED (Merv) : to delete the current mail policy.  AMENDED (Carsten): friendly amendment to cut only the section that refers to “Central mail distribution point”.  MSP (Rick): to refer to eboard. 

MSP (phi):  to change policy from “save 5 tshirts” to “save 3 tshirts”.   Note: this has been done once before but didn’t make it into the documented policy. 

By request, the following information is read into the minutes:

Art show rates are $28 /panel , prorated for partial panels. We are having Print Shop this year, we are just not charging for it. Prints must have a representative sample hung on a panel already reserved in the show, and will be handled otherwise the same.  Membership rates: Membership: full weekend rate is $40, student rate is $30.  Day rates on the web site are correct.  Prereg rates are $25 at con , $30 through Sept 15, $35 through Dec 15.  Next year, the default is that these would revert to Sept 30 and Dec 30 as usual deadlines

MSP (Merv): refer the following policy proposal to eboard:

MOVED to alter Corporate Policy by Replacement:

Membership and Dues

I.  Dues for all members are payable on September 1st of each year. Any member who joins during the year shall be pro-rated to the following September 1st. Any member who has neither paid their dues, nor requested a hardship waiver, shall have their membership expire at the beginning of elections at the Annual Meeting. The clerk shall notify any member who has neither paid dues, nor requested a hardship waiver by September 1st.


Membership and Dues

I.  The membership year for ARISIA, Incorporated shall run from [(1 October to 30 September) OR (the start of Elections at the Annual Meeting in September to the end of New Business at the Annual Meeting the next September)].  Dues for all members for the coming year are payable during the month of September.  Any member who joins during the year shall be pro-rated to the following [(1st of October) OR (start of Elections at the Annual Meeting in September)].  Any member who has neither paid their dues, nor requested a hardship waiver, shall have their membership expire promptly [(on 1 October) OR (at the start of Elections at the Annual Meeting in September)].  [(The Clerk shall notify any member who has neither paid dues, nor requested a hardship waiver, by 1 October (AUTHOR's NOTE, NOT part of the policy:  sending a final notice MENTOR with the results of the Annual Meeting is acceptable for this purpose).) OR (The Clerk shall include a notice in the August MENTOR OF ARISIA reminding the Membership to remit their Dues (or seek a hardship waiver) during the month of September for the coming Membership Year.)]

Eboard recesses to deal with a hardship waiver request by handwave.

Move to adjourn 10:35 PM

·         Future meetings

Previously set through Jan.

·         Announcements

Lisa Hertel will chair the next meeting, since Rick is not available.

Membership/Subscription Information

Subscription to Mentor of Arisia is included with Corporate Membership to Arisia, Incorporated.  Membership runs from September 1st to August 31st and costs $24.  Dues are pro-rated on a monthly basis for members joining during the year.
































Executive Board


Rick Kovalcik

19 Chesley Rd

Newton Centre MA 02459

Arisia 2006 Conchair

Nicholas Shectman

75 Lexington Ave

Somerville MA 02144

Vice President

Lisa Hertel

93 Greenwood Rd

Andover MA 01810

Arisia 2005/06 Treasurer

Cris Shuldiner

9 Jeremy Hill Rd

Pelham NH 03076


Ben Levy

47 Brown St

Andover MA 01810

Arisia 2007Conchair

Joel Herda

17 Heath St #3

Somerville MA 02145


Rachel Silber

59 Orient Ave

Melrose MA 02176

Arisia 2007 Treasurer




Membership Roster

Lisa Adler-Golden

Rob Bazemore (honorary)

Dave Belfer-Shevett

Bridget Boyle

Brian Cooper (honorary)

Tom Coveney

Jack Dietz

Regis Donovan

Elka Davidoff


Don Eastlake

Jill Eastlake

Tom Fish (honorary)

Colette Fozard

Joel Herda

Brendan Hertel

Lisa Hertel

September Isdell

Jeanne Kahn

Walter Kahn

Allen Kent

Rick Kovalcik

Zanne Labonville

Alex Latzko

Michael Leuchtenburg

Ben Levy

Skip Morris

Susan Mozzicato

Tom Murphy

Karen Purcell

Mary Robison (honorary)

Noel Rosenberg

Paul Selkirk

Conor Walsh

Nicholas Shectman(“Phi”)

Cris Shuldiner (honorary)

Rachel Silber

Persis Thorndike

Carsten Turner

Pat Vandenberg



Storage Facility Key Holders


Joel Herda


Alex Latzko


Skip Morris


Carsten Turner


September Isdell




Michael Bergman


Lisa Hertel








(spare with Skip)


Persis Thorndike


Rick Kovalcik


Rachel Silber


Ben Levy


(spares with Rick)


Committee Members & Corporate Appointed Officers

Grant Committee

Lisa Hertel (head)

Honors Committee

Rachel Silber (head)

Budget Committee

Ben Levy (head)

Alex Latzko

Nicholas Shectman

Long Range Planning Committee

Bridget Boyle (head)

Jill Eastlake

Skip Morris

Jack Dietz

Lisa Adler-Goldin

Corporate Inventory Control

Skip Morris (head)

Lisa Hertel


Joel Herda

Technical Equipment Committee

(same as CIC)

Corporate Systems Administrator

Cris Shuldiner

Survey Committee

Pat Vandenberg

Archives Committee

Lori “Jet” Turi

Corporate Sales Officer

Lisa Hertel

Hotel Search Committee

Jill Eastlake (head)

Skip Morris

Janet Stickle

Joel Herda

Timeline Committee

Lisa Hertel (head)

Skip Morris

Nicholas Shectman

Noel Rosenberg

Rachel Silber


ARISIA, Incorporated

Building 600, PMB 322

1 Kendall Square

Cambridge, MA 02139







































Calendar of Events

Thurs. October  20 7:30 PM @ Kovalcik-Mozzicato residence, 19 Chesley Rd, Newton Centre MA

Sun October 23 Arisia ConComm meeting 6 PM at MIT

Sun November 20 Arisia Corporate meeting 2 PM at MIT

Sun Dec 18th  Arisia  corporate meeting 2 pm Kovalcik-Mozzicato residence

Mon Nov 21, 7 pm, concomm meeting at Boston Park Plaza Hotel in the White Hill room.

Mon Dec 12 7 pm concomm meeting, location to be announced.

Sun Dec 18  Arisia corporate meeting 2 pm Kovalcik-Mozzicato residence

Sun Jan 15 2006  Arisia corporate meeting at Boston Park Plaza Hotel, location and time TBA