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Volume 33, Issue 292, February 2022

519 Somerville Ave #371, Somerville, MA 02143

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About the Meeting
JanuaryMeeting Summary


Treasurer’s Report                                
Membership List
Executive Board
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Subscription and Dues Information

The January corporate meeting was called to order on January 16th at 1:05 pm by phi, President, via Zoom.


 Attendance    41 + 3 proxies

Gail Terman

Claudia Mastroianni

Erik H

Shen C

Ilene Tatroe

Kylie Selkirk

EJ Barnes

Alex Morgan

Mike Tatroe

Priscilla Ballou

Eugene Heller

Ken London

Lisa Opus Goldstein

Elliot Mitchell

Debbie Terman

Vivian Abraham

Nicholas "phi" Shectman

Rachel Tanenhaus

Nightwing Whitehead

Joseph Andelman

Inanna Arthen

Henry Leong


Rick Kovalcik

Cate Schneiderman

Paul Selkirk

Mike Sprague

Dennis D Duquette

Julia Austein

Jodie Lawhorne

Ruth Schoonover-Field

Liz Zitzow

James Boggie



Pacita Prasarn

Bunny Industries

Andy Rosequist

Megan Lewis

Sharon Sbarsky

Erik Meyer-Curley


Corrections to the minutes: 

Moot as minutes have not yet gone out.

Eboard report:

We voted to make a late Arisia 2020 reimbursement for equipment damaged at con.

/phi: I updated the A23 code of conduct.  Our policies allow us to make small changes to make new policies fit as long as we report what those changes are to the corporation.  I changed capitalization and removed a parenthetical explaining that The Watch was what we called security.  There is also a spot in the CoC where “The Watch” referred to the HQ location and not to the team, so I left the “Team” off of “Arisia Safety” there.

(Some discussion of what this means. New CoC is on the A’23 page and in the Reg system for next year memberships.)

We have gotten about $3,000 in donations in the last two weeks to help defray our expenses.  This is a good start and thank you to everyone who has contributed.


Officer reports:

President’s Report

Some of the grants we applied for are contingent on us actually running a con, including the one we’ve gotten so far.  I am discussing with MCC how to address this.  There are other programs that the money might be able to be reallocated to.

Nominations are open for Conchair for Arisia 2024 *and* for 2025.  I have more leads than I did last month but still  nothing to announce at this meeting.  I will let the corporation know when we proceed to interviews.

Treasurer’s Report

We have about $80,000 in bank accounts or other cash equivalents, about $40,000 in liabilities including memberships and vendor space sold, and about $20,000 in upcoming expenses, mostly on rent.  Arisia 2022 has unspent

Committee reports:

Arisia 2021:

/phi: A few outstanding issues. We resolved some payment of large-ish ticket items and there isn’t much outstanding. But we have not made a bottom line yet. /phi hopes the bottom line will not be necessary for constructing future conventions, since it was not in person and hopefully they will. MA Cultural Council will definitely want to hear from us regarding Card to Culture memberships, at least.

We probably made money, due in no small part to people voluntarily registering at the higher $75 rate.

Cate: Nothing to add here, will send some data on to /phi.

Arisia 2022 Convention:

Vivian: Hi! We have no convention. Gail and hobbit and Opus were in great part responsible for the online gathering we do have, thank you.

Most of what we’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks were rounds of negotiations with the hotel (and thank you to *everyone* who participated in that), and then trying to unspend as much as we could from the budget, then working on rollovers to A’23. I believe all of those have happened in their proper categories.

We have spent some $ we can't get back. $450 on communications, $500 on film, $1500 on badge printer rentals (we did get to test that they work with our software), we have some non-shelf-stable supplies like hand sanitizer. I plan to donate those (to homeless shelters, etc. Suggestions welcome.)

A’22 would like to spend the following additional money (within our budget, but since we’re not having a con): Gift baskets to GoHs, Westin staff, donations in GoHs names, Andrea offered to donate money to Arisia, so that will happen. :) These will probably be smaller than if we’d had a con. We’d like to offer refunds to the dealers who don’t want to roll over their fees. We owe rent to the corp for storage. We have grant money we’re not sure is ours, yet. We received those $3000-ish in donations.

We could ask others to donate in the directions indicated by our GoHs.

Please fill out your pre-con timesheets, for con organizers to understand, and because they will count toward A’23 hours. If you want to not get a comp membership in return, there’s a checkbox for that.        


Arisia 2022 Treasury:

Cate: Send reimbursement forms! If you spent any money on behalf of Arisia we want to pay you back. If you’re thinking of just keeping the item and paying for it yourself, it is actually EASIER for us if we reimburse you and then you donate that same amount to Arisia via paypal. Talk to Cate if you have questions about this.

By February 5 would be REALLY AWESOME, because Cate is 8 months pregnant.

We will reimburse you!

Arisia 2022 Expense Form

/phi: It is important to submit your expenses. We can cover them, especially thanks to staff who have made great efforts to minimize our expenses. We really want to record anything you are donating to Arisia, for multiple reasons: it indicates community support, it lets us know what is going on in terms of what things cost, and it lets us know we don’t have outstanding debts.

A‘23: Memberships are for sale, but we covered that.


Rick: With regard to storage, reminder that after Boskone Arisia will be getting the three new yellow sets of shelves, and in future white goes to NESFA, yellow goes to Arisia. Also, does anyone know what happened to the Brothers Art Show printer? It may be buried somewhere in Storage. Lisa can’t make it today, but she has pointed out that storage is sort of a mess, and it would be good to get a handful of people there to organize, and maybe get rid of some items. Rick suggests Saturday March 5, a few weeks before Passover. Rick will mail SA and C to see if anyone has a problem with those dates. The project can continue on March 12 if needed.

Julia A: When last in storage in early January, she believes Art Show had two of the big printers and two smaller printers (one of which was a Brother, which we weren’t going to use). Don’t know if that helps.

Rick: Maybe we’ll find it in March.

The other question is, have we done anything about renewing the lease?

/phi: We have tried and not heard back from the landlord. Also, they’ve been sending us invoices without the inflator mentioned in our original lease. The renewal for anyone actually paying rent doesn’t seem to be a priority for her.


Gail: Our email system has had some problems that are very technically complicated and black hole-like. I would like us to switch to something someone else manages, like, Google Workspace. I know some people have reservations. I would be glad to entertain other free-to-nonprofits solutions. Since September is the *wrong* time for this, this time of year is better for looking at this. Please find Gail on Slack or other non-email methods.

Rick: I think the problems come from dreamhost, not Joel’s server.

Gail: That may well be true.

Ilene: If we are moving to Google, does that mean that we as Arisia will have a central location for all our files? As opposed to being dispersed onto various members’ Google drives?

Gail: It doesn’t automatically mean that. I’d like it to mean that. It would be great to have some of the official accounts tied to gmail. But it won’t inherently mean things aren’t on people’s own google drives. That would need to be by divisions and groups setting policies.

(Chat indicates some other cons are doing well with GSuite)

Rick: Arisia does have a GSuite. We could start creating folders under it and create one per convention, and could start that now.

Gail: The main thing blocking me, after *time* is who is an admin? Ben, maybe Gail, maybe Rick?

/phi: appointed Erik [b][c]to the IT committee.


etana: we are actively seeking members: etana@arisia, or contact Vivian Abraham, Nightwing Whitehead, Jan Dumas, Ken London, other members. Or email

Old Business:

Motion: After consulting with eboard, pallet jack has been disposed of. Pallets really are the best way to move many things. Motion to spend up to $600 for a new good quality pallet jack.

Rick prefers to leave this tabled until we know our finances better.

New Business:

Date of April meeting

Tuesday April 12 at 7 pm? Moved and seconded.

Motion passes (not quite unanimously) 19-1.


Boskone: Feb 18-20, both virtual and onsite volunteers welcome; especially program ops and zoom hosts

Erik H: There’s a year-round Arisia discord, join and have fun!

/phi: Anything anyone wants to ask or contribute before we adjourn?

Meeting was adjourned at 2:14 pm.

[a]extraneous line break

[b]Last name?

[c]I honestly don't know