The Newsletter of Arisia, Incorporated - Number 156, May 2007


The Quorum for the next General Meeting of the Membership, scheduled for 2:00 PM Sunday 20 May 2007 at the Eastlake home is Not Established Here; as your Clerk’s Helper does not have all the data to calculate the Quorum (there were 22 people listed at the last meeting).

Minutes of the April Meeting

  • Date, Time, and Place

This General Meeting of the Membership was called to order at 7:39 PM Tuesday, 24 April 2007 at 88 Thorndike Street, Arlington MA; the home of Tom Murphy.

  • In attendance

Jeanette Barrett, Jan Dumas, Don Eastlake, Jill Eastlake, Lisa Hertel, Lisa Holsberg, September Isdell, Walter Kahn, Allan Kent, Jennifer Koerber, Rick Kovalcik, Ben Levy, Skip Morris, Susan Mozzicato, Tom Murphy, Sharon Sbarsky, Rachel Silber, Mike Sprague, Janet Stickle, Brandi Tague (new member), Pat Vandenberg, and Conor Walsh.

  • Proxies

Karen Purcell to Jill Eastlake, Don Eastlake to Jill Eastlake (until his arrival); Joel Herda to September Isdell, Peter Thomas to September Isdell; Alex Latzko to Ben Levy, Bridget Boyle to Ben Levy; Christina Hodges to Jeanette Barrett; Jeanne Kahn to Walter Kahn; Persis Thorndike to Lisa Holsberg; David D'Antonio to Skip Morris; Samantha Dings to Rachel Silber.

  • Corrections to the Minutes

No Corrections to the Minutes of the last General Meeting were offered.

  • Corrections to MENTOR as a whole

Key #17 to Lisa Holsberg
Key #18 to September Isdell (spare)
Key #19 to Skip Morris (spare)
Janet has a key.

  • President's Report

Thanks to all; let’s make it a quick meeting.

  • Vice-President's Report
We have pictures to go on Flickr for what's been done with our grant money.
  • Treasurer

I've been away, data will be submitted for MENTOR.

April 1st 2007

Change from Last Month
Odd Year - A07

$9,389.85 $877.76
Even Year - A08
$5205.00 $0.00



$3,000 N4 Grant (unspent) $1,779.10 cc & truss ($911.74)
Grant Fund $4,000.00

Two Years Expenses (CDs) $28,000.00

Voted Expenses $1,925.01 cc & truss ($824.99)

Total Reserved $35,704.11 ($1736.73)
Unallocated Funds
$7,322.01 ($5.05)
Total Corporate Funds
$43,026.12 ($1741.78)

  • Clerk

Merv will guest edit / publish Mentor for May and June; Phi will handle mailbox responsibilities for the nonce.

  • Executive Board Report

The Executive Board has appointed Jill Eastlake for Convention Chair of Arisia '09 (there are no objections from the floor). The Executive Board voted to allow Persis Thorndike to borrow Fast Track convention materials for the Beyond IQ Conference. We decided to allow NEFFA to borrow the OLD radios for the weekend of the Folk Festival. We voted to fund an additional $78.00 over the $500.00 voted in February to pay for the Truss.

  • Arisia '07 Conchair

Alex Latzko is still working on the A'07 books; there has been no other activity. For any more outstanding issues, speak with September Isdell off-line.

  • Arisia '07 Treasury
No further report than given above.

  • Arisia '08 Conchair

There has been a lot of interesting progress; we have made some significant structure changes (viewable on the A'08 Website, thanks to Jasra). Staff Reservations will be available by 15 May 2007, in time for Balticon. A more comprehensive report available in writing.

From Ben Levy:

The Arisia'08 web site is online As time progresses, we'll be fleshing out the new web site, and adding new features.

The convention structure (Org Chart) for Arisia '08 has changed previous years. Instead of having all of the Division Heads report directly to the Con Chair. The Division Heads now report to an individual Assistant Con Chair (or the Con Chair). Also while rearranging, we ended up with a couple of Department Heads reporting directly to an Assistant Con Chair. The Org Chart can be seen at:

We expect the Hyatt hotel reservations to be online and open to the public by Memorial Day. We'll make the reservation system available to convention staff a bit sooner to test out the system.

  • Arisia '08 Treasury

No Report.

  • Arisia '09 Conchair

Jill is soliciting suggestions for author guest of honor; send her email personally to The convention's theme will be "The Fabric of Science Fiction."

  • Arisia '09 Tresury

No Report.

  • Archives Committee

No Report.

  • Budget Committee

No Report.

  • Corporate Inventory Control

Skip reports that the new door and locks work as well as the old ones always did. New parts for the truss are in and unpacked; Hobbit will drill holes and attach the brackets. The drape still needs to be repaired. How much drape do we really need? -- we have 90 feet of useable drape and 120 feet total (conversation from the floor suggests tapping Joel Lord as an information source). Skip is still working on getting damages from the flood dealt with.

Insurance: Ben Levy's Insurance Agent has called; he has the information needed for generating quotes.

  • Corporate Sales

No Report.

  • Honors Committee
No Report.
  • Hotel Search Committee

For the 2008 Convention, the Hotel will have repair / maintenance personnel on site during the weekend; it turns out to be cheaper for them to schedule the personnel than to call personnel in. There will be penalties for elevator down time for the 2009 Convention.

A question from the floor asks whether or not Hotel Search needs to do anything with respect to Arisia '09? The answer is that 2010 there is no reasonable alternative to the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, so we're looking to stay at the Hyatt for '09 and '10.

MOVED FROM COMMITTEE to authorize the Executive Board to sign a suitable contract for A'09 with the Hyatt Regency as negotiated by the Hotel Committee.

Motion PASSES unanimously.

Noted that there will be a new Marriott in Newton (with more function space than the Hyatt) which is likely to be available for A'10; this gives us a possible alternative for A'10.

Overflow Hotels: We have three offers; from the Hotel at MIT, the Marriott and the Doubletree Suites in Allston. The Hotel at MIT would save us money on transportation; the Doubletree is offering various concessions because they'd like the business. A question from the floor: What's the schedule for the overflow hotel? Hotel Search could have competitive contracts in a few weeks and get into more negotiation in short order.

MOVED FROM COMMITTEE to authorize the Executive Board to sign a suitable contract for Arisia '08 Overflow Hotel in consultation with the Arisia '08 Convention Chair.

Motion PASSES unanimously.

Finally, Hotel Search takes under advisement the opinion that it's not too early to suss out hotel prospects for A'11; what are possible dates at downtown hotels?

  • Long Range Planning Committee

No Report

  • Relaxacon Committee
The Arisia Relaxicon '07 will be held Friday through Sunday, 8 to 10 June 2007 at the Hilton Boston Dedham, at East Street and Route 128 (there's 128 Amtrak and a commuter rail possibility). The Executive Board has been authorized to sign a contract if it is suitable. There is a public non-refundable rate of $82.00 / night; our rate is $99.00 / night; the Hotel won't budge on the rate. Our contract does NOT include free access to the Internet. Elevators may be accessed without going past the front desk. The hotel reserves the right to require security (which is something they normally do for school groups). The hotel may enter our space at any time. The hotel is willing to keep the pool open till midnight for us. We have last room availability; the room block is released 9 May 2007 but if rooms are available we can have them.

A comment from the floor begins a brief discussion regarding publicity for the Arisia Relaxacon '07. The Staff needs to be notified. A question from the floor inquires whether or not it is too late to manage a relaxacon in '07? Answered, this was discussed at the March meeting, this is the best time of the year to hold a relaxacon for logistical reasons, etc. A show of hands demonstrates greater than majority favor for going forward with a relaxacon this year.

  • Survey Committee

No Report.

  • Technical Equipment Committee

No Report.

  • Timeline Committee

A meeting was held 29 March 2007; there was some progress; mostly, it wound up being a convention discussion.

  • Old Business

No old business was lifted from the Table.

A comment from the floor suggests that, regarding our attempts to recover damages owed from the Storage Mishap, it would be wise to send a formal letter in addition to trying to schedule a face-to-face meeting.

  • New Business

The Meeting moves to a Committee of the Whole to discuss the fate of the Convention Mass Mailer. Much information is brought to the attention of the Convention Chair for her use; no motions made from the discussion. An item of note is that the database issues noted with regard to NCOA may eventually require Corporate attention; however, these are issues for each convention for the time being.

MOVED to charge $10/day or $15/weekend for the Arisia Relaxacon '07. Motion Seconded. Motion discussed.

MOVED to amend the motion by substitution; to give the relaxacon a $1,000.00 budget from the Corporate funds and not charge a membership fee. Motion to amend Seconded.

Motion to amend FAILS

Motion PASSES 22-5.

MOVED to give the Arisia Relaxacon '07 a $1,000.00 budget in addition to registrations. Motion Seconded.

Motion PASSES many to 2.

Regarding future General Meetings of the Membership:

May meeting shall be 2:00 PM to not later than 8:00 PM Sunday, 20 May 2007 at the Eastlake Home. A food plan is still ambiguous at this time.

June meeting shall be 2:00 PM Sunday, 10 June 2007 at the Hilton Boston Dedham, in conjunction with Arisia Relaxacon '07.

July meeting shall be Sunday, 29 July 2007 at the home of Jan Dumas (The Zoo) (No tree fruits please; occupant is allergic).

There is no meeting scheduled for August 2007.

The September meeting is scheduled for the third Sunday of September 2007; this is the Annual Meeting.
  • Announcements and future meetings

Merv is moving this Sunday, 29 April 2007; please come help, the boxes aren't THAT heavy . . . . Need only a few bodies at 11 AM to load the truck; more bodies at 12:30 PM to unload the truck right around the corner.

20 May, there will be a Northern Lights Fabric and Craft Materials swap.

A reminder that SmofCon is 7-9 December 2007 at the Airport Hilton.

Brendan Hertel is showing interest in attending meetings; as a voting member, please make him feel welcome.

Pending Business

From February

  • Conclude discussion of refund policy and bring a new motion (eboard)
  • Get quotes to eboard for liability and contents insurance. (CIC)
  • Get list of damaged goods to Cal and follow up about fixing door and door frame. (Skip)
  • Deferred discussion of a family or young fan rate to a future meeting.
  • Weekend rates were changed, but single-day rates were not changed and need to be discussed in the context of a 4 day con.
  • Report from hotel search committee about state of 2009/2010 possibilities.

From March

  • Who is responsible for notifying non-corporate-member keyholders of new policy?
  • Honors committee send funds to Patri's Girls fund

If anyone is aware of other pending business, please email

Mentor Subscription Information

Subscription to Mentor of Arisia is included with Corporate Membership to Arisia, Incorporated. Membership runs from September 1st to August 31st and costs $24. Dues are pro-rated on a monthly basis for members joining during the year.







    April $10






    June $06



    July $04



    August $02

Executive Board


Rick Kovalcik
19 Chesley Rd
Newton Centre MA 02459

Arisia 2007Conchair

Joel Herda
17 Heath St #3
Somerville MA 02145

Vice President

Lisa Holsberg
14 Salem St #4
Woburn MA 01801

Arisia 2007 Treasurer

Alex Latzko
40 Greatstone Dr
Merrimack NH 03054


Ben Levy
47 Brown St
Andover MA 01810

Arisia 2008 Conchair

September "Tem" Isdell
82 Albion Street #2
Somerville, MA 02143


Rachel Silber
59 Orient Ave
Melrose MA 02176

Arisia 2008 Treasurer

Donald Eastlake
155 Beaver St
Milford MA 01757

  Arisia 2009 Conchair

Jill Eastlake
155 Beaver St
Milford MA 01757

Committee Members & Corporate Appointed Officers

Budget Committee

Ben Levy (head)
Alex Latzko
Nicholas Shectman

Hotel Search Committee

Janet Stickle (head)
Skip Morris
Ben Levy

Corporate Inventory Control

Skip Morris (head)
Lisa Hertel
Joel Herda
Janet Stickle

Long Range Planning Committee

Nicholas Shectman (head)
Jill Eastlake
Jack Dietz
Lisa Adler-Goldin
Conor Walsh

Technical Equipment Committee

(same as CIC)

Relaxacon Investigation Committee

Jack Dietz (head)
Janet Stickle

Corporate Sales Officer

Lisa Hertel

Survey Committee


Corporate Systems Administrator

Cris Shuldiner

Grant Committee

Lisa Holsberg (head)
Walter Kahn

Honors Committee

Rachel Silber (head)

Archives Committee

Lori “Jet” Turi

Timeline Committee

Lisa Hertel (head)
Skip Morris
Nicholas Shectman
Noel Rosenberg
Rachel Silber

Membership Roster

Here is the current membership roster for Arisia, Inc. If you believe there is an error, or if you are on this list and do not receive Mentor, email

Lisa Adler-Golden Allan Kent
Aaron Aggassi Jenn Koerber
Jeanne Barrett Pamela Koretsky
Rob Bazemore Rick Kovalcik
Bridget Boyle 'Zanne Labonville
Brian Cooper Alex Latzko
Tom Coveney Ben Levy
David D'Antonio Glen McWilliams
Elka Tova Davidoff Skip Morris
Jack Dietz Susan Mozzicato
Samantha Dings Tom Murphy
Jan Dumas Pam Ochs
Mary Dumas Karen Purcell
Don Eastlake Mary Robison
Jill Eastlake Noel Rosenberg
Tom Fish Sharon Sbarsky
Colette Fozard Nicholas Shectman (Phi)
John Francini Cris Shuldiner
Tracy Gangwer Rachel Silber
Joel Herda Mike Sprague
Brendan Hertel Janet Stickle
Lisa Hertel Brandi Tague
Christina Hodges Pete Thomas
Lisa Holsberg (Jasra) Persis Thorndike
Steve Huff Pat Vandenberg
September Isdell Conor Walsh
Jeanne Kahn Al Walker (Hobbit)
Walter Kahn

Keys List

If you do not have a key to storage and need to get into storage, send mail to keys@arisia .org and all keyholders will get your request.

Keyset Holder Keyset Holder
1 Joel Herda 12 Janet Stickle
2 Alex Latzko 13 Persis Thorndike
3 Skip Morris 14 Lisa Hertel
4 Carsten Turner 15 Ben Levy
5 Skip Morris? 16 Rachel Silber
6 Phi 17 Lisa Holsberg
7 Michael Bergman 18 September Isdell (spare)
8 Rick Kovalcik 19 Skip Morris (spare)
9 September Isdell 20 Rick Kovalcik (spare)
10 Hobbit 21 Jill Eastlake
11 Landlord 22 Noel Rosenberg

Upcoming Meetings

Look for upcoming corporate and concomm meetings at

Meeting Schedule

Corporate: 2:00 PM Sunday 20 May 2007, at the Eastlake residence, Milford MA.

Division Head: 7:00 PM Tuesday, 22 May 2007 at the home of September Isdell.

Party: Time to be announced Sunday, 27 May 2007 at Balticon.

Relaxacon: Friday through Sunday, 8-10 June 2007 at the Hilton Boston Dedham. See the flyer in this Mentor.

Corporate: 2:00 PM Sunday 10 June 2007 in a room (TBD) at the Hilton Boston Dedham in conjunction with Arisia Relaxacon '07.

Division Head: 7:00 PM Wednesday, 27 June 2007 at the home of September Isdell.

Readercon: Friday through Sunday, 6-8 July 2007

ConCom: 7:00 PM Wednesday, 18 July 2007 at the Hyatt Regency, Cambridge.

Corporate: Time TBA, Sunday, 29 July 2007 at the home of Jan Dumas; location and directions forthcoming.

Division Head: 7:00 PM Monday, 30 July 2007 at the home of September Isdell.

NASFiC: Thursday through Sunday, 2-5 August 2007

WORLDCON: Thursday through Monday, 30 August – 3 September 2007

Division Head: 7:00 PM Thursday, 6 September 2007 at the home of September Isdell.

Corporate: Annual Meeting 2:00 PM Sunday, 16 May 2007 at MIT Building 66 Room 168 (or an adjacent room on the same corridor).

Division Head: 7:00 PM Tuesday, 25 September 2007 at the home of September Isdell.

Directions to the May Meeting

Directions to the Eastlakes', 155 Beaver Street, Milford, MA 01757-3601 (508) 634-2066 Donald's cell phone (508) 333-2270. Jill's cell phone (508) 333-2290.

Milford Massachusetts is located off I-495 west of Boston, south of the intersection with I-90 (the Mass Turnpike) and north of the intersection with I-95.

From the North, East, and West:

* I-495 is Exit 11A off the Mass Turnpike. The Mass Turnpike is Exit 22 off I-495. From this intersection, proceed south to I-495 Exit 19, route 109.

* Turn right, west at the end of the ramp (there are lights).

* Move to the left lane over the next 1/4 mile. You will be surrounded by fast food chains, gas stations, a Kohl's, a Jo-Ann Fabrics, loads of other stores. Proceed to the intersection (just past Maria's Italian Villa with a prominent Pizza sign, on the left) with the sometimes blinking yellow light, it cycles during most of the day.

* Turn left onto Birch Street (signs say Birch Street entrance to the Bear Hill Business Area).

* Turn right at the end of Birch Street onto Beaver Street (keep in mind that you could turn left here and one-way back to route 109).

* Go down about 1/8 of a mile to the fork in the road. Beaver Street is the right fork, Maple Street is the left. Use either one since Maple Street T-ends into Beaver Street (you will turn left on Beaver if you've taken Maple).

* Look carefully at the mailboxes along Beaver Street as they count up confusingly. 155 is on the right, across from a masonry company showroom and offices (not well labeled, but clearly a masonry building).

* If you see a horse farm on the left, you went a little too far and should turn around.

From the South:

* Traveling north on I-495 from route I-95, proceed to Exit 18 in Bellingham, route 126. You'll notice the Regal Cinema 14 theater on the right just before the exit, also a Whole Foods market and lots of other businesses.

* Turn left at the top of the ramp, from the center lane.

* Cross over I-495 and proceed on Hartford Avenue (do NOT follow route 126 when it turns left at the Dunkin Donuts). You will pass Varney Concrete on the right (it's impossible to see in the dark).

* Turn Right onto Grove Street at the cross-roads sign. Grove Street is a (mostly) residential street in Bellingham and becomes Beaver Street at the (not-obvious) town line with Milford. Drive down the middle of the road whenever possible as the edges have many, many potholes.

* Near the end of Bellingham you will see an Equestrian Crossing sign, a horse farm on the right (SLOW DOWN HERE), and then suddenly you're in Milford

* We're at 155, the second house on the left, just across from a masonry company showroom and offices (not well labeled, but clearly a masonry building).

* If you see businesses mixed in with the homes frequently, you went too far and should turn around.

(To see the latest version of this page on the web, go to


Arisia Relaxacon!


What: A Weekend-Long Get-Away
Who: All Arisia Volunteers, Staff, & Program Participants
Where: Hilton, Dedham (just outside of Boston)
When: June 8-10, 2007

Cost: $15/weekend or $10 Friday or Saturday

Arisia is having a "Relaxacon" ( This is an opportunity for all of us to get together without having to do any real work.

Activities Include: SMOFing, ConSuite (with food and drinks), Movies (Perhaps a marathon Hugo Nominees viewing session?), Pool and Jacuzzi (until midnight just for us), Tennis, Racketball, Basketball, Exercise Room, Jogging, Hotel surrounded by wooded conservation grounds, Local trips & hikes to Blue Hills & other sights, Nearby shopping, restaurants, movies, & golf.


This is meant as a get together for Staff, Volunteers, and others interested in Arisia. We expect there to be lots of talk about SF, SMOFing, and food / drink. People might also want to bring some light games to play. Think of it as a big Consuite or Staff Den. We hope to be able to arrange free WiFi access especially in and around the Consuite. Jack Dietz will be in charge of the Consuite. If you are interested in helping out with that, please let us know.

In order to provide food / drink for a Consuite, the cost is $15 for the weekend or $10 for Friday or Saturday. Sunday is free as it is a half day, and we're having the Arisia Corporate meeting at the hotel at 2 PM on Sunday. This would be a good opportunity to come and see an Arisia Corporate meeting for those interested in getting more involved with running Arisia. Children under 5 are free and between 5 and 21 are half price. No babysitting is provided, so parents are responsible for their own children.

We have negotiated a room rate of $99 per night plus tax for 1-4 people at the Hilton Dedham Hotel (including 3 days before and after the Relaxacon for those who really want to get away). There is free parking. The hotel has a Jacuzzi and heated indoor swimming pool which will both be available until midnight especially for us. There are tennis, racquetball, and basketball courts. You can also work out with exercise equipment or jog on a lovely outdoor trail. The hotel is surrounded by wooded conservation grounds. Nearby there is plenty of shopping and restaurants on Route 1, as well as a large National Amusements movie theater and golf nearby.

The hotel is easy to get to from Rt. 128/I-95 and there's a commuter rail station (Dedham Corporate stop on the Franklin line) that's a five minute walk from the hotel. The hotel is also a short ride from the Rt. 128 Amtrak station.

To book a hotel room, you can call 1-800-HILTONS (445-8667) and ask for the Arisia block at the Dedham, MA Hilton or start from . Rooms booked at the Arisia rate may be canceled up until 4 PM on the day of arrival. Our room block has expired, but it is still possible to use the hotel's web site to reserve a room at the discounted rate.

To register for the Relaxacon itself via PayPal, you can go to (please be sure to fill in the “Name of Membership” field during checkout, especially if buying more than one membership) or see me, Ben Levy, or Conor Walsh (who has volunteered to be Registrar for this) at a Corporate / ConCom meeting or mail a check to:

Arisia Relaxacon,
Building 600, PMB 322,
1 Kendall Square,
Cambridge, MA 02139.

If you have any questions please email or contact one of us.

ARISIA, Incorporated
PMB 322, Building 600
1 Kendall Square
Cambridge MA 02139

Arisia, Mentor of Arisia, and the Arisia Lens are service marks of Arisia, Incorporated.  All material copyright 2007, Arisia Incorporated.  All rights reserved.