The Newsletter of Arisia, Incorporated, Number 125 [correction: really 136], May 2005


·         The next meeting will be held on June 12 at 2 PM at the Eastlake residence (155 Beaver Rd, Milford MA). This meeting will be followed by a barbeque.  Details and directions are below.

·         The next meeting will bring up the following pieces of business

o        The Arisia ’06 convention budget

o        The Long Range Planning Committee report on the convention comp policy

o        A proposed change to the by laws

The required notices and the information for discussion of all of these items are included in this issue of Mentor.

·         The Arisia ’06 budget is on the 4 pages between pages 4 and 5 of this Mentor

The President invites candidates to apply for the position of Chair of Arisia ’07.  Send email expressing interest to by June 15th.  The e-board will arrange for interviews. It is hoped that a recommendation will be presented to the membership at the July meeting.

Long Range Planning Report

The Long Range Planning Committee report, as modified by discussion at the April e-board meeting, is recorded below:

1.             Individuals working a single event or item do not need a membership.

2.             All gift comps must be approved by the ConChair. This may not be delegated.

3.             The number of gift comps for each division must be listed in the convention budget.

4.             Change policy to three hours of Program Items, Events, and / or running Games.

5.             Partial hours may be combined to make full hours for purposes of number 4 above.

Minutes of the May Meeting

·         Date, Time, and Place

Sunday, May 15th at MIT Building 66 at 2 pm.  Called to order at 2:20 pm.

·         In Attendance

In the absence of the Clerk, Rick Kovalcik recorded the minutes.

Voting Members: Bridget Boyle, Tom Coveney, Jack Dietz, Lisa Hertel, Allan Kent, Walter Kahn, Rick Kovalcik, 'Zanne Labonville, Alex Latzko, Ben Levy, Nicholas Shectman, Rachel Silber, Mike Sprague, Janet Stickle, Persis Thorndike, Carsten Turner, Pat Vandenberg.

Others: Dante Blando, Tracy Gangwer, Karen Purcell

·         Proxies

Sheila Oranch to Pat Vandenberg, Melina Schlotthauer to Tom Coveney, Skip Morris to Rick Kovalcik, Jill Eastlake to Alex Latzko, Dave Belfer-Shevett to Phi, Jeanne Kahn to Walter Kahn.

·         Corrections to the Minutes

The minutes for the April meeting (note: printed below in this issue of Mentor) were accepted without changes

·         President’s Report/Eboard Report (Carsten Turner)

The Eboard is working on a new lease for storage. The Eboard is looking to hold ConChair ’07 interviews by mid June. If you are interested in the post of ConChair ’07, please let Carsten know.

·         Vice President’s Report (Rick Kovalcik)

Nothing to report.

·         Treasurer’s Report (Alex Latzko)

We're solvent. We have about $24,000 in the bank. We are still waiting on the latest merchant statements to figure out how much more money to send to Lunacon for their use of our credit card swipe boxes. We understand from Lunacon that while they would like to get all the money due to them, the small delta (~$150) does not present a big hardship for them.

·         Clerk’s Report

Not present.

Motion from the floor to change the bylaws to reflect that any officer who does not attend three corporate meetings in a row without submitting an explanation which is accepted by the membership is deemed to have resigned from their position and may be replaced as per the other parts of the bylaws. Seconded. As this affects the bylaws it was automatically tabled.

Carsten asked for volunteers from the floor for the position of Acting Clerk. He then appointed Rachel Silber to the position. Rachel (with help from others as necessary) was asked to get the next Mentor out and to deal with the mail at the PMB.

·         Arisia ’05 ConChair Report (Buzz Harris)

Not present

·         Arisia ’05 Treasurer Report (Pat McCormack)

Not present.

·         Arisia ’06 ConChair Report (Nicholas Shectman)

Phi reported that he had hoped to have a budget to propose, but doesn’t yet. He really hopes to have it published in time to vote on at the June Corporate Meeting. He has most of his division head positions filled but is waiting to appoint an Operations Head until the ConChair ’07 is appointed. He also has a candidate for Fixed Functions, but that is not confirmed yet. Motion to change the Arisia ’06 pre-registration deadlines to 9/15 and 12/15 rather than 9/30 and 12/31. Passes unanimously.

·         Long Range Planning Committee Report

The LRP made a report at the last Eboard meeting about Comp Memberships. The Eboard has decided to table this until it is printed in Mentor.

·         All Other Committees

No reports.

·         Old Business


·         New Business

Motion that Art Show Rates be changed [from $28 flat] to $20 for the first panel or portions thereof and $40 for additional panels or portions thereof. There was much discussion about the purpose of this (to encourage new artists) and whether this policy would really accomplish this. Motion passes to call the question (20-2). The original motion fails (Many-1).

[The meeting was adjourned at this point for 5 minutes for the Eboard’s convenience to discuss upcoming milestones.]

Motion to repeal the Arisia policy requiring that anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Seconded. After some discussion this was tabled to the Eboard for further review.

Motion that at the ConChair’s discretion, Corporate Sales at Arisia may be contracted to an outside party or parties. Seconded. Passes.

·         Announcements:

Carsten reiterated that anyone interested in the position of ConChair ’07 should let the Eboard know by June 15th.

The next corporate meeting is Sunday 12 June at 2 PM at the Eastlake home, 155 Beaver Street, Milford, MA, 508-634-2066.

The July corporate meeting will be Tuesday 19 July at 7:30 PM at the Kovalcik-Mozzicato home, 19 Chesley Road, Newton, MA, 617-244-4560.

The August corporate meeting will be Sunday 21 August at 2 PM at the Vandenberg-Kent home, 5 Mill River Drive, Mendon, MA 01756, 508-381-0582.

The meeting was adjourned at 4 PM.

Minutes of the April Eboard Meeting

·         Time and Place

Minutes of the Arisia Eboard Meeting of 11 April 2005 at the Kovalcik-Mozzicato home in Newton. The meeting was called to order at 19:40 by Carsten Turner.

·         Attendees

In attendance were Carsten Turner, Alex Latzko, Rick Kovalcik, Nicholas Shectman (Phi), Cris Shuldiner, Bridget Boyle, and Lisa Hertel. Minutes were taken by Rick Kovalcik.

Phi reported that the possible location for Arisia Storage in South Boston wanted $10 / sq. ft. for 1200 sq. ft. If we rented 4800 sq. ft. from the people in South Boston we might be able to get it for $5.75 to $8 / sq. ft. The consensus seems to be that we will hold fast where we are until we are forced to move by our current landlord or something better comes along.

The Arisia Art Show Lights have been repaired by Dale Farmer and have been returned to Arisia Storage. Rick Kovalcik will give him a check for the work on Wednesday. We need to decide if we are going to bill NELA for the damage to the Art Show Lights and Skip’s ladder. The consensus was that we would not. Some of the Art Show Light damage existed before N4 and NELA also already paid us $500 rent.

Phi asked about the possibility of changing his pre-registration deadlines to 9/15 and 12/15 rather than 9/30 and 12/31. This seemed like a good idea to the Eboard and will be brought up at the next Corporate Meeting.

Phi brought up the subject of Art Show Rates. There was a motion which passed at the last Corporate Meeting to change the Art Show Rates to $28 / panel with no commission. There is another suggestion under consideration to change the rates to be $20 for the first panel and $40 for each additional panel. This might encourage new artists, increase diversity, and discourage people from getting 3 or more panels. There was no clear consensus on this.

We are still waiting for the Merchant Statements to figure out the balance of money we owe Lunacon against their use of our charge machine.

Bridget Boyle presented a draft of the LRP Proposal about Comp Memberships:

1.             Individuals working a single event or item do not need a membership.

2.             All gift comps must be approved by the ConChair. This may not be delegated.

3.             The number of gift comps for each division must be listed in the convention budget.

4.             [Currently three Program Items are required for a Program Comp.] Change policy to three Program Items, Events, and / or Games of 1 to 3 hours.

5.             Program Comps for running games require each game or combination of games to be at least 1 hour.

After much discussion, the Eboard felt the numbers 4 and 5 should change to:

4.             Change policy to three hours of Program Items, Events, and / or running Games.

5.             Increments of item hours may be combined to make full hours for purposes of number 4 above. [It was later suggested that “Partial” might be a better word than “Increments of”.]

The meeting was adjourned at 21:50.

Minutes of the March Meeting

Meeting Minutes for Arisia Corporate Meeting - 24 March 2005.

·         Place and Time

Meeting was called to order at 8PM at home of Rick Kovalcik.

·         Attendance

.In the absence of the President, the VP (Rick K) moderated the meeting.

 In the absence of the Clerk, Skip Morris was appointed to take minutes.

 There were seven voting members present (Rick Kovalcik, Skip Morris, Phi, Alex Latzko, Walter Kahn, Persis Thorndike, and Susan Mozzicato  Also present were Don and Jill Eastlake  who joined before the meeting.)  In the absence of a quorum the meeting was convened for hearing reports only.

·         Proxies

Ben Levy to Phi, Dave Belfer-Shevett to Alex Latzko, Jeanne Kahn to Walter Kahn, Bridget Boyle to Alex Latzko, Noel  Rosenberg to Phi, Sheila Oranch to Persis Thorndyke.

·         President’s Report

Not present, no report.

·         Vice President and Grant Committee Report

Has received grant info from Noel.  All the information appears to be stale (ie, dealt with in the past.)  He knows of no outstanding grants.

·         Treasurer’s Report

We're solvent.  We lent a swipebox to Lunacon, we'll send them a check for Art Show purchases which total $4922.70 plus $590.60 less about 3%. 

There was a query as to whether or not we could afford tohave the lawyer in Atlanta work on the hotel contract. (ie, This is the hospitality industry specialist that was retained for consultation for the A'05 date issue.)  He normally charges $1900 for reviewing and rewriting a hotel contract.  He's willing to apply the prior $1000 retainer to this work.  Alex will look at our current situation and let Skip know.

·         Clerk’s Report

Not present, no report.

·         Hotel Search Committee

 (was Tom, now Buzz) - Not present, no report.

(The eboard members present noted that Buzz was recently appointed to chair the Hotel Committee.)


·         Timeline Committee (Noel)

 Not present, but members present reporting recently picking art show's brain.

·         Honors Committee

Announcement that anyone interested in nominating someone to honors, please contact

·         Long Range Planning Committee

 (Bridget via Alex) Has met, Bridget needs to summarize the results.

 [Quorum Note: Carsten or Noel (I forget, I thought it was Carsten, but the  notes say Noel.) joined the meeting by speakerphone. We now have quorum.]

·         Corporate Inventory Control Committee

(Skip) - Reported out a motion (originally from Merv).  A draft Storage Policy was presented.  After passing itaround and receiving many friendly amendments it was passed by acclamation.

Moved: To establish a Corporate Storage Policy as follows:

 Arisia Corporate Storage Policy

1.       Keys may be given out to individuals who need to access storage on a regular basis. Keyholders may not lend out keys to other individuals without EBoard or CIC approval.

2.          Equipment and goods may be stored in Arisia Storage with permission of the EBoard or CIC, provided such items may be used by Arisia for free, ie "at no charge".

3.        All equipment in Arisia Storage must be labeled, or be in a container labeled with the owners name; additionally all Arisia owned equipment must be labeled, or be in a container labeled with the responsible department.

4.       Equipment in storage may be loaned out with EBoard approval. However Common Courtesy and Common Sense dictate that individual owners, and/or committee members responsible for such equipment be consulted before any loan is approved.

5.       a) Any time anything is loaned out from storage, an inventory record of said items should be sent to all keyholders to facilitate proper "check-in" when all items are returned.  b) Anyone borrowing anything from Arisia Storage must agree to return everything in a like condition as borrowed, or to repair or replace anything damaged in a timely manner.

6.        The Arisia CIC must maintain a contact list of all keyholders,  and all individuals or organizations storing anything in storage. A copy of said list shall be posted in a conspicuous place in storage.

 CIC made four more copies of the key since it was felt the new "no key loaning" policy would make it harder on current keyholders. Persis was given key #13. Rick was given other extra keys.  [Note: Persis... we didn't tell you, but so far all the keys given out to ConChairs are where the key number matched the year they chaired the convention.  That means you're doomed in 8 years...]

CIC has been in discussion with Bart (the landlord) over space.  Bill Darby has moved and they're subdividing the space.  Upshot is they want us to move to a slightly smaller space and charge us more rent.  (Current rent is $640/month for about 1100 square feet.)

There was a discussion over storage issues.  Upshot is Phi, Alex and Skip will be checking out Drydock Avenue space in the next couple days. Someone said that we might get space as cheap as $5/square foot. [Note: Drydock was checked out, it appears the space isn't any cheaper then what the current landlord wants to charge.]

It was reported from the floor that the laminator is missing.  Walter is checking the cost.

It was reported from the floor that a review of the photographic records of what was borrowed by the flea indicate that they did NOT borrow the missing Art Show shelves.  Also, the shelves that came backup up here from BSFS are NOT the missing Arisia shelves.  The most likely culprit is N4, but given the cheap price of the shelves it isn't worth pursuing.

Skip's ladder still needs to be replaced.  He will buy a new one and submit an expense report to Arisia who will then bill the Flea.

A bunch of stuff was borrowed by Lunacon.  All of it appears to have been returned except for an 8' pull-down screen.  Rick or Skip will pick it up the next time one of them is in NY.

·         Convention Reports

Arisa ’03 (Skip) No report.  Noted by ’04 treasurer, we’re waiting for the final financial report.

Arisia 04 (Carsten) - no report.

Arisia 05 (Buzz via Phi) - It's still over. Arisia '05 Treasury (Cris) - Cris has a sick wife and kid.

 Arisia '06 (Phi) - Most DivHeads are appointed.  There will be a meeting in April  to put together the budget.  There was a successful party at Lunacon, at which there were 14 memberships sold.

·         Tech Equipment Committee

No report.  Alex will talk to Paul Re: video gear and what he has accomplished.  A message will be posted to Corporate as to which equipment will go away.

Committees not listed had no report.

·         Old Business


·         New Busines

 Motion that for email proxies be accepted they must be signed digitally, motion failed for lack of second. (Note: Informal discussion from the floor basically felt this was not needed since proxies are normally sent to the corporate list where all can see them.  Falsification of proxies has not been problem.)

 Motion to change Art Show rates by Phi.  We went to a Committee of the Whole for  an extended discussion.  Motions as returned from committee were:

 1. Art Show rates are modifed to $29/panel prorated. Commissions are eliminated.  [Passed Many to 1.]

 2. Art Show rules should include "Arisia reserves the right to limit panel or table sales based upon the needs of the convention." [Passed by acclamation]

3. Corporate Art Show Policy modified to say: "The Convention Art Show may eliminate the display area for prints and require that all Print Shop artists instead rent Art Show display space."  [Passed by acclamation.]

 [Note: After the meeting an alternate Art Show rate of $20/40 as discussed (ie,$20 per panel/table prorated for up to one panel, $40 per panel prorated for everything above one panel/table.  Phi is looking into this, however this is a revenue neutral proposal and as such doesn't need action before thebudget.]

·         Meeting Schedule

Meetings were scheduled.  The upcoming schedule of meetings and other stuff is:

April 24 (Sunday)     Corporate Meeting Cancelled.

April 25 (Monday) @7:30 DivHead Meeting at Wainwright/Central Square.

May 15 (Sunday)   Corporate Meeting at MIT (usual place/time).

June 12 (Sunday)      Corporate Meeting at Jill Eastlake home.

[Numerous conventions moved to Calendar of Events]

Directions to Eastlake Residence

The corporate meeting will be followed by a barbeque.  People should bring contributions for their favorite barbeque food and accompaniments.

Parking should be on the grass along the driveway.

Directions to the Eastlakes’

155 Beaver Street, Milford, MA 01757-3601

508-634-2066 Donald¹s cell phone 508-333-2270.  Jill¹s cell phone 508-333-2290.

 Milford Massachusetts is located off I-495 west of Boston, south of the intersection with I-90 (the Mass Turnpike) and north of the intersection with I-95 (from Boston to Providence and beyond!).  When flying, consider Providence¹s T.F. Green Airport.

 From the North, East, and West:

* I-495 is Exit 11A off the Mass Turnpike.  The Mass Turnpike is Exit 22 off I-495.  From this intersection, proceed south to I-495¹s Exit 19, route 109.

* Turn right, west at the end of the ramp (there are lights).

* Move to the left lane over the next 1/4 mile.  You will be surrounded by fast food chains, gas stations, a Kohl’s, a Jo Ann Fabrics, loads of other stores.  Proceed to the intersection (just past Maria’s Italian Villa with a prominent KENO sign, on the left) with the sometimes blinking yellow light, it now cycles during most of the day.

* Turn left onto Birch Street (signs say Birch Street entrance to the Bear Hill Business Area).

* Turn right at the end of Birch Street onto Beaver Street (keep in mind that you could turn left here and one-way back to route 109).

*Go down about 1/8 of a mile to the fork in the road.  Beaver Street is the right fork, Maple Street is the left.  Use either one since Maple Street T-ends into Beaver Street (you will turn left on Beaver if you’ve taken Maple). 

* Look carefully at the mailboxes along Beaver Street as they count up confusingly.  155 is on the right, across from a masonry company showroom and offices (not well labeled, but clearly a masonry building).

*If you see a horse farm on the left, you went a little too far and should turn around.

From the South:

* Traveling north on I-495 from route I-95, proceed to Exit 18 in Bellingham, route 126.  You’ll notice the Regal Cinema 14 theater on the right just before the exit, also a Whole Foods market and lots of other businesses. 

* Turn left at the top of the ramp, from the center lane.

* Cross over I-495 and proceed on Hartford Avenue (do NOT follow route 126 when it turns left at the Dunkin Donuts).  You will pass Varney Concrete on the right (it¹s impossible to see in the dark).

* Turn Right onto Grove Street at the cross-roads sign.  Grove Street is a (mostly) residential street in Bellingham and becomes Beaver Street at the (not-obvious) town line with Milford.  Drive down the middle of the road whenever possible as the edges have many, many potholes.

* Near the end of Bellingham you will see an Equestrian Crossing sign, a horse farm on the right (SLOW DOWN HERE), and then suddenly you¹re in Milford. 

* We’re at 155, the second house on the left, just across from a masonry company showroom and offices (not well labeled, but clearly a masonry building). 

* If you see businesses mixed in with the homes frequently, you went too far and should turn around.

Membership/Subscription Information

Subscription to Mentor of Arisia is included with Corporate Membership to Arisia, Incorporated.  Membership runs from September 1st to August 31st and costs $24.  Dues are pro-rated on a monthly basis for members joining during the year.
































Executive Board


Carsten Turner

C/o Arisia Inc

Bldg 600, PMB 322

One Kendall Square

Cambridge MA 02139

Arisia 2005 Conchair

Noel Rosenberg

137 Franklin St

Arlington MA 02474

Vice President

Rick Kovalcik

19 Chelsea Rd

Newton Centre MA 02459

Arisia 2005 Treasurer

Pat McCormack

1461 Pawtucket Blvd #A7

Lowell MA


Alex Latzko

82 Cliff Rd

Milton MA 02186

Arisia 2006 Conchair

Nicholas Shectman

75 Lexington Ave

Somerville MA 02144


Paul Selkirk

112A Marblehead St

N Reading MA   01864-1526

Arisia 2006 Treasurer

Cris Shuldiner

9 Jeremy Hill Rd

Pelham NH 03076



Unofficial Membership Roster

Aaron Agassi

Rob Bazemore

Dave Belfer-Shevett

Bridget Boyle

Elaine Brennan

Brian Cooper

Tom Coveney

Elka Tovah Davidoff

Jack Dietz

Regis Donovan

Jill Eastlake

Don Eastlake

Tom Fish

Colette Fozard

Tracy Gangwer

Buzz Harris

Joel Herda

Lisa Hertel

Brendan Hertel

Walter  Kahn

Jeanne Kahn

Allan Kent

Rick Kovalcik

Zanne Labonville

Alex Latzko

Benjamin Levy

Claudia Mastroianni

Patrick McCormack

Skip Morris

Susan Mozzicato

Tom Murphy

Pam Ochs

Sheila Oranch

Karen Purcell

Mary Robison

Noel Rosenberg

Melina Schlotthauer

Paul Selkirk

Cris Shuldiner

Rachel Silber

Janet Stickle

Pete Thomas

Persis Thorndike

Carsten Turner

Pat Vandenberg

Al Walker (hobbit)

Conor Walsh



Calendar of Events

Sun June 12 2 PM Arisia Corporate Meeting @ Eastlake residence, 155 Beaver Street Milford MA, 508-634-2066

Wed June 22 7:30 PM Arisia Concomm Meeting, location TBA

July 8-10 2005 Readercon 15 Burlington MA (

Tues July 19 7:30 PM Arisia Corporate Meeting @ Kovalcik- Mozzicato residence, 19 Chelsey Road, Newton Centre MA, 617-244-4560

Sun July 24 2 PM Arisia Concomm Meeting, MIT Bldg 66

August 4-8 2005 Interaction (63rd World Science Fiction Convention, Glasgow, Scotland) Web:

Sun Aug 21 2 PM Arisia Corporate Meeting @ Vandenberg-Kent residence, 5 Mill River Drive, Mendon MA 01756 508-381-0582

September 1-5 2005 Cascadia Con (NASFIC)  Seattle WA


Sun Sept 18 2 PM Arisia Annual Meeting MIT Bldg 66, first floor




















ARISIA, Incorporated

Building 600, PMB 322

1 Kendall Square

Cambridge, MA 02139