The Newsletter of Arisia, Incorporated, Number 135 [correction: really 137], June 2005


·         The next meeting of Arisia Corp will be held at the home of Rick Kovalchik and Susan Mozzicato, 19 Chelsey Rd Newton Centre, MA, on Tuesday July 19th at 7:30 PM.

·         Notice is hereby given that there will be a special election for the position of clerk at the July 19th meeting. 

Minutes of the June Meeting

·         Date, Time, and Place

Sunday June 12, 2005, at Eastlakes residence, called to order @ 2:31 by Rick Kovalcik, chairing the meeting in Carsten Turner’s absence.

·         In attendance

Rick Kovalcik, Lisa Hertel, Rachel Silber, Persis Thorndike, Nicholas Shectman, Jill Eastlake, Cris Shuldiner, Karen Purcell, Alex Latzko, Jack Dietz, Donald Eastlake III, Lisa Alder-Golden, Stephanie Fine, Richard Fine, Jerome Conner, Kara Haff, ‘Zanne Labonville, Tracy Gangwer, Bridget Boyle

·         Proxies

Skip to Phi, Ben to Phi, Bridget to Alex when she is not in the room

·         Corrections to the minutes

(March) It was Carsten, not Noel. Since there was no objection last month to the (March) minutes, the business is considered approved.

·         President’s Report

Rick gives president’s and eboard report as President is not present. Thanks to Eastlakes for hosting this meeting. Carsten is moving on July 18th.  He intends to continue out the remainder of his term. 

Eboard: still needs to sign the lease for new storage.   The next eboard meeting will discuss conchair candidates, and the funding we’ve received as distributions from N4.

There is a $1500 check from N4 and an agreement in principle to donate $3000 from MCFI.   Email Eboard with suggestions. 

Next eboard meeting is June 21st 7:30 at storage.

·         Vice President’s Report

Nothing vice-presidential to report, and few vices.

·         Treasurer’s Report

There are stale checks that need to be replaced and have not been deposited.  The ATM card(s) have not yet arrived, problem with Wainwright.  Until resolved, RKOV will deposit for Alex.  Books are 6 months out of order, working on them. 

Roughly $24000 in checking account.

 A ’03 books are waiting for Phi and Alex to get together and close them.  A’04 books are not closed but Phi has necessary information to audit.

·         Clerk’s Report

A Mentor was published and mailed  on May 28th.  The next issue of Mentor has a content deadline of June 22nd  and is intended to be mailed on or about June 25th. 

We do not have a current valid address for Tom Fish; if anyone knows his mailing address please contact the clerk. 

If there is anyone who should be on the Arisia Corp mailing list and is not, or who did not get a Mentor and should have, please contact the clerk .

Mail was picked up at the mailbox on May 25th or so and on June 8th.  Corrections to roster were given to clerk. 

Request from the treasurer to rekey the mailbox.  Discussion of how many keys, for whom, etc, tabled to eboard.

The clerk is borrowing the art show scanner/copier for corporate business and will take responsibility for getting it to the con. 

·         Arisia ’05 ConChair Report – not present

·         Arisia ’05 Treasurer Report

Waiting for the credit card statements from last year. Alex has them, CWS and Alex to get together.  A blank check was accidently sent out and needs to be replaced, we have all the info to do that.

·         Arisia ’06 ConChair Report – not present

We have a budget, copies were printed in Mentor.  Will be considered under new business.  Concom meeting on June 22, room TBD.

·         Arisia ’06 Treasurer Report – no report

·         Long Range Planning – no report

·         CIC

As submitted in email:

1. We moved. The new space is organized, there's even enough room for a meeting to be held around the table.  Monday's session took about 7 hours,  Wednesday night took another three hours or so.  On Monday the landlord  supplied three workers, we hired two from Labor Ready. A big thanks to  RKOV, Hobbit, Persis, & Lisa, all of whom worked their butts off.

2. Extra stuff was given away, Topper took the lockers, the pipe has Kevin Fallon and one other person claiming it, Crash claimed the Junkyard Wars bins for the con, Kevin might also want the 19" racks, and Bridget claimedthe 1/8" pressboard. The two stuffed snakes are still left for anyone whowants them.  We threw out an entire dumpster full of stuff; including about two-thirds of the surplus publications.

3. The landlord put in a new double door facing the elevator.  It still needs a deadbolt. The side door now has a deadbolt plus regular lock both keyed to our key.  A metal kick plate is still to be added to the door. Landlord is also running telephone lines in the building, so we'll have that option as well.  As an added bonus another tenant in the building is broadcasting free 802.11 service reachable from our space.

4. Missing in action: Most of the hand trucks and furniture dollys. We're down to one low-capacity hand truck and two furniture dolly's (plus a couple out on loan), formally we had about 10+ dollys total. I have no idea where  they ended up. Most likely culprits are Noreascon or The Flea. A motion to replace them is below.

5. We need insurance as one of the requirements for the new lease.  I've spoken to the agent, a motion is below.  (Note: We also possibly need to add insurance coverage for artists and dealers at-con. New hotel requirements require all "exhibitors" to be covered by liability insurance. Each dealer and artist can either provide it on their own (and bring proof), or we canadd a rider to our policy covering everyone for about an extra $100-$150 above last years cost of $680.)  I talked to the agent, they won't know an exact amount until they actually submit an application, but a good guess is that coverage for everything should be in the $1200-$1500 range for one years worth of coverage.

Motion #1: Moved to allocate $1500 for liability insurance (to cover Arisia both in storage, at-con (at-con coverage extended for exhibitors as well), and while our stuff is on loan.

Motion #2: Moved to allocate $250 to purchase replacement dollys.  (FYI: I priced dollys at Home Depot. Heavy-duty appliance dollys are $99, regular heavy-duty dollys are $69, lighter-duty dollys are $40, and furniture dollys are $20.)

[The below motion is motivated by the fact that we've lent stuff out to a number of conventions over the years that have lost things, broken them, and just not bothered to take proper care of things they've borrowed.

Besides the hand trucks, we've lost art show parts, radios, tech gear, etc.  It really needs to stop.]

Motion #3: Moved to require a security deposit for all loans of equipment and goods from Arisia Storage. The amount to be a MINIMUM of: $500 or the replacement value of everything being loaned (whichever is smaller). The security deposit may be waived by the eboard only when the loan is to a group that has a history of borrowing items from Arisia and returning everything loaned in good condition. This motion to take effect immediately.

Motions out of committee are dealt with:

Motion to refer motion #1 to eboard. Passes

Motion to refer motion #2 to eboard. Passes

Motion #3  Motion to object to consideration fails.

Ensuing discussion covers upcoming Gaylaxacon, general “fannishness” of security deposit, issues about personal gear.

 Motion fails 2-10. 

It is reiterated that CIC policy and common courtesy require that equipment loans are checked with the department heads affected and do not loan personal gear without the consent of the owner.

Other committees do not have reports 

·         Old business

Moved to table the LRP policy discussion.

Motion withdrawn when discussion was limited to  8 minutes. 

After 8 minutes of discussion, the chair ruled to table this until the end of the meeting.

Move to table discussion of  the officer removal bylaw move until after budget discussion, passes unanimously.

Child care policy discussion was tabled to eboard; since the eboard has not met, it is stil tabled.

·         New business

Moved to approve the budget that printed in Mentor

Phi presented the following amendment:

Add dealers mailings line item at $150. Add braille pocket program at $100. Rename art show misc supplies to art show admin and increase from $15 to $50 Add additional party TBD at $100 Total increases: $400

Eliminate Art Show Van Rental ($200). Eliminate Worldcon party ($200) Total decreases: $400 Dealers mailing number is changed from $150 ->  $165.  Lisa has historical data, this is a friendly amendment.

Moved to consider budget amendments provided by Phi.  Motion passes, budget will be considered as amended. 

Phi discusses not having a contingency fund in the budget – because we are doing it early, we can do budget amendments.  There is a corporate meeting before the con that we can use as a control deadline. 

ASCAP/BMI – the hotel has a blanket license, which covers us because we are an F&B function.  Leaving the line in the budget until we do more research.

Fast track budget – repairing the sewing machine is corporate, can be approved by any officer since its less then $100.  Fast track budget is ok.

Nixed LaborReady for load in/load out? We were pretty good for load in last year.  There is room to have crash space for people doing Monday load out. I want the person doing logistics to feel that this is a big deal. 

Budget passes unanimously. 

It was noted that the speed of the budget discussion was greatly assisted by Phi having answered many questions before the meeting on the corporate email list.  Thanks, Phi!

LRP policy discussion resumed on the 5 part policy printed in the May Mentor.

 The Long Range Planning Committee report, as modified by discussion at the April e-board meeting, is recorded below:

1.             Individuals working a single event or item do not need a membership.  2. All gift comps must be approved by the ConChair. This may not be delegated. 3.    The number of gift comps for each division must be listed in the convention budget.  4. Change policy to three hours of Program Items, Events, and / or running Games. 5.     Partial hours may be combined to make full hours for purposes of number 4 above.

Motion to divide the question into 5 parts passes.

1.             Point #1 passes many to none

2.             After much discussion, motion to table #2 until after discussion of # 3.  Passes

3.             Motion #3 fails.

Back to motion #2.  Motion #2 fails many to 3

4. Motion to consider 4 and 5 together is ruled out of order.  Motion #4 passes unanimously.

5.  Motion fails (but it seems to be the sense of the meeting that it is a common sense interpretation of #4 and doesn’t need to be legislated).

Officer replacement bylaw.

It is commented that the bylaws discussion "should have been" ruled out of order last time because there were not 5 signatures.  There are 5 signatures now, discussion goes on.

 Clerk is given signed copy of bylaw proposal.

Phi (holding Skip's proxy) introduces Skip's amendments.

MOVED to AMEND BY REPLACEMENT, the amendment to the bylaws published in Mentor requiring officers not attending meetings be considered to have resigned with the following:

  To replace the second sentence of Article 1 Membership, Number 1.1(a):

    From: Voting rights are granted at the end of the first meeting the member attends after joining.

    To: Voting rights are granted after a General Member attends any Corporate Meeting. Members must attend one out of every six  regularly scheduled Corporate Meetings to maintain voting rights.

 To add a new section 3.10 to Article 3: Offices and Elections:

 3.10 Any Officer or Ex-officio Executive Board Member who fails to maintain voting rights shall have a temporary replacement appointed until such time as voting privileges are regained.

To change Article 2 Corporate Meetings, Sections 2.7 (Quorum): From: "fifty-one percent (51%) of the average of the General members in attendance at the previous three (3) Corporate  Meetings, or eight (8) General members,".

To: "fifty-one percent (51%) of the average of the General members with voting rights in attendance at the previous three (3) Corporate Meetings, or eight (8) General members with voting rights,".

This motion will take effect on the third calendar month after it is  passed.

Motion to object to consideration of Skips amendment fails.

Movement to adjourn passes. Approx 5:10 pm.

Future meetings through September were previously set.

No announcements were made (but good food was eaten and there was much mingling.  Thanks again, Jill and Don!)

Minutes of the June Eboard Meeting

·         Time and Place

Arisia eboard meeting of June 14th at Arisia storage at 7:30 PM.  Meeting called to order at 8:05.

·         Attendees

In attendance were Rick Kovalcik, Nicholas Shectman (Phi), Alex Latzko (by phone), Claudia Mastroianni, Rachel Silber.  Minutes were taken by Rachel Silber


The e-board interviewed Joel Herda and Ben Levy for con chair for Arisia ’07.  We thank both Joel and Ben for their willingness to serve Arisia and their willingness to arrange these interviews on short notice.

The consensus of the e-board is to recommend Joel Herda for con chair for Arisia '07.

Insurance discussion:  We authorize Skip to get at least one quote by July 7th and inform the eboard about it. 

Claudia resigns, and the eboard regretfully accepts. Carsten appoints Rachel Silber interim clerk.  The eboard will call for an election in July for clerk.

The eboard authorizes Rick to buy up to 2 handtrucks for up to $100 each.

The corporate website appears to be down. Phi will check and/or contact people and deal.

MCFI wants to spend $3K ... for what? Some of the art show stuff may need replacement.  Refurbish equipment and carts as needed?  Please email eboard with ideas.

Confirm that Hotel Search Committee is now Janet Stickle and Ben Levy (chair).

Carsten appoints Rachel Silber to Honors Committee.

Alex still has lease but is not here.  We will deal with it at next corporate meeting. 

Eboard appoints Persis (if she's willing) and Bridget and Phi to form a committee for child care policy and report back to the eboard. 

Next corporate meeting Tues Jul 19th 7:30 pm.  Joel confirms he will make this meeting, we plan to make the conchair recommendation at the next meeting.

Clerk or honors committee or whatever will send mail from Arisia Inc to Bridget (condolences)  and to Marty and Bobby Gear (get well wishes).



Executive Board


Carsten Turner

C/o Arisia Inc

Bldg 600, PMB 322

One Kendall Square

Cambridge MA 02139

Arisia 2005 Conchair

Buzz Harris

137 Franklin St

Arlington MA 02474

Vice President

Rick Kovalcik

19 Chesley Rd

Newton Centre MA 02459

Arisia 2005 Treasurer

Cris Shuldiner

9 Jeremy Hill Rd

Pelham NH 03076



Alex Latzko

82 Cliff Rd

Milton MA 02186

Arisia 2006 Conchair

Nicholas Shectman

75 Lexington Ave

Somerville MA 02144

Clerk (Acting)

Rachel Silber

59 Orient Ave

Melrose MA 02176

Arisia 2006 Treasurer

Cris Shuldiner

9 Jeremy Hill Rd

Pelham NH 03076




Membership Roster

Lisa Adler-Golden

Aaron Agassi

Rob Bazemore

Dave Belfer-Shevett

Elaine Brennan

Bridget Boyle

Tom Coveney

Brian Cooper

Jack Dietz

Elka Tovah Davidoff

Jill Eastlake

Regis Donovan

Tom Fish

Don Eastlake

Tracy Gangwer

Colette Fozard

Joel Herda

Buzz Harris

Brendan Hertel

Lisa Hertel

Jeanne Kahn

Walter  Kahn

Rick Kovalcik

Allan Kent

Alex Latzko

Zanne Labonville

Claudia Mastroianni

Benjamin Levy

Skip Morris

Patrick McCormack

Tom Murphy

Susan Mozzicato

Sheila Oranch

Pam Ochs

Mary Robison

Karen Purcell

Melina Schlotthauer

Noel Rosenberg

Paul Selkirk

Nicholas Shectman (“Phi”)

Cris Shuldiner

Rachel Silber

Janet Stickle

Persis Thorndike

Pete Thomas

Carsten Turner

Pat Vandenberg

Conor Walsh

Al Walker (“hobbit”)






Membership/Subscription Information

Subscription to Mentor of Arisia is included with Corporate Membership to Arisia, Incorporated.  Membership runs from September 1st to August 31st and costs $24.  Dues are pro-rated on a monthly basis for members joining during the year.
































Calendar of Events

Tues July 19 7:30 PM Arisia Corporate Meeting @ Kovalcik- Mozzicato residence, 19 Chelsey Road, Newton Centre MA, 617-244-4560

Sun July 24 2 PM Arisia Concomm Meeting, MIT Bldg 66

August 4-8 2005 Interaction (63rd World Science Fiction Convention, Glasgow, Scotland) Web:

Sun Aug 21 2 PM Arisia Corporate Meeting @ Vandenberg-Kent residence, 5 Mill River Drive, Mendon MA 01756 508-381-0582

September 1-5 2005 Cascadia Con (NASFIC)  Seattle WA

Sun Sept 18 2 PM Arisia Annual Meeting MIT Bldg 66, first floor

Directions to July Corporate Meeting

Corporate Meeting at 7:30 PM.  Weather permitting we'll have the grill fired up and ready to go for 7 PM.  (If the weather doesn't cooperate, we'll use the broiler inside.)  Bring anything you want to grill and optionally a side dish or dessert to share.  We'll have soft drinks available as well as a limited amount of hamburgers / hotdogs if you forget.   Directions are online at and are reprinted here.

Please call if you have any questions.

Rick Kovalcik and Susan Mozzicato  19 Chesley Road, Newton Centre, MA   02459-1903

1-617-244-4560 (home)

1-508-259-6819 (cell) et. al.

By car, take the Mass Pike to exit 17 (Newton Corner).  Follow signs to Newton Centre which will put you on Centre St.  (When coming off the Mass Pike heading east from route 128, stay to the right.  Centre St. will be the first street on the right.  When coming off the Pike heading west from Boston, go 3/4 of the way around the "circle" around the hotel over the Pike.)  Continue on Centre St. for 2 miles to  Newton Centre.  Immediately after the large parking lot on left, turn left onto Beacon St. 

*Go 2 blocks and turn left onto Chesley Rd. just after Murray's Liquors, Motophoto, and Cambridge Savings Bank on the left.  If you pass a Gulf Station, US Post Office, and West Coast Video on the right, you have gone too far.  Our house, a gray colonial with white and red trim, is the fourth house on the left.  You must park on the right hand side of the street facing in the direction of travel OR YOU MAY BE TICKETED.  Alternatively, you may park in the driveway to the right of the house as you are facing it.

Or, take Route 9 to Centre St.  Take Centre St. 1 mile to Newton Centre.  Immediately after yield / merge and before the large parking lot, turn right onto Beacon St.  Continue from "*" above.




ARISIA, Incorporated

Building 600, PMB 322

1 Kendall Square

Cambridge, MA 02139