The Newsletter of Arisia, Incorporated — Number 153, Jan 2007


This Mentor contains minutes for the December and January corporate meetings. There was no Dec 2006 Mentor.

Quorum for the February meeting is 8, based on 51% of the attendance at the last three meetings, rounded up.

Meeting location change: The next corporate meeting is Tuesday Feb 20 at 7:30 pm at the NESFA clubhouse, 504 Medford St Somerville MA.  See URL for directions on the back page of this Mentor

Minutes of the December Meeting

·         Date, Time, and Place

Called to order at 4:00 P M  Sun Dec 17th at the home of Rick Kovalcik and Susan Mozzicato. 

·         In attendance

Lisa Adler-Golden, Bridget Boyle, Mary Dumas, Jill Eastlake, Donald Eastlake III, Joel Herda, Lianna Hertel (non-member) Rick Kovalcik, Alex Latzko, Aileen Latzko (non-member) Benjamin Levy, Susan Mozzicato, Karen Purcell, Sharon Sbarsky (new member), Janet Stickle, Ann Thomas (non-member).  (12 attending members)


·         Proxies

Walter Kahn to Jill Eastlake, Tom Murphy to Lisa Adler-Golden, Pete Thomas to Lisa Adler-Golden, Pam Koretsky to Ben Levy.

·         Corrections to the Minutes

Minutes in last Mentor were of the November, not the September meeting as labeled.

·         President’s Report

Letter for souvenir book was submitted. Merv is not going to be on the Timeline Committee, Walter was added to Grants Committee, Conor was added to LRP.  Thank you all for coming; eat more, take home leftovers!

·         Vice-President’s Report – not present

·         Treasurer

Corporate Total          $36,405.15
Two Years Expenses       $22,794.32

Reserved                  $4,143.23

Free Funds                $9,467.60

 This does not include money in the Even and Odd accounts.

·         Clerk – not present

·         Eboard – no report

·         A07 Conchair

Things are coming together for the con.  We now have a sponsor for the film program – ITA Software.  More sponsors forthcoming?  We’ll have a great con in 1 month.

·         A07 Treasurer

We have money.  706 paying members as of last Wednesday, on track.  Budget may be amended slightly. 

·         Arisia ’08 report – not present

·         Hotel

Janet: There are 40 rooms booked at the Marriott, with a waiting list for the Hyatt.  Pre-tie-down meeting went well.  Phi is away so I am covering.  People are basically happy. Spinnaker is basically done.  Good things done with hotel food plans.  Food trucks are on board.

·         CIC

Lisa reports:  I went to storage Saturday12/16 and cleaned up, including opening the radios, rolling up the broken screen as best I could and putting it away, and discarding Junkyard Wars. 

·         Other committees: No report

·         Old Business

No old business

·         New Business

Alex: We’ve had some changes to the way the con’s finances are running, specifically the $5000 fro the Raddison.  Allocate $2250 to transportation and the rest to contingency ($2750).  MSP, unanimously.

Joel:  Grant the conchair an extra year’s free membersip so they don’t have to work too hard the year after their con).  This is a policy not a bylaw. MSP many to 1.

Mary: United Fan Con is folding.  We should make the organizers welcome at Arisia.  Rick will work something out with the Honors Committee (Rachel). 

Eboard Meeting

The eboard met at the NESFA clubhouse, Mon Jan 29.  In attendance: Rick Kovalcik, Lisa Holsberg, Ben Levy, Rachel Silber, Joel Herda, September Isdell, Nicholas Shectman.
The eboard unanimously agrees that it is in the interests of Arisia  to have a 4 day con  and so therefore recommends a vote that it is the sense of the corporation that Arisia 08 should be a 4 day convention. 
The eboard will present to the corporation the following motion on membership rates:
·         raise current prereg rate to $40 (through September) 
·         raise second prereg rate to $50 (through December)
·         raise third prereg rate to $60 (through Jan)
·         keep student rate at $25
Moved that the Arisia refund policy is that paid memberships are not refundable but are transferable.  
Moved to add to the policy about comp memberships: Programming and Events are authorized to refund memberships in lieu of offering comps if they so desire.
Moved to lend Lunacon any tech and art show gear they want to borrow. MSP
Moved to recommend to the corporation that we make a donation to Lunacon of up to $1000 towards up to 3 wireless credit card boxes, or of such swipe boxes that we would purchase, in honor of the 50th Lunacon. 

January Corporate Meeting

·         Date and Time

At Arisia ’07 Sunday January 14 5 PM – call to order 5:11

·         Attendance

Lisa Adler-Golden, Jeanne Barrett (new member), David D’Antonio, Tracy Gangwer (new member), Lisa Hertel, Christina Hodges (new member), September Isdell, Tia Kaplowitz, Rick Kovalcik, Ben Levy,  Pat McCormick, Glen McWilliams (new member), Sharon Sbarsky, Nicholas Shectman, Rachel Silber, Mike Sprague,  Jet Turi, Conor Walsh

·         Presidents Report

We’ve had a con. Thanks to Joel and the convention committee.   Thanks to Ben, Tem, and everyone else who did a lot of work as well.  More thanks.

·         Vice-President – No Report

·         Treasurer

It seems we’ve made money.  It seems like we are in good shape for corporate expenses.  Details to follow.

·         Clerk

Ask me in a week.

·         Eboard Minutes

We hit the cap and went a little over.  We sold very few at-doors Friday night, and looked at Saturday case by case.  We did sell a few more in hardship cases  (eg significant travel). 

·         Arisia ‘07 Report

Joel not present.

·         Arisia ’08 Report

Pleased to announce guests of honor –

Writer Laura Anne Gilman

Artist Jennifer Marrus

Fan GOH Eric in the Elevator.  Special music guest TBD.  Links on the web side soon. 

·         CIC

We need to clean storage and get rid of things we don’t use and don’t plan to use.

·         Hotel

We’re definitely here next year.  RK reporting for hotel.  Hotel committee is looking at ’09 and ’10 over the next year.  Boston hotel rooms are $179 to $199. 

·         Old Business -- None

·         New Business

Thank you on behalf of the corporation to Joel Herda and the Arisa ’07 committee (by acclamation). 

·         Future Meetings

Tuesday Feb 20 7:30 pm at Tem’s in Somerville (subsequently changed, see notices

Sun March 11 at 2 pm at Karen Purcell’s in New Hampshire

Sun April 15 MIT at 2 pm

Debrief Feb 4 2pm at MIT

Mentor Subscription Information

Subscription to Mentor of Arisia is included with Corporate Membership to Arisia, Incorporated.  Membership runs from September 1st to August 31st and costs $24.  Dues are pro-rated on a monthly basis for members joining during the year.
































Executive Board


Rick Kovalcik

19 Chesley Rd

Newton Centre MA 02459

Arisia 2007Conchair

Joel Herda

17 Heath St #3

Somerville MA 02145

Vice President

Lisa Holsberg

14 Salem St #4

Woburn MA 01801

Arisia 2007 Treasurer

Alex Latzko

40 Greatstone Dr

Merrimack NH 03054


Ben Levy

47 Brown St

Andover MA 01810

Arisia 2008 Conchair

September “Tem” Isdell

82 Albion Street #2
Somerville, MA 02143


Rachel Silber

59 Orient Ave

Melrose MA 02176



Committee Members & Corporate Appointed Officers

Grant Committee

Lisa Holsberg (head)

Honors Committee

Rachel Silber (head)

Budget Committee

Ben Levy (head)

Alex Latzko

Nicholas Shectman

Long Range Planning Committee

Nicholas Shectman (head)

Jill Eastlake

Jack Dietz

Lisa Adler-Goldin

Conor Walsh

Corporate Inventory Control

Skip Morris (head)

Lisa Hertel


Joel Herda

Janet Stickle

Technical Equipment Committee

(same as CIC)

Corporate Systems Administrator

Cris Shuldiner


Relaxacon Investigation Committee

Jack Dietz  (head)

Janet Stickle

Archives Committee

Lori “Jet” Turi

Corporate Sales Officer

Lisa Hertel

Hotel Search Committee

Janet Stickle (head)

Skip Morris

Ben Levy


Timeline Committee

Lisa Hertel (head)

Skip Morris

Nicholas Shectman

Noel Rosenberg

Rachel Silber

Survey Committee




Note: all committee terms end at the Annual Meeting. New committee appointments are made by the President, subject to approval by the membership.




Membership Roster

Here is the current membership roster for Arisia, Inc.  If you believe there is an error, or if you are on this list and do not receive Mentor, email

Lisa Adler-Golden

Bridget Boyle

Tom Coveney

David D’Antonio

Elka Tova Davidoff

Jack Dietz

Samantha Dings

Mary Dumas

Don Eastlake

Jill Eastlake

Colette Fozard

Joel Herda

Brendan Hertel

Lisa Hertel

Lisa Holsberg (Jasra)

Steve Huff

September Isdell

Jeanne Kahn

Walter Kahn

Allan Kent

Pamela Koretsky

Rick Kovalcik

Zanne Labonville

Alex Latzko

Ben Levy

Skip Morris

Susan Mozzicato

Tom Murphy (Merv)

Pam Ochs

Karen Purcell

Noel Rosenberg

Nicholas Shectman (Phi)

Cris Shuldiner

Rachel Silber

Mike Sprague

Janet Stickle

Pete Thomas

Persis Thorndike

Pat Vandenberg

Al Walker (Hobbit)

Conor Walsh


Rob Bazemore

Brian Cooper

Tom Fish

Mary Robison

Aaron Aggassi

Tracy Gangwer

Sharon Sbarsky

Christina Hodges

Glen McWilliams

Jeanne Barrett


Keys List

If you do not have a key to storage and need to get into storage, send mail to keys@arisia .org and all keyholders will get your request. 




Joel Herda


Alex Latzko


Skip Morris


Carsten Turner


Skip Morris?




Michael Bergman


Rick Kovalcik


September Isdell






Janet Stickle?


Persis Thorndike


Lisa Hertel


Ben Levy


Rachel Silber


Spares with Rick Kovalcik


Jill Eastlake


Noel  Rosenberg

ARISIA, Incorporated

Building 600, PMB 322

1 Kendall Square

Cambridge, MA 02139





































Upcoming Meetings

Look for upcoming corporate and concomm meetings at
Meeting Schedule 

Corporate: Tuesday February 20 7:30 pm at the NESFA clubhouse in Somerville (504 Medford Ave Somerville MA).  Extensive, detailed directions can be found on line at

Arisia 08: Sunday Feb 25 2 pm MIT Building 66

Corporate: Sun March 11 at 2 pm at Karen Purcell’s home in New Hampshire, 32 Old Nashua Rd, Londonderry NH, 603-425-2793

Corporate: Sun April 15 MIT Building 66 at 2 pm

Directions to March Meeting

Karen Purcell, 32 Old Nashua Rd, Londonderry NH. 603-425-2793 The house is white with black shutters with an enormous 3.5 car garage at the end of the driveway.  The driveway will hold at least 9 cars (barring large amounts of snow) and I don't mind if you park on the lawn. 


Via 93 North: Take 93 North to exit 4, Derry/Londonderry.  Take a left off the ramp onto 102 West.  After approx 2 miles, watch for Crossroads mall on your left, the next intersection will be 102/128 Mammoth Rd.  Go through that intersection, take the next left onto Old Nashua Rd, there is a pink Mark Lawrence photography on the corner.  We are 1/2 mile up on the right, #32, across from the Greeley Rd sign.

Via Rt. 3: Do Not use MAPQUEST directions!  They will get you LOST! Take Rt. 3 North exit 1, 3A North to Hudson.  Follow the signs for 102 East in Hudson (3A merges with 102 at the town Common).  Follow 102 East through many podunk little towns (with hyperactive cops, be warned).  As you leave Hudson, 102 becomes a 55 mph road.  Watch for the Stonyfield yogurt sign on your right, the next right will be Old Nashua Rd.  We are approx  1.5-2 miles up on the left, directly across from the Greeley Rd sign.