The Newsletter of Arisia, Incorporated — Number 143, Jan 2006


Thank you to Rick Kovalchik and Susan Mozzicato for hosting a festive holiday lunch as well as the last Arisia corporate meeting.

More and more information about Arisia ’06 is being placed on the web at Please keep looking there for up-to-date convention information.

Minutes of the December Meeting

Meeting called to order December 18th at 3:15 pm at the Kovalchik-Mozzicato residence.

Rachel Silber, Rick Kovalcik, Susan Mozzicato ,Don Eastlake III, Jill Eastlake, Lisa Adler-Golden, Carsten Turner, Persis Thorndike, Tom Murphy, Ben Levy, Karen Purcell, Lisa Hertel, Nicholas Shectman, September Isdell, Tracy Gangwer

Tom Coveney to Carsten Turner, Alex Latzko to Rachel Silber, Michael L to Lisa Adler-Golden, (after start of meeting) Persis to Karen, Jill to Carsten

Ben - treasurers report in December Mentor only includes the figures from Bank of America; in addition, balances still remain in Wainwright account

The Vandenberg proxies from Nov meeting should have been allowed to David D’Antonio: members in good standing may hold proxies even if they do not have voting rights themselves.

Rick will be in India Jan 1 – 8.

The vice-president is learning to knit. There was a successful party at Philcon, 5 memberships collected.

We should be on top of the taxes and that will be verified.

Merv asks for more details on funds and distribution of money.

We still do not have a corporate budget.

Alex sent mail about closing the '03 and '04 books. A '03 has all the info we need, the processing is not done. A '04 still needs to be closed. This was supposed to happen by Dec 31st? It's still possible that it will.

Eboard meeting at NESFA clubhouse December 12th

1) Eboard will go buy light bulbs for art show. We are using a house brand, there are no competing bids (for now). (Update, this has been done.)

2) Motion from eboard passed by membership:

Dues for all members are payable on Sept 1 of each year. Any member who joins during the year shall be pro-rated monthly to the following September 1st. All memberships expire Sept 1st. There is an automatic grace period until the start of elections at the Annual meeting. The eboard may choose to extend the grace period for all members. Any member who has neither paid their dues, nor requested a hardship waiver, shall have their membership expire at the beginning of elections of the Annual Meeting. The clerk shall notify any member who has neither paid their dues nor requested a hardship waiver by September 1st.

3) Master bill policy change: corporate treasurer has to get a credit card imprint before keys are handed out for people on the master bill, but he doesn't have to collect money first

4) Taxes: Ben mailed off the FY'03 taxes that needed to be amended a week and a half ago. Haven't written the letter begging for relief on penalty taxes yet. (See update on taxes in treasurer’s report.

The corporate checking account that Alex was using needs to be closed. However there are 3 credit card statements that are linked to that account -- merchant billing accounts. We need to change where they go to first, before changing the accounts.

There's some business on the table after Nov meeting, no longer necessary, to adjust income figures, that is no longer necessary since we know we surpassed these figures. Historically, we have pretty solid info by Dec 25, at approximately 47% of registrations. This includes paid pre-regs, volunteer comps, and program comps. This modulates mostly publications and consuite and some smaller expenses like badge stock. There's some limits on how much we can vary.

As of Dec 18th, Phi concludes that we are between 24 and 25 hundred, we budgeted for 2300. I don't think we can support more than 2700 and I will not support raising the membership cap above that.

Rick moves to authorize the eboard to put up to an additional 5000 in the contingency fund if need be. Passes unanimously.

Corporate Sales : We've gotten parking stickers and they'll be sold at info desk.

Offworld designs is interested in an embroidered design?

Move to allow phi and future conchairs to use the arisia lens on gifts for their divheads -- MSP

Suggestion to authorize Offworld Designs to make no more than 50 shirts with the embroidered arisia logo. Discussion in committee of the whole. Conclusing, Corporate Sales will say to Offworld we don't think this is a good idea and we strongly suggest not doing it. We don't have evidence of the demand for the shirt.

No other committee reports.

Merv brings up a point (with no motion): there are inaccuracies in the books closed for Arisia '05. We should work out a way to make sure we are getting accurate numbers between reg and and treasury.

Jan meeting is 4 pm at the con, currently scheduled for Whitehill, 4th floor

Feb meeting at Cris Shuldiner’s residence. Time set for 2 pm.

March 12 2 pm at MIT – note, not the 19th as that is Lunacon

Tues Apr 24, at Kovalchik/Mozzicato residence food at 7 pm meeting at 7:30

Tagging sessions Wed 1/4 and Sat 1/7 ,Concomm meeting Wed 28th at hotel, Sat Jan 7 2:30 pm at MIT

Truckloading Wed Jan 11 at storage 5:30 pm; truck unloading Thurs 10 am

Need people monday after arisia for unloading and rearranging storage

Adjourn 5:17

Executive Board


Rick Kovalcik

19 Chesley Rd

Newton Centre MA 02459

Arisia 2006 Conchair

Nicholas Shectman

75 Lexington Ave

Somerville MA 02144

Vice President

Lisa Hertel

93 Greenwood Rd

Andover MA 01810

Arisia 2005/06 Treasurer

Cris Shuldiner

9 Jeremy Hill Rd

Pelham NH 03076


Ben Levy

47 Brown St

Andover MA 01810

Arisia 2007Conchair

Joel Herda

17 Heath St #3

Somerville MA 02145


Rachel Silber

59 Orient Ave

Melrose MA 02176

Arisia 2007 Treasurer


Membership Roster

Lisa Adler-Golden

Rob Bazemore (honorary)

Aaron Agassi

Dave Belfer-Shevett

Bridget Boyle

Brian Cooper (honorary)

Tom Coveney

Jack Dietz

Regis Donovan

Elka Davidoff

Don Eastlake

Jill Eastlake

Tom Fish (honorary)

Colette Fozard

Joel Herda

Brendan Hertel

Lisa Hertel

September Isdell

Jeanne Kahn

Walter Kahn

Allen Kent

Rick Kovalcik

Zanne Labonville

Alex Latzko

Michael Leuchtenburg

Ben Levy

Skip Morris

Susan Mozzicato

Tom Murphy

Karen Purcell

Pam Ochs

Mary Robison (honorary)

Noel Rosenberg

Paul Selkirk

Nicholas Shectman(“Phi”)

Pete Thomas

Rachel Silber

Cris Shuldiner (honorary)

Carsten Turner

Persis Thorndike

Conor Walsh

Pat Vandenberg

Storage Facility Key Holders


Joel Herda


Alex Latzko


Skip Morris


Carsten Turner


September Isdell




Michael Bergman


Lisa Hertel








(spare with Skip)


Persis Thorndike


Rick Kovalcik


Rachel Silber


Ben Levy


(spares with Rick)

Mentor Subscription Information

Subscription to Mentor of Arisia is included with Corporate Membership to Arisia, Incorporated. Membership runs from September 1st to August 31st and costs $24. Dues are pro-rated on a monthly basis for members joining during the year.

























Committee Members & Corporate Appointed Officers

Grant Committee

Lisa Hertel (head)

Honors Committee

Rachel Silber (head)

Budget Committee

Ben Levy (head)

Alex Latzko

Nicholas Shectman

Long Range Planning Committee

Bridget Boyle (head)

Jill Eastlake

Skip Morris

Jack Dietz

Lisa Adler-Goldin

Corporate Inventory Control

Skip Morris (head)

Lisa Hertel


Joel Herda

Technical Equipment Committee

(same as CIC)

Corporate Systems Administrator

Cris Shuldiner

Survey Committee

Pat Vandenberg

Archives Committee

Lori “Jet” Turi

Corporate Sales Officer

Lisa Hertel

Hotel Search Committee

Jill Eastlake (head)

Skip Morris

Janet Stickle

Joel Herda

Timeline Committee

Lisa Hertel (head)

Skip Morris

Nicholas Shectman

Noel Rosenberg

Rachel Silber

Relaxacon Investigation Committee

Jack Dietz

E-board Decisions Jan 1

For single day comps upgraded to weekend comps, the price is $20 regular/$10 student.

The eboard will allocate an additional $2000 to the contingency fund to handle the additional costs due to the current attendance estimate of 2475 people.

ARISIA, Incorporated

Building 600, PMB 322

1 Kendall Square

Cambridge, MA 02139

Schedule of Convention Meetings and Load-in/Load-out

Tagging Session - Wednesday, January 4, 6pm-10pm, storage

Tagging Session - Saturday, January 7, 10am-2pm, storage, followed by concomm meeting Saturday, January 7, 2:30pm, MIT

Tagging Session - Sunday, January 8, noon-4pm, storage

Truck Loading - Wednesday, January 11, 6pm, storage. A keyholder will be present at 5:30 so that volunteers can be sure to be there when the truck arrives.

Truck Unloading - Thuresday, January 12, 10am at the hotel. Sun Dec 18th Arisia Holiday Potluck and corporate meeting 2 pm Kovalcik-Mozzicato residence. See inside for food arrangements.

Corporate Meeting Schedule

January 13-15, 2006 Arisia 2006 at Boston Park Plaza Hotel. See for details.

Sun Jan 15 2006 Arisia corporate meeting at Boston Park Plaza Hotel, location and time TBA

Sat Feb 25 2006 corporate meeting at Cris Shuldiner’s residence, Pelham NH.

Sun March 12 2006, Arisia corporate meeting at MIT, 2PM

Tues Apr 25 2005, Arisia corporate meeting at Kovalcik/Mozzicato residence, 7:30 PM.

Arisia, Mentor of Arisia, and the Arisia Lens are service marks of Arisia, Incorporated. All material copyright 2003, Arisia, Incorporated. All rights reserved.