Dec 06 Mentor



The Newsletter of Arisia, Incorporated — Number 152, Dec 2006

This Mentor contains minutes for the November corporate meeting. There was no Nov 2006 Mentor. Unless there is business to be done at the January corporate meeting that requires 12 days notice to the membership, the next Mentor will be produced late January/early Feb.

Quorum for the December meeting is 8, based on 51% of the attendance at the last three meetings, rounded up.

The next corporate meeting is Sunday December 17 at Rick Kovalcik and Susan Mozzicato’s home (Chez Wood). A potluck holiday meal will be at 2 pm, followed by the corporate meeting at 4 pm. Directions are on the back cover of this issue.
•    Date, Time, and Place
Call to order at 2:15 PM at MIT, November 12 2006

•    In attendance

Lisa Adler-Golden, David D’Antonio, Joel Herda, Lisa
Holsberg, September Isdell, Walter Kahn, Rick Kovalcik, Ben
Levy, phi, Rachel Silber, Mike Sprague, Conor Walsh, Ann
Thomas (non-member)

•    Proxies

Persis Thorndike to David D’Antonio, Tom Murphy to Conor
Walsh, Bridget Boyle to phi, Karen Purcell to Rachel, Pete
Thomas to phi, Alex Latzko to Joel Herda.

•    Corrections to the Minutes

Walter Kahn was in attendance at the October meeting.

Minutes of the September Meeting

The president is back from England. The attendees accepted shortbread cookies in lieu of a trip repot. Conor Walsh is added to the Long Range Planning Committee. Other changes may happen.

•    Vice-President’s Report - no report

 •    Treasurer

We have money and we plan to pay taxes.

•    Clerk

I still need to write a thank you note to Tyler. Lisa Hertel will take minutes for me at the December meeting.
•    Eboard

The eboard met by email and voted to accept the following change to policy:

For Arisia 07, replace Convention Policies IV a with the following (IV.a. 1-3 remain unchanged):
For Friday and Saturday, set a membership cap of 1800 subscribers in Congo
For Sunday, set a membership cap of 1800 subscribers in Congo less the number of Friday and Saturday one-day memberships sold.

We gave permission to Philcon to borrow stuff on the usual terms. Persis is picking things up from storage and returning them.

•    A07 Conchair

Membership will be capped, buy your membership early.

The convention is coming together. Pre con membership is at about 760 including comps, about 10% ahead of last year. The Hyatt is 80% full, no doubles left. The Marriott in Kendall Sq is the overflow.

We are getting more volunteers, and bolting together what’s happening. Please recruit people.  Security will be Jeff Turi. Logistics is now filled as well.

•    A'07 Treasurer -- no report

•    A 06 Treasurer

A high level summary of income and outgo has been done. Profit was approximately $9600.

•    Arisia ‘08 report

All GoH’s are signed up. The debrief is scheduled for Feb 4. High level planning is going ahead.

•    Hotel

Rick reports on Janet’s behalf: We signed a contract with Marriott for everything we could reasonably hope to get in terms of policies, rates did not change. Doubletree is looking to form a relationship with us and says how about if we give you a small block anyway, no obligation, at lower rate than Marriott --no shuttle -- for our just listing them on the website.

The advantages: fans have choice, we want to have a relationship with the Doubletree people

The disadvantages: we have to advertise their hotel on their hotel, will we make anything worse with the Marriott?

Side discussion of hotel parking and noted that if is snow there are going to be parking problems. West Garage is not currently on the list of lots, but we might be able to make a shuttle bus stop there.


Straw poll to advise hotel on Doubletree contract: 4 in favor, 7 against We can wait to make this decision for a bit says phi

Reservations opened up at the Marriott, don’t know the sales.

Sheraton Commander got in touch with us at the last moment. just too late this year, we’ll consider you for an overflow next year. Transportation there is a major hairball, but they did get in touch.

•    LRP Committee

We met and surveyed people at the most recent concomm meeting. More in-depth interviews wi]1 occur.

•    CIC
Keys to various people? There are requests for keys for Jim Stevenson, Steve Huff, Jasra? Skip is concerned about number of outstanding keys. However all these people have needs for keys

•    Old Business - none

•    New Business and future meetings

RK asks for cell phone number to appear in Mentor, and the house phone number in meeting announcements. Holiday potluck will precede next meeting, which will be 4 pmon Dec17 2006.

Feb meeting (housecooling) at Lisa Adler-Golden’s. (Her upcoming move was announced last meeting.)

•    Announcements

Persis needs help moving stuff. 20% sale at Pandemonium today - everything

Concomrn meeting on November 15th at 7 pm at the hotel

Adjourn 3:20 PM
Upcoming Meetings
See other meeting announcements at:
Corporate meeting and Holiday potluck Sunday Dec 17 2pm at Kovalcik/Mozzicato residence.
19 Chesley Road, Newton Centre, MA 02459-1903 1-617-244-4560 (home)
Concomm meeting Monday Dcc 18 7:30 pm at Hyatt Regency Cambridge
Corporate meeting Sunday Jan 16 at Hyatt Regency Cambridge, 4 pm.
Arisia 07 Debrief meeting Sun Feb 4 at MIT 2 pm.
Corporate meeting Tues Feb 21 at Tems 7 PM. If possible, this meeting will become Lisa Adler-Golden’s housecooling

[For Officer, Committee and other info, please see the PDF version of this Mentor]

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