The Newsletter of Arisia, Incorporated — Number 164 — April 2008





The next corporate meeting is 7:30 PM on Thursday April 3rd at the NESFA Clubhouse in Somerville.


The quorum for the next (April) meeting is 8 based on 51% of the average attendance of the last three meetings (18, 14, and 15).


There was no March Mentor.



Minutes of the February Meeting


Date, Time, and Place
The meeting was called to order by Nicholas Shectman at 2:45 PM on Sunday February 24th, 2008 at MIT, Cambridge, room 66-160.  Minutes taken and submitted by Rick Kovalcik.


In Attendance (18 Members)
Mary Dumas, Don Eastlake, Jill Eastlake, Lisa Hertel, Crystal Huff, Steve Huff, Allan Kent, Rick Kovalcik, Benjamin Levy, Ken London, Steve Morris, Tom Murphy (Merv), Sharon Sbarsky, Nicholas Shectman (Phi), Rachel Silber, Mike Sprague, Pat Vandenberg, and Conor Walsh.

[The quorum for the next (April) meeting is 8 based on 51% of the average attendance of the last three meetings (18, 14, and 15).]


Alex Latzko to Jill Eastlake, Karen Purcell to Jill Eastlake, Samantha Dings to Pat Vandenberg, Rob Bazemore to Merv, Persis Thorndike to Don Eastlake, Jan Dumas to Rick Kovalcik, Janet Stickle to Rick Kovalcik, and Bridget Boyle to Allan Kent.


Corrections to the Minutes
There were no corrections to either the December or January minutes.


Eboard Report
The eboard met on 2/10 and voted to appoint Cris Shuldiner as Treasurer for A’09.


The eboard met on 2/19 and the following business took place.


Eboard recommends (motion from Eboard) closing the A'07 books and referring the remaining business to the Eboard.  Passed.


(It appears that A'07 made about $7k but most of this was due to $5k payment from Radisson and $2800 from ITA Software; Tem will try to follow-up on rooms which are still owed.)


Moved and passed unanimously to close the ConChair nominations on 3/15.


Eboard recommends (motion from Eboard) that all past Arisia GOHs and Special Guests receive comp memberships in future Arisias if requested.  Passed.


Moved and passed unanimously to have RKOV spent up to $100 to replace missing cables from the MCFI sound / projector systems and report back what else was necessary.


Eboard recommends (motion from Eboard) to set policy that earned comps may be applied (but not transferred) to either of the next two conventions [if person can't attend the next one; note ConChair approval / permission is not required].  Passed.


Eboard recommends (motion from Eboard) to set the date and time of June Corp meeting as Tuesday 24 June at 7:30 PM at NESFA.  Passed.


Eboard considered a number of small expenses and decided to defer acting on them until we see how much money A’08 made.


President’s Report
The President met with the Hyatt and various Eboard and Hotel Search members met with the Newton Marriott.  The consensus does not seem to have changed.  There is a previously passed motion for the Eboard to sign a contract.

Phi appointed September Isdell to head the Archives committee and Rick Kovalcik to head the CIC committee.


Vice-President’s Report
The grants committee will be meeting this week to discuss how we might attract more groups depending on the budget available.


Treasurer’s Report
We currently have less than $300 unallocated until some money is transferred from A’08.


Clerk’s Report
An attendance list is being passed around.  Due are currently $14 for those interested in joining.


A’08 Report
It appears A’08 made about $14k over the standard payment


A’09 Report
Arisia '09 moves apace.


Con Committee meetings (open to everyone) will be:

Sunday 2-Mar-07 2:00 PM MIT New/old ideas

Tuesday 22-Apr-08 7:30 PM Chez Wood Budgeting

Thursday 8-May-08 7:30 PM Hyatt Space Planning

Sunday 22-Jun-08 2:00 PM MIT (NEW DATE!) Who are we missing? (TOPIC


Sunday 20-Jul-08 2:00 PM Eastlakes' Party

Wednesday 17-Sep-08 7:30 PM Hyatt Convention Flow

Tuesday 14-Oct-08 7:30 PM Chez Wood

Thursday 6-Nov-08 7:30 PM Hyatt

Sunday 14-Dec-08 2:00 PM MIT

Sunday 4-Jan-09 2:00 PM Hyatt


Division Heads meetings (OPEN TO INVITEES ONLY) will be:

Saturday 8-Mar-08 noon Mary Dumas'

Sunday 6-Apr-08 1pm Noel Rosenberg's

Saturday 31-May-08 at the Relaxacon

Sunday 13-Jul-08 noon Cris Shuldiner's

Saturday 16-Aug-08 noon Rick Kovalcik's

Sunday 14-Sep-08 noon Jill Eastlake's

Saturday 25-Oct-08 2pm Ben Levy's

Sunday 16-Nov-08 noon unnamed

Saturday 13-Dec-08 2pm Cris Shuldiner's

Sunday 4-Jan-09 noon Hyatt


The organization structure as of today was announced and is being put up on the website.


Relaxacon Report
Samantha Dings has been added as Relaxacon Tour Director.  Relaxacon still has openings in staff.  If you are interested, please talk to Mary Dumas.


Bylaws Cleanup Committee Report
The Bylaws Committee previously reported on its recommendation to amend by replacement Bylaw 6.7; this was printed in MENTOR OF ARISIA #163, February 2008:

MOVED to Amend Bylaw 6.7, currently reading:

6.7 The chairperson of each convention shall have an assistant chairperson. The assistant chairperson shall always be the ex officio of the following convention, when selected. The chairperson shall assign the assistant chairperson duties which will prepare him for his own term as a convention chairperson.

by REPLACEMENT with the following: 6.7:

Assistant Convention Chairperson(s)

(A) Each Convention Chairperson shall serve as the ex-officio Assistant Convention Chairperson for the Convention immediately prior to the Convention they are chairing, provided they are appointed and confirmed before the close of said prior Convention. The Convention Chairperson shall assign duties to the ex-officio Assistant Convention Chairperson consistent with preparing them for their subsequent term as a Convention Chairperson.

(B) This section does not limit the authority of the Convention Chairperson to appoint additional Assistant Convention Chairperson(s).



CIC Report
The Sunrays are gone (they were returned to Alex) and about half of the monitors were disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner (they were taken to the Newton Recycling Depot aka Dump).


Timeline Committee Report
There will be a meeting in March.  It was pointed out that Phi had previously appointed Conor Walsh to the Timeline Committee.


Information Technology Committee Report
Jasra is trying to get a meeting scheduled for sometime in the next ~5 weeks and hope to have things moving along quickly after that.

Now and both work.  Most stuff on staff needs a login to view while most stuff on corp is publicly viewable.


Other Committees
Not present or no report.


Old Business


New Business
It was pointed out that the policies on web differ between the HTML and PDF versions and the HTML version has an incorrectly added policy about double time credit for overnight work.


Mary reminded people about the Volunteer Appreciation Committee.  Phi appointed Mary as head, Jill, Conor, Lisa, Pat, and Rick.


If you are interested in helping out New England Fan Experience, please see Mary Dumas.


Susan Sbarsky has a new cell phone but none of her address book info got transferred over.  See her.


The meeting adjourned at about 5:30 PM.


Future Meetings
Arisia ’09 Meeting on “budget” Tuesday April 22 at 7:30 PM at Chez Wood, aka Kovalcik-Mozzicato home in Newton.

Corporate meeting Sunday May 18 at 2 PM at MIT building 66 first floor.

(Relaxacon ’08 Friday May 30 to Sunday June 1 at Corsair and Crossrip Motels in Dennisport.)

Corporate meeting Tuesday June 24 at 7:30 PM at NESFA Clubhouse in Somerville.



Detailed Treasurer’s Report


March 1st 2008



Change from last month

Even Year - A08




Odd Year - A07
















Grant Fund




Two years expenses (CDs)




Voted Expenses                       (excludes budget)




Unspent Budget




Total Reserved




Unallocated Funds




Total Corporate Funds




Total Assets







Membership Roster


This is the current membership roster as of December 5, 2007.  Bold indicates members paid up through August 2008.  Italic indicates honorary members.  Bold Italic indicates honorary members who have also paid (so that they can vote or hold office).


Lisa Adler-Golden

Rick Kovalcik

Aaron Agassi

’Zanne Labonville

Paul Aldred

Alex Latzko

Rob Bazemore

Ben Levy

Dave Belfer-Shevett

Carole London

Michael Bergman

Ken London

Bridget Boyle

Glen McWilliams

Stephanie Clarkson

Skip Morris

Tom Coveney

Susan Mozzicato

David D’Antonio

Tom Murphy (Merv)

Samantha Dings

Pam Ochs

Jan Dumas

Sheila Oranch

Mary Dumas

James Pinkerton

Don Eastlake

Karen Purcell

Jill Eastlake

Mark Richards

Tom Fish

Mary Robison

John Francini

Noel Rosenberg

Tracy Gangwer

Sharon Sbarsky

Nichole Gosselin

Nicholas Shectman (Phi)

Joel Herda

Cris Shuldiner

Brendan Hertel

Rachel Silber

Lisa Hertel

Mike Sprague

Christina Hodge

Janet Stickle

Lisa Holsberg (Jasra)

Pete Thomas

Crystal Huff

Persis Thorndike

Steve Huff

Carsten Turner

September Isdell

Pat Vandenberg

Jeanne Kahn

Al Walker (Hobbit)

Walter Kahn

Conor Walsh

Allan Kent

Michael Whitehouse

Committee Members



September Isdell (chair)

Samantha Dings

Rick Kovalcik

Ben Levy

Susan Mozzicato


Rick Kovalcik (chair)

Rachel Silber


Ben Levy (chair)

Don Eastlake

Alex Latzko

Cris Shuldiner

Hotel Search

Janet Stickle (chair)

Rick Kovalcik

Ben Levy

Skip Morris

Rachel Silber

Bylaws Cleanup

Tom “Merv” Murphy (chair)

Rob Bazemore

Rick Kovalcik

Ben Levy

Skip Morris

Information Technology

Lisa Holsberg (chair)

Dave Belfer-Shevett

John Francini

Tracy Gangwer

Alex Latzko

Cris Shuldiner

Corporate Inventory Control / Tech

Rick Kovalcik (chair)

Lisa Hertel

Skip Morris

Al “Hobbit” Walker


Mary Dumas (chair)

Samantha Dings (tours)

Lisa Hertel (pre-registration)

Christina Hodge (programming)

Crystal Huff (hospitality)

Rick Kovalcik (hotel liaison)


Crystal Huff (chair)

September Isdell

Noel Rosenberg

Mike Sprague


Rachel Silber (chair)

Lisa Hertel

Skip Morris

Long Range Planning






Executive Board



Arisia 2008 ConChair

Vice President

Arisia 2008 Treasurer


Arisia 2009 ConChair


Arisia 2009 Treasurer





Directions for Arisia Meeting on Thursday April 3rd, 2007 at 7:30 PM


Location:  NESFA Clubhouse, 504 Medford St., Somerville, 617-625-2311


More detailed directions and maps are available online at  There is unlimited free on-street parking after 6 pm and on Sunday (one hour limit with meters at other times), and you can park in back by turning down Lowell and going in the first driveway on the left.


From the West, the easiest route is to take Rt. 2 to Alewife and then head north (left) on the Alewife Brook Parkway for about a half mile. Turn right onto Broadway. Follow Broadway about a mile and a half.

Take Medford St. where it forks off to the right at Magoun Sq. (Dunkin Donuts on right) and it's just a bit over a block on the right.


From Cambridge, take Prospect St. out of Central Sq to Union Sq in Somerville. Go west out of Union Sq along Somerville Ave until you come to Central St. Turn right onto Central and go to Medford St. (the second traffic light). Turn left onto Medford and the Clubhouse is between 4 and 5 blocks on the left.


From the North and East, get on Medford St. from McGrath highway (Mass 28) and follow it to Lowell St.

You could also get on Broadway going west and then make a hairpin left onto Medford where they join at Magoun Sq.


By MBTA, the NESFA clubhouse is served by MBTA bus routes 80, 89, and 101 which pass through or near Magoun Square—a block from the clubhouse:

80 Arlington Center—Lechmere Station (Green Line)

89 Clarendon Hill—Sullivan Square Station (Orange Line)

101 Malden Center Station (Orange Line)—Sullivan Square Station (Orange Line) (goes near Magoun Square)




Key List


If you do not have a key to storage and need to get into storage, send mail to keys@arisia .org and all keyholders will get your request.







Joel Herda


Persis Thorndike


Alex Latzko


Lisa Hertel


Skip Morris


Ben Levy


Carsten Turner

16 spare



Skip Morris


Lisa Holsberg



18 spare

September Isdell


Michael Bergman

19 spare

Skip Morris


Rick Kovalcik


Crystal Huff


September Isdell


Jill Eastlake




Noel  Rosenberg



23-26 spares

Rick Kovalcik


Janet Stickle





Mentor Subscription Information


Subscription to Mentor of Arisia is included with Corporate Membership to Arisia, Incorporated.  Membership runs from September 1st to August 31st and costs $24.  Dues are pro-rated on a monthly basis for members joining during the year.


































Upcoming Events


Corporate meeting Thursday 3 April 2008 at 7:30 PM at NESFA Clubhouse in Somerville.

Arisia ’09 Meeting on “budget” Tuesday 22 April 2008 at 7:30 PM at Chez Wood, aka Kovalcik-Mozzicato home in Newton.

Corporate meeting Sunday May 18 at 2 PM MIT building 66 first floor.

Relaxacon ’08 Friday 30 May 2008 to Sunday 1 June 2008 at Corsair and Cross Rip Motels in Dennisport (

Corporate meeting Tuesday 24 June at 7:30 PM at NESFA Clubhouse in Somerville.

Readercon 19 Thursday 17 July 2008 to Sunday 20 July 2008 at the Burlington Marriott (


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Arisia, Incorporated

PMB 322, Building 600

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