Mentor is the corporate newsletter of Arisia, Inc.

Volume 10, Issue 85 September 1998

Minutes of the Annual Meeting

Time: September 13, 1998 at 2:00 PM
Location: Building 66, MIT, Cambridge, MA

The meeting was catered by Ailsa Murphy, and was served promptly at 2:00PM. A unanimous vote of thanks was given to Ailsa for her wonderful cooking.

In Attendance: Amy Chused, Scott Cobb, Glen Goodwin, Buzz Harris (non-member), Kyle Hollingsworth, Jeff Jordan, Walter Kahn, Suzanne Labonville (Red Shirt), Ben Levy, Keith McCormic, Elka Tovah Menkes, Roberta Moore (Red Shirt), Skip Morris, Ailsa Murphy, Tom Murphy (Red Shirt), Diane Rosenburg, Kara Savoia, Cris Shuldiner, Rachel Silverman, John Tennyson (Red Shirt), Pat Vandenberg

Scott Campanella to Rachel Silverman, Beatrice Bordzol to Kyle Hollingsworth, Brendan Quinn to Cris Shuldiner, Paul Selkirk to Ben Levy, Drea Brandford to Walter Kahn, David Cantor to Skip Morris, Noel Rosenberg to Cris Shuldiner, Ailsa Murphy (at 3PM) to Rachel Silverman.

Notes to the August Minutes
It was pointed out that the 1998 con chair's attempt to get out of his responsibility to pay dues was irrelevant; as con chair, he has an honorary membership.

Membership Transfers
Roberta (Bird) Moore was transferred to General Membership.

President's Report
The President was not present at this point in the meeting.

Eboard Report
The Eboard has not had a chance to meet all at once, and was therefore unable to conduct official business such as appointing the 1999 con chair. They have unofficially agreed upon a candidate

Vice President's Report
Not present.

Grant Committee Report
No official report, but Grant Committee business was discussed during the Treasurer's Report.

Treasurer's Report
The Treasurer announced that we are a net $6000 ahead of last year and presented a proposed budget, which, there being discussion, was voted on during the New Business section of the meeting.

BUDGET (as presented and voted upon):
Items that differ from last year's budget are indicated with a pound sign (#).
Admin (incl. bulk mailings) $250
Legal $500
Hotel Search $100
Mentor (incl. postage and copying) $200
Raffle $200
#Food/Meetings $300
#Storage $2500
#CIC/Logistics $400
#Art Show/EQ (incl. repair costs) $500
Sales Goods $750
Computers $300
The Grant Committee has spent approximately $3000 of the $6000 allotted to it last year, and has additional revenue from Corporate Sales.

Clerk's Report
The Clerk was not present, but both his agent and the President reminded everyone to sign in.

* Budget Committee
See above.

Arisia 1997
No report.

Arisia 1998
We're waiting for bank statements, and then we'll clear the books.

Arisia 1999
The hotel space has been mostly allocated, and there are no immediate problems. Attending corporate members were requested to remain until the mass mailer had been completely collated and labeled.

Arisia 1999 Treasury
We've been getting memberships, having con parties, doing mailers...

Hotel Search Committee
No report.

Corporate Inventory Control
No report.
[Editor's note: We do need to make sure that storage fees have been paid, as per discussion on the corporate mailing list.]

Corporate Sales
Still vacant.

Corporate Sysadmin is still happy and stable.

Records Task Force & Audit Fund
MOVED to ask Bentley College's Accounting Internship program (or an equivalent program) to look at Arisia's financial records. If the program is not a free source, the Audit Fund will be used to pay for the audit.
Motion deferred to the New Business section of the meeting.

* Long Range Planning Committee
No report.

New business

Due to an extreme lack of candidates, the 1999 con chair lectured the corporation sternly on the lack of responsibility evidenced by the membership. This caused additional candidates to accept nominations and caused Rachel Silverman to change her candidacy from Vice-President to Clerk.

The President MOVED to suspend the rules in order to allow additional new business. Motion PASSED.

MOVED to dissolve the Arisia 1998 concom and return its responsibilities to the corporation. Motion PASSED.

MOVED to dissolve the Arisia 1997 concom and return its responsibilities to the corporation. Mpotion PASSED.

Upon being freed of his responsibility as 1998 con chair, Glen Goodwin declined the Clerk nomination but accepted the Vice President nomination, noting that "every con chair has been a Vice President at some point."

The President decided to call the ballots in the following order:
- Rachel Silverman, 17 votes
- Kyle Hollingsworth, 6 votes
- Brendan Quinn (write-in), 1 vote
- 2 votes declared invalid

The Clerk's agent was directed to cast 1 vote for Skip Morris, there being no opposition.

- Elka Tovah Menkes, 14 votes
- Jeff Jordan, 10 votes
- 1 abstention

- First ballot:
- Glen Goodwin, 13 votes
- Suzanne Labonville, 11 votes
- Brendan Quinn (write-in), 1 vote
- 1 abstention
- Second ballot:
- Glen Goodwin, 19 votes
- Suzanne Labonville, 7 votes

The new President reiterated her request that the attending members stay to collate and sort the convention mailing.

Meeting Adjourned at 4:50PM.

Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting

Time: September 13, 1998 at 5:00 PM
Location: Building 66, MIT, Cambridge, MA

Recommendations were made to the new President for appointments:
- Ben Levy to Records Task Force
- Ken Elwell to Corporate Inventory Control
- Jeff Jordan, Skip Morris, and Aaron Block to the newly created committee for the purchase of technical equipment
- Skip Morris and Matthew Ringel to Hotel Search
- Cris Shuldiner to Corporate Sysadmin
- "New blood" for Long-Range Planning

The President appointed Cris Shuldiner to Corporate Sysadmin and appointed Ben Levy to the Audit Fund. Later appointments, made off-line, are listed on the Committee Members and Corporate Appointed Officers list.

The new Eboard officially recommends Paul Selkirk as the Con Chair for 1999.

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