Mentor is the corporate newsletter of Arisia, Inc.

Volume 10, Issue 82 - May 1998

Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting

Time: May 4, 1998, from about 6:00 PM to about 8:00 PM

Location: Global Knowledge Network training room, Burlington MA

In Attendance: Jeff Jordan, Brendan Quinn, Skip Morris, Paul Selkirk

This was an informal meeting to discuss the proposed contracts from the Copley Westin and the Park Plaza. There was no formal agenda, and no votes taken. All decisions taken at the meeting represent a consensus of the members who were present (who happened to be the voting membership of the eboard).

I mailed copies of the Park Plaza contract proposal to all eboard members last week. Skip handed out copies of the current Westin contract proposal at the meeting, and some amount of side-by-side comparison was made. However, we spent most of the meeting on the Westin contract because a) the PP contract is fairly boilerplate, with no new demands or incentives, b) the Westin was the first choice of the corporation, and c) Skip was trying to pull together a counter-proposal to the Westin.

In no particular order, we discussed concerns about

Minutes of the May Meeting

Time: May 24, 1998 at 2:52 PM.

Location: Building 66, MIT, Cambridge MA

In Attendance: Beatrice Bordzol (Red Shirt), Scott Campanella, Marshall Ellis, Adam Gratun, Walter Kahn, Ben Levy, Elka Tovah Menkes, Paul Selkirk, Nick Shectman, Cris Shuldiner.

In absence of the President, Vice President, and Treasurer, the Clerk chaired the meeting.

Dave Cantor to Paul Selkirk, Rachel Silverman to Paul Selkirk, Ailsa Murphy to Cris Shuldiner, Glen Goodwin to Cris Shuldiner, Brendan Quinn to Walter Kahn, Drea Brandford to Walter Kahn. 'Zanne Labonville submitted a proxy, but no one was able to hold it.

Membership Transfers
Beatrice Bordzol, Kara Savoia, and Keith McCormic were transferred to General Membership.

President's Report (read from email)
We have a contract ready to sign [with the Copley Westin] and will deal with that Tuesday. The material about baby-sitting I was hoping to have ready is not back from the lawyer, and other than that I can report only that I have a contract for a house in New Hampshire, but need to sell the house in Boston to finalize the deal.

Vice President's Report
No report.

Treasurer's Report
No report

Clerk's Report
Everyone is reminded to sign in.

Everyone who is giving a report is requested to submit it in writing or email to the clerk, or suffer bizarre and creative transcription errors.

Budget Committee
No report.

Arisia 1997
No report.

Arisia 1998
No report.

Arisia 1998 Treasury (read from email)
All the bills are paid that I know about. I've done all the reimbursement requests and we're past the point to accept any new ones. The only outstanding incoming money I know about is the promised refund from PageNet for the extra month's service they put on our bill. (Anyone seen a check from PageNet in the mailbox?)

Here's a few rough bottom line details:

Yeah, it actually looks like we managed to pull this thing into the black by the dint of much sweating, cussing, riding rough shod over some people, and the donating of equipment and services that we otherwise would have paid for.

I'm still waiting around for March and April bank statements to wend their way into my hands. Unless there's some big surprise hiding around a corner, I'll hand the books over to Glen so he can formally ask the corporation to close out business on A'98 at the June meeting.

Arisia 1999
We have a hotel now, or will shortly. Div heads are still looking for some people to fill various positions.

Arisia 1999 Treasury
Rather than submitting a partial budget for approval at this meeting, I'll work up a full budget to be published in Mentor, and to be voted on at the next meeting. [See attachment.]

Arisia 1999 Hotel Search Committee
We have a signed contract from the Westin, which Jeff will sign and return to them on Tuesday.

Corporate Inventory Control
Not present.

Corporate Sales
I have T-shirts for sale, and I have money to give to someone to give to the treasurer to get to the bank.

Corporate Sysadmin
We have an on this coast, but it is not fully working yet because of a problem with the host record, which still points to the old There's this complicated dance I have to do to get this all working, and hopefully that will be completed soon (in a couple weeks). I have someone lined up to be a webmaster

Records Task Force
We met and we sorted the Arisia records in to piles by year and corporate/convention. Now we have to figure out what to do with the records.

Long Range Planning Committee
Not present.

New business
MOVED to add a Policy that Arisia not schedule general business meetings for three-day weekends unless that weekend is the Arisia convention. Motion FAILED.

MOVED to change Convention Policy III, which currently reads, "Each convention will set as an upper limit of 1500 paid memberships" to read "Each convention will set an upper limit of 2000 paid memberships."

FRIENDLY AMENDMENT to change the suggested wording to "Each convention will set an upper limit of 2500 memberships." [This effectively voids Convention Policy IV, which currently reads, "For determining the registration limit, committee, staff, and guest memberships will not be counted."] Motion PASSED.

MOVED to create a new Convention Policy under the Standing Policies: "Anyone working 10 hours at the convention will receive a Team Arisia T-shirt. Anyone working 18 hours will receive a free membership." Motion PASSED.

MOVED to create a new Convention Policy: "Pre-con work shall count toward T-shirts and free memberships, exclusive of time spent in meetings." Motion PASSED.

MOVED to create a new Convention Policy: "Work involved in setup and teardown, including loading and unloading the logistics vehicles, shall count double for volunteer benefits." Motion PASSED.

MOVED to amend Corporate Policy II to add business card advertising rates of $75 retailed, $35 semi-pro, and $20 fan. Motion PASSED.

MOVED to allow the Arisia '99 convention committee to set rates for advertising on the live video program. Motion PASSED.

MOVED to create the position of sergeant-at-fangs, and to appoint Diva [Cris Shuldiner's brother's dog] sergeant-at-fangs. Motion PASSED.

MOVED to hold the June meeting on Sunday June 14, at 2:00 PM if the meeting is held at MIT, 3:00 PM if it's held elsewhere. Motion PASSED.

MOVED to hold the June meeting at MIT. Motion PASSED.

MOVED to cancel the July meeting. Motion PASSED.

MOVED to hold the August meeting on Wednesday August 19, at a time and place to be determined. Motion PASSED.

MOVED to hold the September meeting (annual meeting) on Sunday September 13 at 2:00 PM at MIT.

Meeting Adjourned at 4:12 PM.

Arisia 1999 Proposed Budget

  Ad Income                                         1,000
  Art Show
    Commissions                                       250
    Mailing Fees                                      100
    Panels and Tables                               2,000
    Art Show - Other                                    0
    Rooms                                           1,200
    Tables                                          1,200
    Dealers - Other                                     0
  Interest                                              0
    At-Con Reg
      $08                                               0
      $15                                               0
      $20                                               0
      $25                                           5,000
      $35                                           4,375
      $40                                          20,000
      Discounted                                        0
      At-Con Reg - Other                                0
      $08                                           1,400
      $25                                           3,750
      $30                                          15,000
      $35                                               0
      $40                                               0
      Discounted                                        0
      Prereg - Other                                    0
    Registration - Other                                0

Total Inflows                                      55,275

  Con Chair
    Concom News                                      -400
    GoH Liaison
      Food                                           -600
      Travel                                         -648
      GoH Liaison - Other                            -100
    Hotel Liaison
      Corkage                                        -500
      Electricity                                  -1,100
      Hotel Rooms                                  -1,650
      Parking                                        -200
      Security Detail                              -1,250
      Tips                                           -750
      Video Hookup                                   -300
      Hotel Liaison - Other                          -250
    Con Chair - Other                                -375
    Anime Theatre                                    -300
    Art Show
      Artist Reception                               -700
      Art Show - Other                               -800
    Big Event 1                                    -1,500
    Big Event 2                                    -1,500
    Dealers Room                                     -200
    Filk Concert                                     -100
    Filking                                          -300
    Films                                            -750
    GoH Events                                       -100
    Live Video
      Incidentals                                    -100
      Videotape                                      -250
      Live Video - Other                              -50
    Masquerade                                       -300
    Opening Ceremonies                                -50
    Raffle                                            -50
    Small Event 1                                    -300
    Small Event 2                                    -300
    Small Event 3                                    -300
    Small Event 4                                    -300
      Lighting                                       -800
      Sound                                          -400
      Technical - Other                              -100
    Video Theatre
      Equipment                                    -1,000
      License Fees                                   -600
      Video Theatre - Other                          -100
    Events - Other                                   -225
    Ad Sales                                         -350
    Advertising                                    -2,000
    Fan Group Liaison                                 -50
    Press                                            -100
    Promotional Parties                            -1,000
      At-con Newsletter                              -168
      Date Change Mailing                             -75
      Flyers                                         -400
      Mass Mailer
        Postage                                      -365
        Printing                                     -345
      Pocket Program                               -1,785
      Prereg Packet
        Postage                                      -350
        Printing                                     -140
      Program Book                                 -2,258
      Publications - Other                           -100
    Marketing - Other                                -300
    Communications                                   -850
    Computers                                         -50
    Gopher Hole
      Earned Comps                                 -1,400
      Ribbons                                        -350
      T-Shirts                                     -1,100
      Gopher Hole - Other                            -400
    Logistics                                      -1,250
    Ops Desk                                         -300
    Security                                         -150
    Sign Shop                                         -50
    Operations - Other                               -225
    Fast Track                                       -200
    Guest Liaison                                    -100
    Program AV                                       -500
    Program Ops                                      -100
    Programming - Other                            -2,000
    Babysitting                                    -2,000
    Con Suite                                      -3,000
    Green Room                                     -1,500
    Information Desk                                  -75
    Party Czar                                       -200
      Acknowledgement Postcards                      -100
      Badge Holders                                  -325
      Badge Printing                                  -50
      Badge Stock                                    -100
      Forms                                          -125
      Registration - Other                           -100
    Staff Den                                      -1,500
    Services - Other                                 -225
    Bank Charge
      Credit Card Fees                               -500
      Bank Charge - Other                            -250
    Insurance                                      -1,200
    Purchasing                                       -150
    Treasury - Other                                 -400

Total Outflows                                    -50,209

Total Inflows                                      55,275
Total Outflows                                    -50,209
Difference                                          5,066

Executive Board

President: Jeff Jordan

Vice-President: Brendan Quinn

Treasurer: Skip Morris

Clerk: Paul Selkirk

Arisia '97 Conchair: Pat McCormack

Arisia '98 Conchair: Glen R. Goodwin

Arisia '98 Treasurer: Pat McCormack

Arisia '99 Conchair: Cris Shuldiner

Arisia '99 Treasurer: Nick Shectman

Committee Members & Corporate Appointed Officers

Budget Committee: Skip Morris, Pat McCormack

Awards Committee: vacant

Grant Committee: Brendan Quinn, Drea Brandford, Elka Tovah Menkes

Corporate Sales Officer: Marshal Ellis

Corporate Inventory Control Officer: Ken Elwell

Corporate Systems Administrator: Cris Shuldiner

Arisia Audit Fund: Ben Levy

Records Task Force: Ben Levy, Ailsa Murphy, Kyle Hollingsworth

Long Range Planning Committee: Kim Van Auken, Kyle Hollingsworth, Scott Cobb

Sergeant-at-Fangs: Diva Shuldiner

Arisia, Mentor of Arisia, and the Arisia Lens are service marks of Arisia, Incorporated. All material copyright 1997, Arisia, Incorporated. All rights reserved.

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