Mentor is the corporate newsletter of Arisia, Inc.

Volume 10, Issue 80 - January 1998

Minutes of the January Meeting

Time: January 18, 1998 at 5:08 PM.

Location: Westin Hotel, Waltham MA

In Attendance: Drea Brandford, Amy Chused, Glen Goodwin, Adam Gratun, Joel Herda, Jeff Jordan, Walter Kahn, 'Zanne Labonville, Ben Levy, Pat McCormack, Elka Tovah Menkes, Skip Morris, Brendan Quinn, Noel Rosenberg, Diane Rosenburg, Paul Selkirk, Nick Shectman, Cris Shuldiner, Keith McCormic (Red Shirt), Kara Savoia (Red Shirt), Tom Murphy (Red Shirt), Christopher Amshey (Red Shirt), Jim Wolf (non-member), Evan Jamison (non-member) , Randy Smith (non-member from Nebraska)

Kyle Hollingsworth to Brendan Quinn, Scott Cobb to Brendan Quinn, Scott Campanella to Drea Brandford.

President's Report
We had a convention. A preliminary report indicates that we didn't lose too much money.

The corporation authorized $500 for permanent signage. We ended up going a little over budget; the final bill was $1219.90. On the bright side, I estimate these signs will last us 20 years. MOVED to authorize the expenditure of $1219.90 for permanent signage. Motion PASSED.

Vice President's Report
We had a convention, and my brain is now tapioca.

The Grant Committee met to consider a grant request from 5Con. [Editor's note: 5Con is the 5-Colleges convention, held this year on April 3-5 at Smith College in Northampton MA. For more information, see] After some discussion, we revised the request amount, and recommend a grant of $1980.36 for GOH and Program expenses. MOVED to authorize a grant of $1980.36 to 5Con. Motion PASSED.

(At this point, the president urged all corporate members and staff members to help run 5Con.)

Treasurer's Report
We've had 2 requests to borrow equipment. Bucconeer wants to borrow our art show panels. They will handle transport, and will pay us $500 if they make money. We've also just spent $1200 on ballroom cabling and video cables for the live cable feed, and we may want to lend them to Lunacon, Balticon, and Bucconeer.

Clerk's Report
Everyone is reminded to sign in.

Everyone who is giving a report is requested to submit it in writing or email to the clerk, or suffer gross transcription errors.

Budget Committee
No report.

Arisia 1997
BankBoston has provided us with half the missing statements.

Arisia 1998
We had a convention, but it's not over yet; everyone please help clean up. We'd like to close the books today, and turn it over to the Eboard, but I'm afraid we'd be lynched.

Arisia 1998 Treasury
We've got money coming in, and money going out. I'll have an expense report by March at the latest. I was directed to keep it under $50K total, and $10K in the red. It looks like we may be more like $4K in the red.

Arisia 1999
We have a GOH, Roger McBride Allan.

MOVED to set dealers rates at whatever they were at Arisia '98. TABLED to a later meeting.

MOVED to authorize the Arisia 1998 committee to reproduce the con video, and to distribute it to Arisia members and the general public at cost. TABLED to the Eboard.

Arisia 1999 Hotel Search Committee (Skip Morris)
(Note: This is a combination of information EMailed to the corporate EMail list plus the verbal info reported at the last business meeting at the con.)

At the last meeting, a straw poll of the membership showed very strong interest in the big Boston hotels, strong interest in Providence and Braintree, some interest in Danvers and Newport, and no interest in Hartford,

I've spent the last month making lots of phone calls and driving around and visiting many sites and hotels. I've made site visits to the Sheraton Tara/Braintree, Several hotels in Providence, and several hotels in Newport.

Quick Summary:

Out: Sheraton Boston, Newport, Braintree.

Pending (i.e., not sure if feasible, still talking, etc.): Park Plaza, Marriott/Copley and Royal Sonesta/Marlborough (a recent suggestion).

In: (i.e., what's left of possible locations): Danvers/ Sheraton Tara, Westin/Copley, Westin/Waltham (alone), Waltham Westin & Doubletree (together), and Providence Biltmore & Westin (together).

A discussion was held and the Hotel Search Committee (Skip and Cris) answered questions about each location. Skip requested a straw poll as to what all the folks present (voting members plus con attendees) thought about each hotel and whether or not we should continue discussions with each site.

Most locations (Danvers, Westin/Copley, Westin/Waltham, Westin + Doubletree, Park Plaza, and Royal Sonesta Marlboro) received strong support for continuing to talk. The group was split evenly on Providence, and strongly against the Marriott Copley. Another straw poll show that out of about 20-25 people present, about 5-7 would NO LONGER STAY in the hotel if we were in a more expensive site such as the Westin/Copley in Boston.

MOVED: Hotel Search Committee to setup sites visits to all viable sites (viability to be determined by the EBoard). Motion PASSED.

Corporate Inventory Control
We have some stuff in storage, and we have a lot of stuff here. If anyone has any Arisia property at home, let me know, and we'll arrange to get it to storage.

Corporate Sales
Not present [position still vacant].

Records Task Force
I think we have the last of the stuff from Marshall. At some point we'll get together to sift through it.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:18 PM due to the fact that we should have been out of the room 15 minutes ago. No old business, new business, or announcements. Sorry.

More Hotel Information

Skip has put together a comparison grid of all of our current hotel options. This includes some information that has come out since the January business meeting.

The February business meeting is likely to be dominated by hotel discussions, so it would be helpful if you would honor the work he's put into it by at least glancing at it (or squinting at it, as the case may be) before the meeting.

Arisia Hotel Comparison 2/2/98

Park PlazaRoom UseWestin/WalthamRoom UseDoubletree/WalthamWestin/CopleySheraton/DanversWestin/ProvidenceBiltmore/Providence
Total Hotel Rooms~1000 346 275800367363244
Regular Rooms  313 0~655 (60/480/500)350 83
Mini/Jr Suites  30 275 (40/floor, 20 Mez)5412 136
Large Suites  3   5  
Room Rate (initial)no offer for '99 yet $79 ('99) $119/$129$139single/$159dbbl $115 $110
Room Rate (neg)$90 (1997) $70 (1998) $99 $119single/double$85sin-dbl/95t/105q  
Mini Suite (initial)  $99 ('99)     $130?
Mini Suite (neg)  $90 (1998)  $159    
Overflow HotelsHoJo's? Summerfield, Wyndham Garden, Best Western, etc none needed Comfort Inn (136)
Residence Inn (96)
Motel 6, Super 8
Holiday Inn (274)
Marriott (345)
Parking Spaceslots 500+200+?o/f 455+100o/f250 (valet only)+o/f650+?o/f7000lots
Parking Cost/Day$12-$15??? none none$23.00 0$7.00 $7.00
Parking Attached?No - 5 minute walk yes  yesyesYesYes
T Bus Access?  bottom of hill  2 blocksnoNoNo
T Subway Access?10 minute walk 10 min (Riverside)  2 blocksnoNoNo
Commuter Rail?5 minute cab ride 15 min (Waltham)  5 min cab ride15 min (Beverly)**5 min walk5 min walk
Amtrak?5 minute cab ride 20 min (Rt 128 Sta)  across streetno5 min walk5 min walk
Bus Station?5 minute cab ride 10 min (Riverside)  5 min cab riden/a  
Driving Timen/a n/a  n/a17 min Rt 128/I9345 min Rt128/Pike45 min Rt128/Pike
Restaurants  1+circuits+lounge 134  
Breakfast Cost  $10.50/$8.75 $9.95 $13.50/$12.00$8.95/$5.95  
Area Restaurantslots a couple a couplelots lotslots
Main Ballroom8516sft** (Imperial)Main Tent6195 (Eden Vale)n/a3036sft (Drake)15400sft (America)10000sft (Grand Tara)8098sft (Narraganst)4212sft (Grand
Other Large Rooms (>1000 sf)4699sft (Plaza)Dealer's Room4366 (Eden Vale AB)Main Tent2060sft (Mez Lounge)9420sft (Essex)6192sft (Ferncroft)3192sft (Providence)3498sft (Garden)
 4021sft (Georgian)Art Show1829 (Eden Vale C)Art Show1560sft (Hastings)6000sft (Am Foyer)2850sft (Living Room) 2445sft* (L'Apogee)
 2904sft (Stanbro)Video Theatre1680 (Ports)Dealer's Room 5500sft (Essx Foyer)1702sft (19th Hole)** 2400sft (Bacchante)
 1480sft (Berk/Clarn)Reg/Masq Green2500** (Circuits)Breakfast Serials 2480sft (Staffordshire)1200sft (King Henry) 1941sft (Balcony)
 1402sft (Arlington)Art Show Sales   2112sft (St George)1200sft (King Edward) 1600sft (B'rm Foyer)
 1215sft (Whitehall-4th)    1020sft (Adams-7th)1200sft (Camelot)  
 1203sft (Whittier-4th)        
 17280sft (Castle)**        
Medium Size Rooms (500sf-1000sf)892sft (Cambridge-4)Operation/Logistics800 (Lincoln)Prog650sft (Briar-3rd)900sft (Flying Cloud)864sft (King Richard)778sft (Newport)969sft (Lobby II)
 850sft (Beacon Hl-4) ? (Cambridge)Prog 685sft (Nausett)700sft (Prince Charles)726sft (Kent)816sft (State B)
 731sft (Stuart-4th) ? (Belmont)Prog 685sft (Parliament)576sft (King James)693sft (Bristol)595sft (State A)
 727sft (Franklin-4th) 768 (Alcott)Video Theatre 545sft (Courier)513sft (Wexford)693sft (Washington)595sft (State C)
 639sft (Dart/Ex-Mez)    545sft (Daniel Wbstr)513sft (Essex)  
 557sft (Thoreau-4th)    545sft (Great Rpblic)513sft (Buckingham)  
 515sft (Charles-4th)    545sft (North Star)513sft (Waterford)  
      520sft (Donald McK)513sft (Longford)  
Small (200-500)2 (Mezz), 10 (4th) 2(1), 2(2), 1(Drum)Reg/Ops/Anime/larp468sft (Brandeis)
8 Exec Suites (2nd)
1 07 rooms (**L'Apogee)
Board Rooms654sft (Alcott-4th) ? (Garfield) 390sft (Bentley)545sft (Defender) 756sft (Executive) 
 588sft (Hancock-Mz) 464 (Weston)      
 529sft (Cabot-4th)        
 3 others (4th floor)        
Budget Impact  $10,000 cut if single hotel convention. T-Shuttle: $1200
Hotel Shuttle: ?
Video Link: $1000
2 Con Suites: ?

This is a work in progress, see Skip with suggestions and requests...

Executive Board

President: Jeff Jordan

Vice-President: Brendan Quinn

Treasurer: Skip Morris

Clerk: Paul Selkirk

Arisia '97 Conchair: Pat McCormack

Arisia '98 Conchair: Glen R. Goodwin

Arisia '98 Treasurer: Pat McCormack

Arisia '99 Conchair: Cris Shuldiner

Arisia '99 Treasurer: Nick Shectman

Committee Members & Corporate Appointed Officers

Budget Committee: Skip Morris, Pat McCormack

Awards Committee: vacant

Grant Committee: Brendan Quinn, Drea Brandford, Elka Tovah Menkes

Corporate Sales Officer: Marshal Ellis

Corporate Inventory Control Officer: Ken Elwell

Corporate Systems Administrator: Cris Shuldiner

Arisia Audit Fund: Ben Levy

Records Task Force: Ben Levy, Ailsa Murphy, Kyle Hollingsworth

Long Range Planning Committee: Kim Van Auken, Kyle Hollingsworth, Scott Cobb

Arisia, Mentor of Arisia, and the Arisia Lens are service marks of Arisia, Incorporated. All material copyright 1997, Arisia, Incorporated. All rights reserved.

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